Mummy Nera's Sissy Baby
A Tiring Day
Chapter 3

I awoke to daylight but totally unaware of what time it was, in fact I did not even know the day of the week, Mummy went to great lengths to ensure time was endless for me, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months all merged into one. I knew it was spring or summer by the brightness outside and the warmth of the air but that was it, it could be May, June or July, it could be any day of the week and anywhere between 5.30 am and 9.30 am. Therein lied my dilemma, cry for attention too early and I would be punished but at the same time Mummy loved to hear an early morning cry from her delightful sissy baby once it was not too early and I needed to get five cry's a day in.

As I woke I became more aware of the four layers of fetid sodden nappy in which I had been swaddled for almost 24 hours. As usual I had wet profusely throughout the night, I would no longer be able to function without nappies, I was totally nappy dependent just as Mummy Nera wanted and to be honest I was used to wearing and using my nappies. By now however this nappy was different, it was uncomfortable, it was totally sodden, totally soiled, heavy, and I felt myself getting a bad case of nappy rash aside from the fact that the odour of my sodden, soiled state permeated the nursery leaving anyone who entered in no doubt that Penelope pansy most definitely had a very filthy bum.

I dozed for a while, contemplating the day but was uncomfortable in my nappy and not tired, so I gurgled loudly and played with the musical mobile that hung above the cot, three teddy bears and two rattles tied to the cot bars. Time passed slowly until at last I heard the sound of stirring, a door open, a floor board creak, a toilet flush. Probably for the very first time ever I desperately wanted out of my nappy, I cried, not a baby like whimper but a proper sissy baby like high pitched squeal of a loud cry that surely Mummy understood means her sissy baby needed immediate attention. I cried and cried, seeking attention, seeking my kindly understanding Mummy Nera and fortunately it was not long before my gorgeous Mummy Nera peaked her head around the door.

"What's the matter with my poor little baba that she is calling for her Mummy as this hour? My, my baba certainly has a stinky bum bum for Mummy this morning. Does baba have a great big present for her Mummy in her nappy? Does she? Does the lickle baba want her nappy changed? Well baba is going to have to wait, its only 7.00 am so plenty sleep time for the sissy baba until 9.30 wake up. Now back to sleep and as punishment for calling for Mummy so early you can dream about the 300 prim prissy pansy puff sissy baby sissy curtsies you will be doing just after breakfast, yes baba, 300 beautiful picture perfect curtsies for you straight after breakfast. Now back to sleep little one"

Thankful that she was in good form, grateful for avoiding Penelope's Strap for getting Mummy up at such an hour I lay down and dozed the time away, never quite forgetting about the layers of unpleasant sodden, soiled terry within which I was swaddled. Suffice to say when morning wake up came and nappy change time arrived it was a far more unpleasant task for Mummy Nera than it was for me, when you are a permanent sissy baby you become thankful for little things like that. Quite how Mummy stayed cheerful and happy as she changed my bum I will never know!

After bath time Mummy informed me of my new nappy regime, three terry nappies and three soakers changed only in the morning and after nap time with four terries and four soakers for bed time. It was also only as I was over her knee for my morning maintenance spanking that I learnt about my new spanking regime and so it was I received my first 100 stroke maintenance spanking, not too hard it has to be said, but firmer than usual and much longer. Chances were my bum would forever tingle!

Conscious that I would be doing my 300 punishment curtsies Mummy dresses me in the only outfit I truly dislike, a totally humiliating dark pink dress with an enormous built in light pink crinoline petticoat flowing out in a two foot diameter from just beneath the chest. The bodice is packed full of ruffles and ribbons, the skirt heavily pleated with flowing ribbons, the long sleeves each being totally exaggeratedly puffed out above and beneath the elbow. It also had a very high, chin height, tight neckline wrapped and surrounded by six white bows. It was horrendous but totally enhanced and reinforced my absolute prim pansy puff prissy sissyhood. I had some absolute stupendous dresses that I loved wearing especially for going for a visit to Nana's and felt I always looked stunningly well for such visits but this monstrosity of dress most certainly did not fall into that category. Truly hideous!

