Dear Helga,

I do hope you are keeping well and not working too hard. We have all just returned from our house in Spain and I thought you might like to hear how Ian is getting along. My mother (Nana), my daughter (Auntie April) and I have had a glorious time in the sunshine enjoying the fresh sea food and spending time by the pool developing our suntans! The same can't be said for my poor Baby. It's not been a very pleasant time for Ian as he is now well and truely the Baby of the Family and subject to not only my regime but theirs as well.

Ian is now permanently diapered and is no longer permitted to wear 'big boy' pants at any time. Prior to our departure I allowed Ian a 6.30am Pottytime everyday except at weekends but both Nana and Auntie April saw this as an unnecessary 'privilege' and a decision was made (by the Family) to discard the Potty and inform Ian that his panty would now become his potty and that he would no longer be permitted the use of a potty.

I do remember the morning when Ian was made to crawl into the living room to be told this decision by all of us while sitting on the plastic play sheet sucking on his pacifier. His eyes began to well up and despite a quick cuddle the tears did eventually flow.

That was nearly six weeks ago and the days spent on the balcony in the warm sun in his soggy,messy diapers has had a considerably beneficial effect on his behaviour. Ian clearly feels even more vulnerable and we all now feel even more empowered as far as Ian's future is concerned. Nana, I know, used regular suppositories to encourage his 'panty performances' and assist him in 'understanding' his need for diapers. Early bedtimes assisted in developing his night 'wetties' so much so that he now sleeps right through without waking.

There were one or two 'difficult' moments when we took Ian out to the local shops but these were explained using 'medical problems' as an excuse! More awkward were the times in restaurants and at one restaurant Baby was taken to the restroom and had to spend the entire meal in there until Auntie April collected him when we had finished our meal!!

Ian now has to wear one or two booster pads inside his diaper at all times because of his inability to use a Potty. The downside of this is the extra padding which makes his 'padded' Botty a constant anxiety for him but for us it is delightful to see it. The fact that Auntie April's daughter Maiya is now able to wear trainer pants while Ian is now constantly in diapers is, I know, a source of intense humiliation for Ian and he is teased about it continually.

A friend of ours in the village has been making a collection of 'short shorts' for Ian and he now has a number of them. Although the waistband of the shorts have been made high the legs of the shorts are very short so it's not unusual to see his plastic panties and diapers 'peeking' out of them. The fact that Ian's regression is now the subject of the whole Family has made my job that easier and Nana and Auntie have been an enormous help in assisting me in Ian's training and tuition.

When we arrived home one of the first things we did was to put up a set of three hooks in the kitchen. One for the cane, one for the paddle and one for the hairbrush... These are clearly on view reminding Ian of the penalty for any disobedience or misbehaviour.

Love and best wishes,
Courteney (ian's Mummy) x

Thank you for your letter Courteney. We appreciate you taking the time to update us about sweet baby Ian. Of course its only right that you had a pleasant relaxing time though the baby training must continue.

Having to mess himself is a perfect shaming technique plus it saves time in having to tend to his potty. Of course there is the smell he exudes and that leads to even more embarrassment for the dear child. Sadly this is necessary for his complete training, however, cleaning him, although a mess, is another opportunity to show him the order of things.

Thank you again for the delightful update, I'm sure the training is helping to bringing the family closer together as well as providing a great deal of amusement.


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