Dear Helga,

My sister and brother in law have two children, a girl fifteen, and boy thirteen, we love them dearly and spoil them like most aunts and uncles do. My sister and I meet every Saturday to shop and have a nice long lunch. We are very close and look forward to our Saturday's together. Their children had always been what every parent would love to have, polite, good students, and respectful.

Awhile ago my sister started to complain about their son during our lunches and it got progressively worse as the weeks went by, to the point that his conduct dominated our lunch conversation. A's and B's had become C's and D's. Calls from the school about missing assignments, trips to the principals office, and a sassy attitude at school and at home. He was an excellent three sport athlete with coaches now concerned about eligibility. Sports seemed to be about the only thing he really cared about. It got to the point where I was dreading our lunches with my beloved sister.

The next Saturday at our lunch she started again about how she never thought puberty would have been so challenging. She was fed up with changing his stained bed sheets every day and asked me what would I do. I told her I had no children how should I know. She said her husband was just as frustrated and her and even considered looking into boarding school for him. I asked her to please don't take this the wrong way, but had he been drug tested. She said yes all the kids in the sports program are regularly tested, but the thought had crossed her mind as well, and she just didn't know what to do. At this point my thoughts were overwhelming me and I just couldn't help myself, and said to her in a very matter of fact tone. Well if you really want to straighten him out maybe he should be petticoated. To which she said what do you mean by that, and I said it is tried and true method mostly in Europe to improve the conduct of males that needed it. She said tell me about it, to which I said it's something I have heard about and I'm sure you can research it easily.

Now my sister is phi beta kappa brilliant and research of any kind is child's play for her. So the next Saturday we met as usual and she said little sister I may owe you, to which I said how so? She then said I've discussed this with my husband we've decided that our son is going to be petticoated and I hope you can do some shopping with me today, it should be fun. I acted as if I didn't have a clue, and said sure I'll help you just let me know what we're buying. She then said we will be buying an entire wardrobe for a teen age girl that he will be soon wearing at home. Little did she know, this is a subject I am quite familiar with.

We started with training bras, panties, and dresses, I then said how about white Keds and footies, to which she said no, I want him in patten leather flats. I then said what else do you need, and she said I already have his diapers and ruffled plastic panties to sleep in. Pleading ignorance, I said does he really need diapers?, She said If he's going to be rubbing himself at night, he's going back in diapers and panties. He can make his messes in diapers instead of on my sheets.

So I innocently said it sounds like you have some kind of program for him, to which she said oh yes, he going on a program all right, it's very detailed. So she proceeds to say that when he gets home from practice, she is going to give him two suppositories before he takes his bubble bath, to which I said you are giving him suppositories everyday when he gets home, and she said yes I am. There was a problem at school with a cell phone and pictures in a restroom so I told him to stay out of the restrooms. He said he was using the toilet, so I'm going to make sure he uses the toilet at home and regulate him with daily suppositories at home.

There will be no more showers only baths and he will dress in a bra, panties, a dress, and pantyhose to do his homework. When his homework is completed, I will check it and add extra work for him to do. He will set the table for dinner and after dinner clear the table and load the dishwasher. When it's time for bed he will be diapered with plastic panties and a short nightie.

I asked just how was she going to get him in his fem clothing and she told me the afternoon when he comes home from school while he takes his shower his clothes will be removed and when he comes out of the shower it's fem clothes or nothing. She said her fifteen year daughter has been very helpful with the planning and from what she's read once he's dressed it becomes easier everyday. I asked when she was going to start his petticoating and she said Monday. I wished her luck and could hardly wait for our next Saturday lunch.

At the usual Saturday lunch I asked well how's it going with my dear nephew? She smiled and said it couldn't be going any better, and I said so tell me. She then proceeded to say that it started with her saying you are going to be wearing the clothes I have laid out for you or it's no sports, panties and a training bra was next and his sister had him zipped in his first dress before he could argue. She said he was not happy but it soon wasn't so bad. I then asked how did you go about diapering him and she said that all the complaining about his stained sheets made for a good argument and after being dressed fem for six hours it really softened him up. She explained that the diapers were so soft and will feel good just like his panties.

