Dear Helga,

I had thought that all the rebelliousness had long ago been taken out of him, but no! By this time of course, I was beginning to get annoyed with the stupid little sissy's antics. I sent him to the corner, and said that since he had no e-mail of his own, and had to send everything through mine. I said that you, Aggie, the sissy's mother, and I, were all doing our best to help him become a useful part of the family, and that adults did not have to explain their every action to stupid little girls, or something to that effect. I then sent him to fetch the tawse, of course he burst into tears, but I merely told him to hurry up.

On his return, I stuffed my panties into his mouth to muffle his cries, bent him over the chair, and laid into him with a will. He received twelve stokes for his impertinence, plus three for not keeping still. Even with my knickers gagging him, he still managed to make an awful noise. I then made him kiss the tawse, then my hand, and then my feet, and thank me for punishing him. I kept him on his knees while he put the tawse away, before finally having him crawl to the punishment cupboard, where he spent the next hour.

Finally, it was into the bath, cleaned, and empty, into his nappy, two bottles of water (he usually has milk and a rusk, but I wanted him to realise exactly how dependent he is on me), and then straight into bed, it was still only about 6 o'clock, but I had had enough of him for one night. He was sent to bed for the next two days at that time, also receiving, six on the bottom before being put to bed.

But I have come to realise a change in myself Helga, I no longer look on him as a man at all. I tend to say things such as "poor boy", or even "baby", without thinking about it, he is now always Baby Jayne, when I talk to him, and I am finding it very hard to want him as a man anymore.

Have any of your other ladies experienced the same thing? If so, how have they dealt with it, and do you have any advice at all? For now though, I intend to heed Aggie's advice and have a weekend away from it all just to get a break, and think things through. I am going with a couple of girlfriends, we have booked a shack in the country between us. It should be quite some fun to have a real "Girls weekend" together.

Oddly, two of us are married, and one, divorced, but with a steady boyfriend, and of them all, it is the boyfriend that is making most fuss about us going away on our own.

As I believed I mentioned some time back, I thought Aggie was pushing me into going with other guys, I'm not sure this is true now, but she does seem very happy to be getting Baby Jayne back to herself for a few days. Apart from this, though I am sure one or two of the guys in the pub would be happy to sleep with me, indeed, one of Baby Jaynes 'friends' has 'tried it on', quite a bit with me, but even if I fancied him (which I don't), should we split, it may well go all round the neighbourhood that I am an easy lay, and I could well wind up with more trouble than it's worth. On top of which, with 'friends' like these, who would need an enemy; perhaps by keeping him away from such people I am doing Baby Jayne a favour, if he did but know it.

I would be very grateful to get your views on this matter please, but for now I will close as this letter has gone on long enough, hope to hear from you soon,

Much love,

Thank you for your letter Liz. I have found that training a sissy can take many years, oh sure they pretend to be submissive and serviceable, but beneath that veneer they're scheming and plotting. The only way to counteract this disobedience is to do as you are doing, punish him, regularly.

Your methods were top notch and I'm sure Aggie supports you as much as I do. Panties do make an effective gag usually but it seems this poor baby is a loud one so more than one pair might be useful. Kissing the instrument and insisting he thank you were great additions.

Many of us experience the same feelings as the sissy is trained, they are no longer the real man we once knew but rather the person they were meant to be and yes, sometimes that means finding a real man occasionally to provide the exciting and fulfilling sex we deserve. I don't feel that this is adultery or wrong, we shouldn't form emotional bonds or relationships with our lovers, its just sex and sometimes for kicks, have the sissy do things to make it special, from dress us for the occasion to serving in the bedroom. If this arrangement is with a lover from another town, discretion would be assured. IMO


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