Mummy Nera's Sissy Baby
Mummy Nera Plots
Chapter 2 (Chapter 3 is in our Diaper Digest)

Glass of red wine in hand Mummy Nera plonked herself down on her favourite couch at precisely 8.30 pm. Sissy baby Penelope pansy was in bed, all fifteen bottles of infant formula and eight bottles of cow's milk for tomorrow were prepared and waiting for a hungry sissy baby. Mummy Nera sipped her wine and thought about the day just passed. She was all at once tired and yet exhilarated. Looking after and training a prim prissy pansy puff sissy baby on a 24/7/365 basis was hugely strenuous and demanding but at the same time enormously energizing and thrilling. She looked back and thought about the past two years of gradual sissyfication and babyfication of Penelope pansy to arrive at where she was today.

Mummy Nera was immensely proud of what she had achieved to date with Penelope pansy and luckily there was plenty more to go. Today never the less had been a landmark day. She adored the deeply humiliating shape and look of Penelope's gigantic bottom. The four layers of terry nappies gave pansy a mesmerising babyish look while her babyness was accentuated by the fact that the enormous nappies had been heavily soiled the entire day. As she thought about Penelope in the cot upstairs still swaddled in those exact same nappies a little moistness appeared in her panties. Yes, having a sissy baby did have its rewards, sometimes the most incredible of rewards. Certainly tomorrow mornings nappy change would not be pleasant but that was for then, this was now. She resolved that Sissy baby would never be without soiled nappies. From tomorrow it would be an important part of her babyhood that she be permanently swaddled in a stinky nappy. It would reinforce her babyhood, make her even more dependent on her Mummy, enhance her humiliations, stinky soiled nappies from now on would be Penelope pansy's lot.

Each and every time after she was swaddled in a fresh nappy Mummy would sit her on the potty, fully nappied, in the middle of the room. Sissy baby would have 10 minutes to fill the back of her nappy, 10 minutes to prove to Mummy Nera she was a goodly obedient baby, 10 minutes to make a stinky in her nappy or feel the strap, clean nappies were a thing of the past, wet nappies were a thing of the past, from now on nappies would have a never ending feeling of a wet and soiled nappy clinging to her bottom.

Mummy admitted to herself that she enjoyed punishing, spanking and strapping Pansy baby. Sometimes she regretted that Pansy was such a total sissy she would almost do anything to avoid a spanking, any humiliation would be endured so as to avoid the strap. Even today sissy baby walked to the park, openly harnessed in her new baby reins with her blatantly obvious nappied bottom highlighted by the tight form fitting yellow leggings, with only the very slightest hesitation. A hint of annoyance in Mummy's Nera's voice was sufficient to get compliance. Penelope pansy truly was a sissy prissy pansy puff and deserved every bit of humiliation Mummy Nera gave her just as Mummy Nera thoroughly enjoyed bestowing such humiliations on the prissy sissy baby puff.

Mummy thought about earlier on in the year when she was training sissy baby never to make stickies, to keep her sissy clit tiny and flaccid at all times when she was relentlessly driving home the message that prim proper pansy puff sissy babies never ever get to make stickies. Mummy unashamedly admitted that her arousal was hugely heightened by the all the punishments, she was almost embarrassed by it, three to four times a day she had to change her panties, three times in two months she had to change batteries on her favourite vibrator, her boyfriend could not keep up with her insatiable demand for the most thrilling orgasms, nirvana came and went on a daily basis. Yes, keeping sissy babies, humiliating them and punishing them had some amazing rewards.

Suddenly she became aware that throughout the day pansy had struggled to keep her sissy clit in abeyance, she put on the baby monitor and nursery camera. Perhaps the pathetic pansy would not be able to resist a stickie. It was obvious that sissy baby was by no manner or means averse to her enormous soiled nappies, in fact she seemed to like her shame. Perhaps in the confines of her cot she might not be able to resist, she might forget Mummy monitors her every move, she might just make a stickie and if so Mummy would be ready and waiting Penelope's Strap in hand.

As she watched the monitor Mummy weighed up the pros and cons of permanently swaddling baby into four terry nappies. It created an amazing pathetic baby like look, a totally humiliating appearance, but meant nappy changes and therefore spankings were few and far between. Certainly, she felt it would take a while for pansy to train herself to make a poo poo into her nappy 10 minutes after every nappy change so that should generate some genuine spanking and strapping opportunities. Mummy always liked a reason to punish. Despite the fact the she did own penelope pansy she never liked punishing for the sake of punishing, there always had to be a reason.

