As the story starts I am kneeling at the feet of Mistress Jill, my hands are tied behind my back with a pink silk ribbon. If the ribbon breaks or comes untied I will me placed on the spanking horse. The spanking horse is about four feet tall and padded with leather. When one is over the spanking horse his feet hardly touch the floor causing him to be on his tip toes. As I am kneeling I must look at her feet. I see her beautiful toes they were painted by me last night before the gathering of Mistresses. There were seven and each one used me to do their bidding. Some of them brought their sissy slaves for a training of beginning sissies.

I was the one used for every example of how a new sissy would be used by the Mistresses. Two of the new sissies work at the company that Mistress Jill owns. At the office I am Mistress's office assistant. I do the typing of contracts, I get her coffee and do her every bidding. The two sissies that were there for training, at work are phone sales personal. They have quotas and I am told that they had come up very short.

Okay since you know that now I will tell from the beginning of how I came from being a foul mouthed womanizer to the sissy I am today. I had started getting to where I hit my wife of six years. One day for that reason my wife called my boss Jill who now is my Mistress Jill and my wife is my Madam and has total control over me. Why and how you may ask did I become a sissy slave that when told to beg to do anything my Madam or Mistress wants me to do.

I went of a business trip to Las Vegas, I got drunk and found myself at the Texas Hold-em table and soon I was four thousand dollars in debt to some very mean people so I used the company card to get the money to pay them. Okay, I started thinking I could get the money back and went to the bank and got two thousand dollars out of our home account. I lost that in about an hour. I then went back to the bank the lady there asked me to wait for a moment. When she returned she said that they had called my wife since she was on that card. The lady saw my face turn red, my thought was to beat her up when I got home.

I did get home on Monday and when I walked in the door I yelled out my wife's name and she walked in the room. I started berating her calling her names, and telling her that she would regret not letting me have the money. Suddenly out walked my boss. Jill said sit down. I started to say something and Jill walked over and slapped my face so hard I fell on the floor. Jill took me by my hair and pulled me up to my knees and told me that I was going to jail for a nice long time for unlawful use of funds.

I blinked trying to think of how I was going to get out of this. My wife Susan said I would also be in deep crap because I had used her card without permission. Believe me, I knew I was in trouble. I started begging like a child. Mistress Jill said you will be a slut in prison, you sissy, I began to actually cry. Through tears I begged her not to turn me in and give me a chance to repay the money. They both laughed and I got to my feet very mad because they were laughing at me.

I was told they had talked about what they were going to do and I would be very sorry for my cheating and lying. Just as she said that my secretary walked out from the kitchen and said I told Jill about you and I and our meeting at the hotel every Tuesday evening and telling your wife it was a business meeting. Susan said yes, monkey business. I jumped at Kate my secretary and just as i did Jill turned me head over heels and I was soon laying on the floor on my belly and she was holding me in a choke hold and I was crying and begging for her to let me go. Okay so that is how I got to the point of being their sissy slave.

The two guys who were now sissies, got there because they were going to lose a great job and a lot of money. There I was being spanked to show them what they would be receiving if they did not mind their every command. I was also made to model what they would be wearing. Mistress Jill told me to properly ask Jim who will be Ginger if I could suck his pretty cock. I crawled to him and raised up on my knees and in my sissy voice said Ginger may I please suck your pretty little pinkie (that is what we had to call the penis) He looked at Mistress and knew the answer he was to give me. They all watched as I pulled his panties down to his ankles and took it in both hands and began kissing it and licking it and then sucking it like a good girl. We sissy slaves must be ready at any time to do their bidding. Ginger and Tina at work wear business suits with panties and bra as well as a corset under the suit. I am dressed as what I have become, a pretty little sissy.

As I am kneeling before Mistress and looking at her toes she raises her foot and says kiss them little one. I lower my head a begin kissing and then she says suck each one sissy. My wife walks in and I peek up hoping not to get caught she is wearing a strapon, it has gel on it and I know with my backside in the air what is coming. I hope you will excuse me, I am going to be crying silently.

Pinky Sissy

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