from Bobby

Dear Auntie Helga,

When my wife came home this evening she had a few bags with her. I know my wife loves to shop so seeing her with bags was nothing new. Like the gentleman I am I offered to carry them to the bedroom. As I went to walk out she called me back to show me what she bought. She held up a new bra, a few pairs of panties and a nightie. I have offered my feedback many times which I did tonight. To my surprise Connie told me she bought them for me. I pointed at me then remembered our conversation earlier about her desire to feminize me. Connie encouraged me to drop my shorts as she took my shirt off. I tried to push her away with no success against her determination. Minutes later I was wearing new panties, new bra and a nightie. I said to Connie I thought we agreed to think about this stuff first. She came back with me wanting to think about it not her. Connie told me right there she had decided to get started on feminizing me like it or not.

I wanted to know what about having a feminized husband turned her on so much. The answer was all of it turned her on and a few why nots. I didn't want to play the game which is when Connie told me it wasn't a game. She pointed out changes to the bank accounts and the title of the house which I signed last year for financial reasons. Connie told me she planned this right down to the day. I felt someone had me by the balls. Connie told me all kinds of men resist then weeks later they all submit just like I will. I tried talking to Connie about of lives and future plans however as you mentioned Auntie Helga people change. Connie changed her mind without letting me know. Connie outlined her overall plan which was to begin tomorrow and continue for the rest of our lives. She ordered sissy dresses last month then showed me what else she collected. What I saw was the closet of another woman in the house from lingerie to shoes.

Connie told me to go take a bath and take a few razors with me. I looked at her puzzled when she told me all of my manly hair was to come off from chin to toes. At first I refused until Connie showed me an empty wallet and no car keys. It was then I knew she had me so off I went. When I finished Connie brought me a pair of panties, nightie, robe and slippers all pink. She looked at me then told me it wasn't so bad and I looked nice. Connie noticed I had an erection so she let me know I must like my new panties.

She showed me how she arranged the drawers in the other bedroom. I asked her if all of it was mine, it was. Connie told me to lay down on the bed as she pulled my panties down then gave me a blow job. It didn't take long until I came all over my stomach. Connie told me to wait there so she would go get me a cloth to clean up. She wiped me clean then proceeded to put a chastity device on my penis. Connie ordered me to shut up while she worked at it. I couldn't see anything with my nightie over my head. I just felt something go on and off my balls until I heard Connie say that was it. Then I felt this thing go into my penis and on the outside. Connie pushed it on and squeezed all of my penis in it. There was a faint click then my nightie was lowered.

Connie ordered me to get up and follow her to the kitchen. She showed me 2 bottles of pills and poured me a glass of water. Connie gave me one of each so I swallowed them with water. I wanted to know what they were so Connie told me one kill my testicles and the other to start the feminizing process. I felt tears going down my cheek. When I started to cry Connie told me it was going to be okay as she had my blood tested. I told her I didn't want to be a sissymaid and have my balls go dead. Connie told me most men have troubles the first few weeks but then they submit to their wife's wishes just as I will do. I wanted to know if those pills would work on me like Connie said or was she kidding me. We went to look on the computer where Connie showed me the name, dosage and effects on a man my age. I read softening of the skin, breast development and broadening of the hips. I added a few more tears after reading it as Connie proved to me then she knew exactly what she was doing to me.

Connie suggested I read as much about sissymaids and Mistresses to help me learn the role change sooner. I brought up Connie's mother and sister. She told me her sister has my blood tested since she works as a nurse. Her mother helped pick out the sissy dresses and shoes for me. I was screwed and knew it. Connie went over a list of things for the first month ranging from laser treatments, hair, nails and makeup. Then she showed me a list of cleaning jobs, laundry days and ironing days. Finally cooking classes with Connie and her mother. I asked how this was happening so fast. Connie commented I didn't get it did I? It was planned over a year ago.

Connie showed me month number two was surgery to remove penis and balls. I saw month three was increased hormones and stop the other pills with balls gone. Something about breasts on month six but Connie closed the book before I could read it all. It was hard to read with tears in my eyes. It wasn't just something Connie looked at it was more like research and planning. There is no sense asking you what to do at this point. Connie's plan started tonight. I helped her pack up my clothes and shoes with a chastity device locked on my penis and balls.

I guess what I can ask is what do you suggest I do to keep Connie happy. I would like to ask how do I get out of this but that isn't going to happen. All I can ask is for your help teaching me what to do and how to do it if that is okay.

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Bobby and for the details of her introduction to your new life and though I know it must seem a little frightening right now it will be not only just okay, but wonderful. There is something that happens to a person when they devote themselves totally to someone they love, to submit to her will and to become exactly what she wants, a certain peace and tranquility.

Obviously there is no way to get out of this and its good you understand that, best to accept it and get on with it. I suggest you learn the one lesson, the one skill it takes to be a great sissymaid, and that is obedience. She is now in charge, in a way, she owns you, you have given her the control and she took it.

Auntie Helga

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