Dear Helga,

I just want to say how much I love your site. My name is Alexis, and I use diaper and feminization on my husband regularly. It was my husbands mother that suggested the idea. My husband's name is Jeremy and he is now 33 years old. I am 35. We have known each other since we were in school. I was a senior when Jeremy and I began dating. He was a straight A student, dressed very well, never got in trouble. It wasn't until the day we got married that I found out why. It was because his mother used the same form of discipline that I have already mentioned.

Turns out that at home Jeremy was diapered until he went to school in which case he was allowed to wear little girls panties. She had also chastised him at a young age. She gave me a set of keys after our wedding ceremony, and told me that she would explain soon.

At our wedding reception she managed to catch me and Jeremy before we went in and pulled us into a side room. It was there that she told me what the keys were for, Jeremy's chastity and locking rubber panties! Before I could say a word she had Jeremy's pants around his ankles exposing his pink rubber panties. She asked me for the keys and I quickly handed them to her. She felt her sons crotch before spinning him around and gabbing the butt of the rubber panties. The panties locked in the back and she quickly unlocked them and pulled them down, showing me his visibly wet diaper!

I was in shock! I couldn't believe my new husband who was 22 years old, was having his diaper changed by his mother! as she made him lay down she undid the diaper and pulled down the front of it leaving his chastity in plain site. His mother looked at me and said, "Don t be shocked sweetie, this is how I have kept my son from doing anything bad. His penis is locked up so he can't be promiscuous, and the diapers keep him in line, as he wouldn't want anyone finding out about those." She placed a fresh diaper under Jeremy and taped it on, helping him to his feet, she pulled the rubber panties back up and quickly locked them. She then grabbed us both by the hands and led us into our reception.

It wasn't until we were in our hotel room for the night that Jeremy and I were able to talk. Jeremy told me that his mom had been diapering him since he was 12. In the beginning it was just at home,and only when he acted up. He told me that when he was 14 she had chastised him after catching him in his room rubbing himself in a pair of his sisters panties. That was also when she started making him wear little girls panties during the day and diapers became constant at home. He told me that when he would get home from school he would have to strip down to the panties and wait in the corner until his mom would come and get him. He said she would inspect his panties and if there were any stains he would get spanked, and either way he was diapered.

I asked him to pull his pants off so I could see again for myself, he did this very shamefully, but he obeyed. I had him turn around for me a few times, before I unlocked the rubber panties and pulled them down. Jeremy began to cry when I did this because not only was his diaper wet but he had messed himself as well. I actually started laughing when I saw this. I told him to go and clean himself up and come back out when he was done. While he was in the bathroom, I opened up his bag to get him some clean clothes, only to find 2 pairs of the little girls panties he had told me about and an entire package of diapers.

He had no male underwear anywhere in sight. I laid everything out on the bed as he came out of the bathroom covering himself with a towel. I told him to remove that and he did showing me his nude body. I walked over to him and began to kiss him. Soon I was naked and he was pleasuring me with his tongue. After I was satisfied I noticed his penis straining in its tube. As I began to fondle him I teased him about being a virgin. As I kissed and teased him, his goo started dripping from the tube. I couldn't help but laugh. I never did unlock him that night.

Instead I made him clean up his mess and then I diapered him, putting the locking rubber panties back on him. He begged me not to have to wear the diaper, but I had already decided that his mother had done it to keep him in line and it had worked this far, that I should continue to do so as well.

I still continue to diaper my husband every day when he gets home from work. I still make him wear panties during the day, along with a garter belt and stockings. When he gets home from work I make him strip down and stand in the corner till I come and get him. I still continue with what his mother had started, by inspecting his panties before diapering him. He still gets spanked if I find any messes. I don't usually change Jeremy's diapers, but neither does he until I say so. Jeremy is still a virgin. I've never unlocked his chastity. Jeremy has now also become my maid, wearing a maids uniform and all. He hates when I tell him to bend over so I can check his diaper.

Jeremy's mother was thrilled when I told her about the uniform and was glad that I had found even more ways to discipline my husband. I personally love the use of the diapers. I never have to worry about allowing Jeremy time to go to the bathroom, which means he can be more focused on me and my needs. They also allow me more ways to punish any infraction of my rules.

I really think more males, starting when there younger should have this type of discipline enforced on them. Thank you for your website which helps get the word out about this type of discipline.


Thank you for your letter Alexis and for your kind words about my site. I am thrilled for you to have such a special husband, one trained so well by his very talented mother. Maintaining her regime adds to the concept of consistency, so important for the little ones, they do get confused easily. You are doing a wonderful job with him and we would love an update at some point.

I hope you dear reader have enjoyed this years selection of nappy/diaper discipline letters. I would really appreciate your sending in your stories about this very effective method of control and how it helped you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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