Mummy kept an eye on the monitor and while very pleased at Penelope's total obedience Mummy was almost disappointed that the sissy baby showed no sign of making a stickie. She truly had strapped all manhood away from the sissy. Mummy enjoyed another sip of red wine and made a decision.

Penelope's night time nappy would be four layers of terry nappies and four soakers. Her morning nappy would be three layers of terries with three soakers while she would get one other nappy change during the day, immediately after her nap at 3.00 pm which would also be three terries and three soakers. That was two less changes a day than she normally had up to now. To compensate as Mummy so enjoyed spankings, the nappy change maintenance spankings would be increased.

She deliberated on a fair level of maintenance spankings a level that gave her reward and pleasure, that gave her a nice tingly feeling down below, a feeling sissy baby would be totally unaware of but at the same time a level that was fair to her adorable prim prissy pansy puff sissy baby. She decided a total of 100 spanks at each and every nappy change from now on was appropriate. She would bring pansy out to buy a spanking slipper tomorrow so 50 would be by hand and fifty by slipper, with three nappy changes a day that would be a total of 300 firm but fair maintenance spanks every day for ever more plus of course harder more severe extra spankings for any naughty behaviour.

She then mentally set a limit of 600 spanks in any one day, never to be exceeded. That in theory could be 400 spanks in one single session over her knee, ooh how the thought appealed to her as she felt her damp patch below widen. She could not wait for the first time baby would be over her knee for 400 spankings, wow she will have to work hard at hiding her arousal from baby when that happens, hopefully quite soon, hopefully within a week. In addition Pansy would get 4 strokes of Penelope's Strap every morning with two strokes at the other nappy change times.

Her sense of arousal heightened as she wondered about introducing the cane. She did not own a cane but perhaps it was time to purchase one, what would the feeling be like to apply three strokes to Pansy's bottom, to see three purple welts across sissy baby's bottom at every nappy change. Yes, it was most definitely time for a cane, she would love to cane Penelope, in fact she had to cane Penelope. She and pansy would go to purchase not only a spanking slipper tomorrow but to buy a cane as well, a thin traditional swishy cane and from tomorrow night on Penelope's night time maintenance spanking would include three strokes of the cane, each and every night. Three permanent sore sensitive purple stripes across the baby's bottom for eternity. Mummy put her vibrator on full and had a most magnificent self-induced climax at the thought. Yes, being the owner of a sissy baby was a truly rewarding experience.

Fully sated and relaxed Mummy Nera took another sip of wine, a fine Bordeaux claret, before bringing her thoughts to the next day. She had been anxious to introduce sissy baby Penelope pansy to the English public but was unsure how to proceed and how much courage she herself actually had to go ahead with it. She was pleased with today's walk in the park and having made the breakthrough was now determined to push the boundaries. The baby reins were here to stay. Tomorrow was due to be a nice day so they would go feed the ducks immediately after breakfast. Trouble was what would she dress the baby in. She really wanted a baby look and so decided it was perhaps time some nappy was actually on display, yes indeed, a nappy on show. She would put a pair of white cotton tights on the baby and then put her in lovely nice pink baby shorts with a low waist band making sure to use clear plastic panties so there would be plenty of think bulky nappy popping out over the shorts, ideal for public humiliation, just perfect for her sissy baby.

Mummy Nera had also been concerned that she had worked long and hard to ensure baby's soother never left her mouth and yet every time they went outdoors the dummy was removed. Maybe now it was time to insist baby kept suckling her dummy, after all Penelope was a baby, she desired her soother, needed her dummy, her pacifier, her babyhood was incomplete without the soother. There was no choice, tomorrow the soother would remain in place as they went to the park. Mummy's mind was made up, baby reins, plenty of peaking nappies and a soother. Pansy's babyhood was increasing and Mummy took great delight in it.

That would do for tomorrow, next week she will go to the park coffee shop, maybe introduce a baby bottle at the coffee shop, perhaps even make baby crawl when in the coffee shop, yes it would be perfectly natural for baby to crawl in the coffee shop, a beautiful humiliation. She would bring her to the dance shop to try on a lovely ballet dress and tutu. She wondered what sort of dresses she would get away with in public, anything went in terms of style these days but 1950's style might just suit Penelope pansy. She searched the web and sure enough not more than 20 miles away was a specialist 1950' shop. Ooh what fun she going to have with her sissy baby in there!

