Dear Helga,

Poppy has been such a good boy recently that I am considering letting him have a treat. You may ask how he has been especially good... well, he is very polite when we have visitors and he never complains when it is bed-time. Last week my sister Rachel came to stay for a few days. We live quite near an International Airport and she had to catch a flight to Sydney, Australia.

Rachel is 2 years younger than me and very pretty. She loves seeing Poppy and always likes to talk to him, even though he only talks in baby language these days. He loves Rachel and always stares at her long tanned legs and large boobs. Rachel is a dentist and is quite rich, she has many admirers but no regular boyfriend. Poppy was in his playpen when Rachel arrived. After she had unpacked and had a shower she came in and made a fuss of my poppet.

"Aww look at you Poppy! So pretty in your blue dress with little stars all over it... and your darling blue bonnet to match... give aunty Rachel a kiss baby." Rachel knelt by the playpen and held Poppy and kissed the top of his head. "Have you been a good boy, darling?" "Wyes aunty. Me bin good boy. Me ate all my dindins... and nearly went all night wivout pooh!" "Really? wow that is a good boy. Nearly all night? You are so cute I could eat you up!!" Poppy reached out and touched Rachel's pretty legs and smiled at her. "Aww you like aunty's legs, babe?... I don't mind you touching... just like a big boy?"

Rachel stood up and walked over to where I was sitting at the island in the middle of the large designer kitchen. She took her coffee cup and tucked her legs in under the island away from prying eyes. She smiled at me and said, "so? hows my big sis. Plenty of work?" "I'm fine Rach..yes, I've got a big order book. I'm making a wedding dress for Fiona Walker at the moment, she's having a big society wedding in two months.. .it's a gorgeous dress... you'd love it" Fiona is an old mutual friend, very pretty and rich and big supporter of small businesses like mine.

"Poppy looks good, Daphne. I like what you've done with his hair... all pretty curls. Are you going to potty train him soon?" "No!! not soon !! I like him as he is. He is such a good baby. Maybe in a couple of years... maybe! When I'm bored with the nappies. I'm lucky that I have Jayne to do a lot of the hard work. She is great with him. She's teaching him to read at the moment... the hormones he has have made him forget how to read and write. They also affect his strength, so he can't get out of his playpen without help... poor lamb! His memory has gone too, he can only remember random things like how to play with building blocks and he loves his dolls and he can do the actions to nursery rhymes, he's so clever."

"Aww look Daphne, he is looking at a magazine on the side table by the playpen." "Ohh he is only looking at the pictures, he cannot understand the words at all !!" "So sweet, so got a boyfriend, Daphne?" "Well I see George Barclay sometimes. We've been on a couple of dinner and dance dates but not serious. I love Poppy too much to risk a man getting too close, you know?" "I understand, it is so good to see you Daphne, and Poppy." We continued to chat about mutual friends, and about her three month trip to Australia. I love my sister so much, it was great to see her. "I'll make lunch... what do you want to eat, I have some fresh chicken... or goats cheese quiche?" "I'd love some quiche, Daphne. I'll take Poppy for a stroll in the garden if that is okay?" "Sure, go ahead."

Poppy loved walking beside Rachel in the extensive grounds. He loved looking at the flowers, and could name some of the simpler ones... daisies, red roses, grass... he pointed at the birds and said "doggies!!!" He called everything "doggie"... so funny. At one point he ran in front of Rachel and tripped over... he burst into tears. "Aww poor babe. Have you hurt your knee?... give Rachel a cuddle I'll make it all better."

Rachel held him close to her warm, perfumed bosoms and stroked his hair. He soon stopped crying and snuggled into the warm flesh of my pretty sister. Meanwhile I made lunch for me and Rachel... and a dish of baby food with porridge and cut up quiche for my baby boy. He cannot eat grown up portions... he loves any food that is in small portions. I help him with a spoon as he can't manage on his own. I watch Rachel and Poppy walk along the path chatting happily, my beautiful sister and my pretty babe.

After a while the two adventurers returned looking very happy. "He's such a sweet boy, Daphne... come and let us wash our hands, Poppet." Rachel took Poppy to the downstairs bathroom and helped wash his hands..."good boy!" I put Poppy in his high chair and fed him his food, whilst me and Rachel ate and chatted about more grown up things. She is going to Australia to help at a large dental practice, in order to get some international experience and to learn more about cosmetic dentistry... apparently there is lots of money to be made in this growing area. I showed her a catalogue of dresses I had recently made, she loved the prom dresses, a big market now. Mothers love buying their daughters lovely long prom dresses.