Swaddled in my three layers of nappies, smothered in my ridiculous sissy baby dress Mummy introduced me to another new rule. She placed the nursery potty on the floor, fully clothed and nappied she had me sit on it to face her. "Mummy wants her lickle sissy baba to show her what a goodly baba she is. Be a good baba and make a poo poo and wee wee into your nappy, that's a good sissy show Mummy what a good lickle sissy baba you are, go on baby, stinky nappy time. Mummy wants this, she wants you in a soiled nappy, a reminder of your babyhood. Always soiled, always wet, your new regime. 10 minutes to fill the back of your nappy baby, 10 minutes to show your true babyhood, your lifelong babyhood. 10 minutes to show you total obedience and submission to your Mummy.

Mummy sat on a chair opposite and watched. It is amazing I fill the back of my nappy almost daily, definitely every two days, but despite the fact I had been full time in nappies for two years or so I usually found a quiet moment away from Mummy to make my poo poos. The sense of humiliation on having to make a stinky in front of Mummy was overwhelming, even still, she has seen everything there was to see about me, humiliated, sissified and babyfied me beyond my wildest imagination and yet the simple act of soiling myself in front of her was embarrassing and disconcerting.

As I sat on the potty red face and embarrassed I contemplated the horrible punishments she would have in store for me if I failed her, if I did not prove to her I was an abject sissy baby, deserving of my fate. She waited and watched no mention of the consequences of failure but deep down I knew, I knew I did not want to find out. I squirmed and pushed as best I could, my face contorted with effort when eventually with minutes to spare, to my enormous relief I shamefully filled my nappy after which came a beautiful relieving long wee wee. Mummy clapped her hands, praised me profusely, gave me a great big hug and kiss clearly pleased with my baby like performance but as ever determined to milk it to the full, she had me immediately crawl to the stairs to bounce down the stairs on my bottom. Obediently, without resistance I meekly obeyed with the inevitable consequences deep inside the three layers of nappies within which I would be swaddled until my post nap nappy change.

Little did I realise then that a repeat performance would be required at each and every nappy change for ever more. Yes indeed, it would only a few short hours before I would fail to fill my nappy, before I would fail to make a poo poo into the fresh clean soft fabric of my nappy, before a stinky simply would not come. In a few hours, just after my nap, I would find out exactly what punishments Mummy proposed. Suffice to say, her horrid punishments were best avoided so much so that over a period of the next few weeks I worked extremely hard at training myself to poop three times a day, three fresh nappy changes a day brought three fresh poops and wee wee's, forever wet and soiled is my lot, a thoroughly deserving lot according to my Mummy. Alas she is, as always, correct!

A short while later, my usual tedious, monotonous breakfast complete I found myself standing in front of Mummy about to begin my 300 curtsies. Although it had been a while since she had punished me so, I knew the routine, 300 picture perfect prim proper prissy pansy like curtsies with the heavily lisped baby sentence "ssTasst ssTasst sssSpanksssts sssississsth Babassst Mamasssst" spoken at the lowest point of the curtsy. She placed a nursery rhyme book on my head, each time the book fell I had to repeat the curtsy while earning one spank.

With each curtsy taking 10 seconds and six curtsies in a minute allowing for repeats I would curtsying for over an hour, non-stop. Experience thought me that anything under 50 extra curtsies with the requisite 50 spanks would be good, anything over 100 and I would be in very serious trouble earning extra punishment. All told I was pleased enough with a total of 366 curtsies but wary of my post nap nappy change with 66 extra hard spankings to add to my new found 100 maintenance spankings already in the bank. I better be an extraordinarily goodly and obedient sissy baby for the rest of the day, the absolutely perfect prim proper prissy sissy pansy puff sissy baby.

My relief when Mummy removed my horrendous dress was replaced by intrigue when she took off my baby vest. I was rarely without a baby vest that snapped closed under my nappy, Mummy considered it an important part of my baby identity as well as being practical in keeping heavy sodden nappies up around my bottom. Intrigue turned to apprehension when she pulled a pair of cotton white tights up around my legs which turned to a sense of shear foreboding when she pulled up a pair of pink thigh length shorts. The length was okay, perfectly acceptable in fact but they had a low cut waist line meaning my nappies were obviously peeping over the top, indeed, "peeping" would be an understatement. Five inches of clear plastic panties covering my layers of white terry towelling nappies were on plain view for all to see. Mummy was a vixen, she adored tormenting me, took pleasure in my eternal shame but what was she up to now? I dared not think, afraid to contemplate what horrid humiliation she had in mind.