She checked her diary, the first day of next month was only 10 days away, two more of baby's milky bottles would be replaced with infant formula so that would make 17 bottles of formula with just 6 bottles of cow's milk. Three months of that and then three more bottles of milk would be switched to formula and then finally at long last after two years sissy baby would be totally weaned off cow's milk and living completely on infant formula, 23 bottles of formula a day, in fact Mummy would round it up to 25, another important step to extreme babyfication, just as Mummy wanted and desired.

Mummy glanced at the baby monitor, was that movement? Did Mummy see stirring, was there a little gyration? No, false alarm the baby was just rolling over and restless. Soon it would 11 pm, time for baby's night time feed of two bottles of infant formula. On reflection it was just as well there was no naughtiness going on inside baby's nappy as the thought of removing four layers of fetid stinky nappies at this hour even for 36 severe strokes of Penelope's Strap was not appealing. Penelope got plenty of strappings but normally only six or eight strokes, probably three to four times a week. It had been a long time since sissy baby did something that deserved more but Mummy was feeling the urge to give pansy a full on proper on 36 stroke strapping grow. She would always be fair but day by day the need use Penelope's strap to the fullest extent increased. She would resist for as long as she could but there was no denying the day would come.

Then a cruel thought came to her, a very naughty, unfair, unjust thought, a thought of which she was almost ashamed. When the day came that the urge to strap poor Penelope as overwhelming she would strip naked and get into the bath with Penelope. She had a very large Jacuzzi style round bath, plenty of room for two. It was perfectly natural for a Mummy to bring a baby into the bath with her, it increased the bond between Mummy and baby. Genuine play time baby fun in the sudsy hot luxurious bath sounded wonderful.

However, Mummy would bet all the tea in China that sissy baby Penelope pansy's teeny tiny little sissy clit would be unable to bear a naked Mummy in the bath with her. She felt certain that sissy's little clit would grow beyond the permitted one inch, hopefully way beyond she thought, maybe even as far as five, yes five would be perfect, five would be 36 with Penelope's strap, 4 inches merited 24 strokes, 18 strokes seemed fair for three inches and even two inches would earn 12 strokes which she would make extra extra hard. Ooh what wicked naughty Mummy she was but she deserved treats too, she deserved rewards for looking after a sissy baby on a 24/7/365 basis.

Mummy's sometimes have to be selfish, mischievous and impish! Even simpler give Penelope pansy her used panties to sniff while she was changing baby's nappy, yes the panties she wore to the gym, she had no doubt once their lovely scented odour hit baby's nostrils there would be an obvious stirring below in sissy baby's clit. The one inch would be breached and Mummy would thoroughly enjoy the consequences.

Mummy's thoughts came back to her age old problem. She adored what she had done to Penelope pansy, total and utter prissy, sissy pansy puff babyfication with plenty more to come. She was exhilarated by it, regularly aroused by it but a day of reckoning would soon be coming. Part of her wanted to sissify and babify Penelope to such an extreme that she was totally and utterly asexual, incapable of understanding her sexuality. On the other hand Mummy was immensely proud of her own magnificent bottom, most definitely a large bottom, her most adoring feature, every inch female, every inch of her fine specimen bottom craving adoration. Part of her wondered should she introduce Penelope pansy to the oral worship of her body and in particular her bottom. Her bottom desired worship, hankered for a tongue to touch and stimulate her erogenous zones, for a sissy tongue to probe deep inside her rosebud. She longed to sit on top of her sissy baby for hours on end keeping that sissy tongue at work to have it bring her to ecstasy before finally worshiping the tabernacle of her womanhood.

The immense pleasure she got from the extreme sissyfication and babyfication of Penelope pansy meant she was often damp down below, several times a day. How could she capture and maximise that exquisite pleasure? Did it require a sissy tongue? What would it be like to take a two sided dildo to the Sissy baby? A tongue to worship her sensitive feet? Could she use a face dildo on Penelope? She did not know, it was not a decision for now but the more babyish and sissyish Penelope became the more she thought she might have to find another person to perform oral worship.

The pathetic pansy ought to be left in a total babyfied state. Regardless she made another decision, she would have Penelope pansy castrated, in fact not only castrated, she would have her sissy baby's entire male genitals removed, sissy clit, scrotum, everything to be surgically removed. The front of her nappy area would be smooth and flat, easy to clean. She would arrange for baby to make pee pee's through her bottom hole so there would be no opening to the front at all. She would be a total sissy baby. Abject in the extreme. Maybe then and only then would she allow Penelope pansy clean and worship her bottom, a bottom in need of adoration, a specimen derriere demanding adulation and devotion.

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