My aunt Susan was a nice lady but I knew not to cross her, she could be mean when she got mad. One summer after her husband had left her I was sent to stay the summer. I was told by mommy that I was to call aunt Susan "Auntie Susan" I was to do as I was told or I would be not only spanked but caned if I was not mindful to do as she said.

My mother had caned me before so I knew how it felt. I arrived by bus and Auntie Susan picked me up at the station. She tossed my bags in her trunk like they were nothing, boy was she strong. Our first stop was at a feed store to get chicken feed. She asked for two fifty pound bags. The guy said he would load them for her but she said she and I would get them. She grabbed her bag and I struggled to pick mine up she laughed and said watch your self sissy I will get that. You would have thought it was a pillow the way she tossed it in the back seat. Off we went to her house. That evening she fixed dinner (she called it supper) the supper was beans and potatoes and cornbread. I did not like it but ate it anyway not wanting to make her mad.

The next day was filled with work on the barn and fixing the hen house and we stopped only for a light snack. Again at supper she had some kind of thing called Shepherds Pie, it wasn't bad. She told me that if I did not pick up on my work she would put me in a dress and I could be the maid. The next day was so hard I wished I could be the maid. Only thing wrong was I said it out loud.

That night she walked into my room and tossed a pair of bloomers and a gray dress on the bed, saying when you get up in the morning put this on and don't give me any lip. I awoke to her yelling to get your sorry butt out of bed GIRL. I was so afraid of her I got up and she handed me the silk bloomers and told me to get them on as she looked on. I put them on and then the dress, it was way too short on me. I knew if I leaned over the bloomers would be exposed. When breakfast was done she gave me a list of things I was to get done and what time I was to have lunch ready.

I begged her to let me wear my pants and boy's underwear but she only looked at her cane by the door. I swallowed and said Yes Auntie Susan. I washed the breakfast dishes and started the wash and swept the floors and mopped. Before I knew it she was walking in for lunch which I had forgotten to make. I went to the frig to get something and she laughed at me I looked around and knew she was looking at my butt sticking out from under the dress. She got a sandwich, ate it and told me supper had better be ready. So it went for a couple of days.

The next day I was washing the windows as her list said to do when I saw a car pull in the drive. A woman with two girls came to the door and I hid so they wouldn't see me. I heard a voice yell Susan where are you. I hid in the pantry thinking there was no way to get out without being seen. My Auntie Susan walked in the back door and the two of them hugged and Auntie Susan yelled for me to come meet her friend Jane who I found out would be staying for two weeks.

I tried not to be seen but Auntie saw me and pulled me out for all to see. She introduced me as her niece Cindy. I was shaking like a leaf. Jane told me that her daughters were Sally and Candy. Sally was two years older than me and Candy a year younger. They started to laugh when Auntie told them I was really a boy but could not work like one so she made me her maid. The girls told me to come out and play dolls with them. I said I had house work to do but Auntie told me to go play.

The girls liked to play horseshoes and they were good at it. They said the loser had to do what the two winners said. I said I did not know how to play the game. They only laughed and started tossing them. When it was my turn I tossed it and it went about half way to the post. Needless to say I was the loser. Sally won and said I had to kiss her feet ten times each. I knew not to make her mad so I knelt and stared kissing, they both commented on how cute my panties were, as my butt was in the air.

That night we all had to sleep in the same room. They both took off their clothes as if I was not even there. I turned away and took off the dress and put on my pajamas. Candy asked me if I liked being a girl I said no in a very strong voice and they both looked at me and Sally said "what did you say?" I said I was sorry but they both grabbed me and before I knew it I was over Sally's lap with my pants and panties down being spanked. I was crying like a baby after only few swats. My Auntie walked in and said now you girls be good to her she is just a city girl. Everyone got a big laugh from that. Needless to say that two weeks went by very slow and I was glad when they went home. Not only that but I could not wait for summer to be over.

My mother picked me up at the bus station and said did you have fun at Auntie Susan's I said no way and I am not ever going back there. When we got home mother showed me some pictures that Auntie Susan had sent to her of me in the maid's dress, and being spanked by Sally. There were a lot more pictures and so now when I do anything bad I am mommies' little maid Cindy.

Mommies' maid Cindy

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