She pulled a short white T shirt over my head with a large teddy bear motif emblazoned on the front, problem was it was short, very short, barely reaching my waist as was the baby pink cotton knitted cardigan she put on. Yup, I was dressed in a very infantile manner alright but what had my mischievous Mummy planned. Anxiety, worry, apprehension turned to outright panic and dread when Mummy Nera fetched the white baby reins.

"Time to feed the duckies, my precious, lots of hungry duckies at the park for my cute lickle sissy baba to feed. Into your baby reins and away we go"

Three minutes later, cheeks beetroot red, conscious of the 166 spanks I had coming to me I walked out the front gate, Mummy holding my reins behind. Not an ounce of resistance had I put up! I accepted my fate, it was Mummy's desire, her wish, her command and my duty was to obey my kind loving Mummy Nera.

"Walk the way I trained you Pansy, I was lenient yesterday but today I want to see your prim, prissy pansy puff sissy walk, it's a privilege for sissy baby Penelope pansy to walk and not to crawl, so let's go sissy, I want to see your absolute best prissy sissy puff walk" Surely Mummy was not serious, surely she would not insist on that! I continue to walk normally.

"Penelope Priscilla Pansy, what did I say, your best prissy sissy pansy puff walk, NOW and I mean NOW" I knew I was in trouble when Mummy used "Penelope Priscilla Pansy" the rarely used full name she had given me that always denoted big trouble for a naughty sissy baby.

"You have already earned another 100 spanks Pansy, If you want to avoid more I strongly recommend you are walking as the prim proper prissy pansy sissy baby puff you are by the time I count to three, one... two... Two and a half... Three, that's a good baba, a good prissy sissy baba, what a beautiful walk, a lovely prim prissy pansy puff sissy walk"

Humiliated beyond belief I walk tiny steps, one foot barely in front of the other, bottom wiggling, hips oscillating, hands flopping. Never have I been as happy as when a few minutes later we sat down by the lake to feed the duckies. I look up at Mummy who seems totally non-plused by my ordeal and her part in it, in fact she appears to have a glint in her eye, a true vixen she is. Whatever inner turmoil she had, if any, was well hidden.

A bag of bread crumbs all gone, me showing appropriate and suitable excitement at feeding the ducks she bid me lie my head on her lap. She pulled two bottles from the nappy bag and for the first time ever I was bottle fed in a public space, first a bottle of infant formula, then a bottle of cow's milk. Strangely I relaxed, having been through the walk to the park, I felt calm, tranquil, peaceful as I suckled, as I cuddled my head close to Mummy, felt her warmth, her love, her care.

Bottles finished, she patted my back to get up my windies, her usual routine, bid me lay down on the grass to take off my pink shorts and tights replacing them with full length white leggings but reasonably high cut so while it was obvious I was wearing nappy only about one inch of plastic panty and nappy peaked over the waist line. With huge relief I saw her place the baby reins in to the nappy bag and take out the wrist link.

My respite however was short lived, the next item out of the nappy bag was my soother, she clipped it onto the pink cardigan and placed it into my mouth. This was not good, not good at all, of the many rules and regulations that guided my prissy sissy puff pansy sissy baby life once my soother went in it never came out. The consequences of me spitting my soother out were severe, very severe, next only to making a stickie. With 266 spanks already waiting for me just after my nap I was desperate to avoid more. I had no option, I had to comply I would have to parade my babyhood just as Mummy Nera wanted.

"Mummy and baba are going shopping little one, going to town to shop for a spanking slipper, a cane, a frilly pink full tutu and I have seen this wonderful 1950' style pink floral dress that I think may fit you and be perfect for public use, yes my lickle baba will soon be wearing dresses in public, lovely flowing 1950's style dresses suitable for sissies, suitable for you, suitable for my adorable sissy baby. How exciting is that little one, are you excited? I certainly am, go on show me your excitement, clap you pandies, gurgle happily... Oh I do so love looking after a sissy baby like you. Now for our walk into town you will walk small baby steps one foot barely in front of the so that your huge nappied bottom swings from side to side. Up you get, wrist link on and off we go!"

It was going to be long humiliating day but does the reader really want to know about my trip to town, my first spanking with a slipper, my first time wearing a dress in public, buying my tutu in the dancewear shop, my visit to a special doctor. Perhaps the reader has enough. I suspect by now they can see what is coming and how my further regression into a prim proper sissy prissy pansy puff sissy baby was nearing completion. Penelope Priscilla Pansy was almost formed and Mummy Nera was truly delighted with the result.

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