from Chris

Dear Helga,

I am still having a fight putting knickers on Robert, though I have not had to spank him. The knickers have definitely had a positive effect on Roberts behaviour at home. Night times are still an issue though, as he removes his knickers every night. This is something I need to sort.

Moving on, as Robert is still disruptive at school, so I am considering sending him to school wearing girls knickers under his uniform. I am also considering putting Robert into a dress, as you suggested. Though he will no doubt retaliate, I feel that it will cover his knickers and make him feel dressed. This is not an easy decision for me to make. As I said when I first contacted you, I didn't wish to change Robert into a girl. However I can see that with Roberts strong personality, I may need to have more of an open mind regarding how I deal with his future. Perhaps a softer approach by me would improve Roberts acceptance to wearing girls knickers.

I feel open minded regarding what I need to do to curb Roberts bad behaviour. If wearing a dress can help, then I am willing to trial this on Robert. Regarding the silky nightie, I know that it is natural for a girl to wear one with a pair of knickers, but we are dealing with a boy here. He will be wearing a dress as it is. I suppose if you take the emotions out of the situation, Robert is wearing knickers to bed and should be wearing a nightie with them as the proper garment to wear. I know that it is girls clothing but I just have to come to terms with the fact that these are necessary control measures.

Sorry to carry on, but I know that I have to get Roberts behaviour under control once and for all. He will be wearing girls knickers to school tomorrow, and every day and night after then, until I say otherwise.

Roberts behaviour has shown signs of improving, though only slight. This is good news and is encouraging me to continue the use of girls clothes. I have noticed in particular that, besides when I am dressing him, that his manner towards me is much more pleasant. When I help him with some of his school projects, he is much keener to learn from me. Could this a change of attitude, helped by him wearing a dress and knickers, I wonder? If it is, then something is working.

How long it will take to get Robert happy and under control is anyone's guess. I will now have to consider buying more girls clothing in order to launder regularly.

Kind Regards

Thank you for your letter Chris. I understand how challenging it can be, but as you noted, his behaviour towards you has improved so that would seem to indicated some progress. Since this is a recent change it could well be because of his petticoating. Frequent hugs and positive encouragement about his dressing are an approach that could be included.

It is always nice to shop for something pretty, so good luck with that. You are doing a wonderful job with him, this is not easy, but the reward is worth it.


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