from Brent

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife and I were married 15 years ago and have enjoyed each other since we first met. For as long as my wife has known me I have been fascinated with women with large or huge breasts. My wife is one of them although she has a very nice body with no need for changes. In fact my wife has always turned me on just the way she is which has helped us have a very good sex life together. Whenever my wife wanted me to do something I didn't want to do the mention of sex was a sure thing for her to use on me. Needless to say I learned to do what she wanted and when she wanted it not willing to miss out on sex at night. Anyways back to my fascination with large breasts. My wife and I used to joke about me coming back as a woman and what I might look like with large breasts. In my mind it was just a joke which we both had fun with until my birthday. My wife decided to put into action many of the things we joked about by buying me a woman's wardrobe which included the largest breast forms she could buy with a bra to go with them.

There we sat after dinner with me opening one gift after another like it was Christmas. We both laughed having fun with the gifts which ranged from the bra, panties, girdle, slip, skirt, satin blouse and high heels. By the time I was done opening everything with my wife laying it all out on the couch I started to think she wanted something other than me to try it on. I mean why would my wife spend that much money for a birthday gag. She convinced me to strip down and try on my birthday gifts which I hesitated to do but knew she expected me to at least try. My wife helped me with the bra part and slipped in the huge breast forms. She commented on my dream coming true of having big breasts even before I thought. Before long I was standing before my wife feeling totally embarrassed having huge breasts sticking out making it hard to see my toes. My wife commented on my talking about big breasts all those years having no idea what the woman felt like or dealt with all their lives. My wife wanted me to experience what it was like to be a woman and one with big breasts. She bought me a wig which she put on me then took me to put makeup on me. It was then she thought I looked good enough to go out with her to fully experience life as a woman.

It was days later when my wife convinced me to try on my new wardrobe for her without me knowing what she had in mind. Once again the wig went on and so did the makeup right down to the plastic nails all painted red. Before I realized what was happening my wife had me in the car and we drove off. I begged my wife to turn back but she drove to Walmart ignoring me. Minutes later my wife was leading me around Walmart with me showing off my big breasts getting a few looks along the way. It was so humiliating to walk around anywhere with my wife and me dressed like but not a woman. The more I complained the more my wife took me out every time I put on the clothes. It would appear she wanted me to dress like a woman at home but just when I thought it was okay she would decide to take me some place. As long as I went that night would be a night of great sex. My wife was training me to do whatever she wanted with the reward of me getting great sex.

My wife wasn't done with me just yet when she suggested I wear my women's clothes more often for her. One day after work my wife asked me what I thought about becoming her maid with me wearing a maid uniform every day except when she wanted to take me out. All I could think about was if I refused it would mean no sex until I agreed. My wife was training me more than I knew was possible. Being a typical guy I asked if I had to be her maid which was a stupid question. The next thing I knew we were out shopping for maid uniforms. I thought my wife was planning on me becoming her sissymaid but thankfully she was quick to tell me no just her maid by day and husband by night. I was somewhat relieved to hear she just wanted me to be her maid and with that she bought me a couple maid uniforms.

I felt so silly coming home from work then changing into a maid uniform to work for my wife. She on the other hand took to the challenge of being my boss well and so a new relationship began. When I was dressed as her maid she treated me as such. At night in bed I was her husband with her rewarding me for my hard work. The weeks went by with me living two lives one as a maid and one as a husband. It quickly became normal for my wife with me slowly finding the same thing. The more my wife talked to me as her maid the more I learned to respond to her like any other maid would do.

I went from being confused to accepting my new life as both a maid and husband. My wife taught me to know my place and to obey her without me thinking about it. My wife convinced me to have laser done to rid myself of my manly body hair starting with my beard and pubic area. She shaved her own pubic hair and mine to show she was on board as well with having no pubic hair. When I asked how far she wanted me to go with hair removal the answer was simple, as far as she told me to go. My wife explained there was no reason for me to have a hairy body or shave every other day.

It appears my wife wants me to become her fulltime maid at some point soon which means early retirement from my job. The whole idea of me as a maid and wearing a maid uniform has started to sink in but I can't let anyone know. The living in secret thing, keeping it from old friends and family is sometimes a bother to me but not to my wife as she is proud of our new life together. One good thing about it all which is something your readers may not approve of is my wife has no plans of making me into her sissymaid. She loves me more in the bedroom than ever before as a result of me as her maid by day. My wife doesn't want me in chastity at all nor does she want to use a dildo on me unless it's for fun. In a way I am a very lucky husband.

Since I am in maid mode I had better get moving or else.


Thank you for your letter Brent. It may have started as a joke but it certainly did not turn out that way, being an obedient maid is serious business, sissy or otherwise as you are discovering. Many wives when playing with their husbands, having them dress and help around the house soon realize the benefits to having a maid during the day and in your case, a husband at night.

Auntie Helga

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