She took him to his room unzipped his dress had him lay on the bed with his bra and panties on slid a diaper under him and slowly removed his panties, pinned his diaper, and slid the plastic panties on. She then said sweetie you're doing so good and I'm so proud of you that I'm going to keep you in your training bra with your nightie. I then said okay how about giving him the suppositories how did that go?

She said that started on day four with her constantly reinforcing just how proud she was of him with all his improvements and appealed to his logic. She said sweetie you are making mommy so proud and it would please mommy so much if you would do another thing for mommy. Now he's already dressed as a sissy and easily going into his fem clothing, so I just said sweetie mommy is going to give you two suppositories every afternoon to get you used to going at home. Mommy promises that you will really begin to like your suppositories just like you now are so comfortable with your diapers. She also said every morning when she took his diaper off she would make a point of saying oh mommy is so glad you messed your diaper and not her sheets. She then said all her research showed that once she had him started every step would become easier.

I couldn't help but raise the question, you mean to tell me in a week you dressed, diapered and have him taking suppositories for you? She then said oh yes once he was petticoated everything was easy, the turnaround from sassy teenage problem child to a model teenage sissy was immediate. His older sister had been a big help by not laughing and teasing him, but constantly telling him how nice he looks and giving him fashion advice. I then asked what has your husband said about this, and she said from the start I told him to let me handle this, and he has been supportive. In fact she even joked that she even considered getting him his first pair of panties. To which we both laughed.

As the weeks progressed his turnaround was remarkable and our weekly lunches were drama free once again. His grades and school reports were going well, and in fact my sister got a call from the school to meet with the guidance staff to discuss her son. At the time she was somewhat reluctant to go, but when she got there, the questions were all about where was he being tutored and what we have done or if we had put him on prescription medication. I laughed and said, oh I can't wait to hear how you answered those questions.

She told them that he was warned about being taken off the teams and he studied harder. The councilors were full of questions and as she was leaving one skeptical staffer pulled her aside, congratulated her and even said someday you must tell me the real story. We both laughed and she said what was I supposed to say, oh we dress him as a teenage girl, I changed his toilet habits with suppositories and diaper him at night so when he pleasures himself it don't stain the sheets.

It is so ironic that what my sister is now saying seems to have rung true with me as well, he now likes being petticoated. Her once unruly son comes home from practice, asks for his suppositories, takes his bubble bath, dresses as a young teenage girl, does his homework, does assigned kitchen duties, spends some time on the computer or watching TV, and asks to be diapered for bed.

My sister now is as if the weight of the world has been lifted off her shoulders and her husband is told her that no could have done this so well. My niece who used to constantly fight with her brother is now his best friend. She bought in from the start and now instead of a boy in girls clothes she has him dressed like a girl in girls clothes. I had to stop myself from telling her that now would be a perfect time for my niece to experiment with a little makeup on her sissy brother. She has eased him out of training bras into padded bras, much to my sister's delight. In fact, my niece has confided in her mother that someday she will definitely have a petticoated husband.

Now I have mentioned earlier just how smart my sister really is, and recently at our Saturday lunch she was singing the praises of petticoating and just how this simple process can change a unmanageable male into cooperating little sissy. So then she says to me, so Wendy just how long has it been that you have had your husband petticoated? I smiled and said, now what ever gave you an idea like that?, and she said you know exactly what I mean by that, you have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for and I know you have petticoated him. I just winked at her, smiled, and said I'll see you next week. As I got up, she said oh yes you will, and you're going to be doing all the talking.

Helga, I hope this story reassures you the value of petticoating and feminization.


Thank you Wendy so very much for sharing this letter about your nephew's petticoating, you certainly did the right thing by informing your sister about the possibilities, ones you and I know only too well. Her family is happy, she's happy and most of all her son is becoming a better person, it really does work.


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