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Welcome to the 17th edition of an annual Christmas lift-out 'Special' from petticoated.com. 'Dummy Discipline Digest' will present a selection of the very best letters on the subject of baby discipline for spoilt and immature boys and husbands (and there are so many of them, as my female readers will agree!)

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December 2017 - Dummy Discipline Digest Letters
Letter 1 - My Baby
Letter 2 - A Treat For Poppy
Letter 3 - Samantha's Nappy Discipline
Letter 4 - My Baby's New Chastity Device
Letter 5 - They Soon Like It
Letter 6 - Adopted By Mummy Part Two
Letter 7 - Please Help
Letter 8 - Petticoating Administered Medically - Part Four
Letter 9 - Ian's Training
Letter 10 - My Baby Husband

Poem by Baby Phillip

Mummy Nera's Nursery

Merry Christmas from Mattie
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