I told her more about George, he is a successful lawyer in a big international law firm. It had been so long since I had a date with a real man that I'd almost forgotten how to behave. I did not actually cut up his food, but I did consider it. I had forgotten how needy guys could be round a woman, and how eager they are to please. I missed Poppy though and wished he was with me. I thought about my babe at home all through the date.

After our lunch I played with Poppy in his playpen, whilst Rachel went to her bedroom to make some telephone calls and to shower and rest awhile. I taught Poppy a new song called "Princess at the Party" which he loved...it is very simple with hand gestures and a little dance at the end... "princess at the party... one two three... princess at the party... four five six... princess at the party... seven eight nine... princess, princess, princess so divine!"... so sweet... so adorable... "I love you Poppy... sooo much." After a while I put Poppy down for a nap in his pretty nursery... pink and white.with soft toys and a changing table... it is a big room and perfect for my Poppy.

Rachel came downstairs looking refreshed in her skinny jeans and white top. "Where is Poppy, Daph?" "Afternoon nap he is so tired from all the excitement of seeing you and walking in the garden. Now, tell me about your latest guy!!" "Well his name is Peter and he's a Dentist too. Black, tall and very athletic. Can pick me up without a sweat, can you believe it?" "Will you miss him in Australia?" "it is fine, Daph!! it will make him hungry for me, you know?" "Yes I know, you are naughty." "He spoils me terribly ...bought me a BMW last month...I think I love him!!" "Wow! you better look after him then."

Just then a sound came from the baby monitor of Poppy crying... deep sobs. "Better check that out, Rach. Help yourself to coffee." Upstairs I went into Poppy's room. "Whatever is the matter, honey? Are you wet?... No? Have you done a pooh... need changing?... No?.... So what is it?" "Poppy dwemt about spiders in my room. sob sob sob sowwy mummy... me a good boy... sowwy!!" I held Poppy to my boobs and dried his pretty eyes. I kissed the top of his head and comforted him. "It is ok babe. It was only a silly dream. I wouldn't let anything hurt you, mummy will look after you good boy! Now sleep babe and I'll let you have 20 minutes with mummy tonight, okay?"

In the evening I let Poppy sleep after a change of diaper and a supper of cut up chicken salad. Rachel and I had a pizza and settled to watch some reality tv with the Kardashians with Poppy in my arms. He reached out to my boobs and I opened my blouse to let him explore for a while. I guess that counts as his special treat. I let him stay up to 8.30 pm as he "snuggle wuggled" into my sweaty armpits, he loves it. Rachel said she wanted a cuddle with babe too, so I handed him over ...he was in bliss snuggling up to my pretty sister and gurgling and giggling as he breathed in her exotic perfume. I let Rachel take him up to bed after I kissed him "nighty night babe... good boy!" The end of a lovely day, with my sister and my sweet Poppet.

The next day I let Rachel get Poppy up from his baby slumbers. It was treat for Poppy, some fun for Rachel and a rest for me. I took a leisurely shower and got dressed in my strappy summer dress. I wasn't going to work so I had a day to spend with Rachel and Jayne...and my Poppy.

Rachel was dreessed in her black skirt and white top as she leant over Poppy's cot and kissed him awake.."aww is you sleepy babe? Time to greet the new day! It is so sunny and bright." "Mmmmm is mumum?" "Mummy's downstairs sweetie, I'm going to get you changed and dressed, is that OK?" Of course it was Okay, Poppy was in heaven with my gorgeous sister making a fuss of him. After changing his diaper..."oops a daisy !!" ...Rachel dressed him in a green gingham dress, white tights and a green bonnet... so sweet. When they came into the kitchen I helped Poppy into his high chair and put his mixed fruit and porridge breakfast in front of him. Rachel and I had toast and coffee. We sat either side of my poppet and chatted as Rachel fed him.

"When is your flight, Rachel?" "Tomorrow at 3.00 pm. I've booked a taxi to the airport."

"So, when are you seeing George, again Daphne?" "He is supposed to telephone me this week, but I don't care if he doesn't. I'd forgotten all that sweaty kissing and neediness in a real man. I'm used to a pretty baby boy like my poppet... so much easier to deal with." "You don't mean that Daphne. A beautiful woman like you should have a real man... if only to have fun with!"

I noticed Poppy couldn't take his eyes off Rachel's face... he seemed mesmerised by her lovely features.

After breakfast I put Poppy in his playpen and he played happily with his doll's house. He invents little scenes and chatters away in his babytalk.

The next day we saw Rachel off and wont see her until May... I'll miss her... and I think Poppy will too.

Daphne Sullivan

Thank you for your letter Daphne. Once again you have entertained and informed so many of our loyal readers with tales of your amazing marriage. Along with your fantastic sister Poppet lives the life of luxury and comfort, of course being at your tender mercies is the real treat. Love an update at some point.


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