from Sissy Alice

Dear Auntie Helga,

We like reading your website when there are new letters. My wife and I have been into all kinds of things for years daring each other to do something outrageous at times. It started years ago when I talked to my wife about shaving her vagina smooth so she did then wanted me to shave myself smooth too, so I did. We both kept ourselves hair free with me ending up shaving my whole body to be more like hers. My wife likes making me wear women's clothes so I go along with it as part of our deal.

We did other things just to challenge each other so I talked to my wife about getting breast implants, big ones. She didn't want to get as big as I wanted so she came back with me getting my balls and sack removed. I thought she was really pushing things but then again I was too asking her to get stripper boobs. My wife told me guys with no pubic hair and no balls were sexy as hell to her. We always signed a deal that we promised to do what we said.

The next thing I knew my wife had those huge boobs while I was away on business. I mean they were so huge I never thought she would do it. She found a doctor for me so I had to go next which I did. I lost my balls and sack which drove my wife nuts when I was all healed. My wife showed me a picture of a guy who had no penis or balls having sex with his wife with a strapon. My wife pointed out how small my penis was and told me how much it would turn her on if I wore a strapon too. We bought one that fit over my penis and she was right it turned her on more than I was able to do with my penis. Without me knowing my wife talked with the doctor that took my balls away. One day when I came home she sweet talked me to have my penis removed and how it would turn her on. I didn't want to do it figuring I already lost my balls but she insisted I do it unless I was chicken. My wife knew I never backed down or liked to be called chicken.

One week later my penis was taken away for good. It took weeks to completely heal before my wife put the strapon on me to have sex with her again. I loved my wife's huge boobs and loved giving her oral more and more. It was like losing my male sex organs made me want my wife even more than ever. My wife continued to make me wear women's things every day. She told me how much it turned her on to see me wear lingerie and sleep in it too. One thing about my wife is her brain never stopped working on things to have fun.

While reading one of your letters one night together my wife had the idea I too would look so sexy if I had a boob job. When I said no she called me a chicken while sucking my nipples and pulling on them. She kept saying to me to be her sissymaid please, please, pretty please. I thought I had done so much already and gone further than anyone we knew. Each night in bed my wife played with my nipples while I gave her oral which drove me nuts.

My wife teased me with not having to go to work anymore. Every day she had something up her sleeve until I finally agreed to have boobs. She called the same place where hers were done and the next thing I knew the appointment was made. A week after that appointment I had my own boobs, not as big as my wife's but big enough. My wife was thrilled I finally let her have her way with me literally. It took weeks for me to heal up all the while my wife put together what she wanted to me to wear. I have to wear a bra every day and still do today. She had bought me a couple sissy dresses, heels, stockings and more.

My wife slowly started dressing me as her sissymaid more and more each day while I was healing. It's now been a month and I am my wife's sissymaid fulltime at home. What started off as shaving fun turned into something far more than I planned. My wife bought another strapon which she started using on me on the weekends. Although she is still my wife I view her more as my Mistress and she talks to me as her sissymaid. One thing about my wife is she still thanks me for allowing her to have her way with me. She had admitted maybe she went too far having my penis taken away but she likes it that way. My wife told her mother what she talked me into doing after her mother saw my wife's huge boobs. The story went like this I agreed to give up my sex organs and have boobs when she agreed to have huge boobs for me. My wife's mother said it was a fair trade then laughed.

My day is spent attending to my duties like cleaning the house and cooking the meals. I also do the laundry right down to all the ironing for my wife. When she comes home each day she takes a quick look around then kisses me on the cheek if I did good. I have learned what she wants done so I just do it like she taught me. Your website helped me understand more about sissymaids and what my wife might want for me some day. Although it shocked me with her wanting to surgically correct me I was more prepared because of your website Auntie Helga. My wife is a loving woman who does love me very much and I her. She enjoys my oral skills and I enjoy giving her oral every night and sucking on her huge boobs. I don't have my sex organs any longer but I get very horny when giving oral or sucking boobs. My wife hooked me up with two or her friends to give oral to them once a week. One of her friends likes to have sex with me when I am finished giving her an orgasm. With my wife's creative mind I am sure she is planning something new as I sit here writing to you.

I'm not sure if you know other sissymaids or husbands whose wives have gone this far but if you do then you know my situation. I love my wife and will be her sissymaid for life now that she has me where she wants me. As long as she treats me the way she does with lots of love I have nothing to complain about. I think before long I will have to take hormone shots of pills since my wife wants me to remain feminine for life.

I always knew about sissies and sissymaids and so did my wife but I never thought I would be one. I hope you approve of my sacrifice Auntie Helga and my wife's approach to my life as her sissymaid.

Sissy Alice

Thank you for your letter Sissy Alice. I fully approve as you might expect, though at the PDQ office the discussion about castration and penectomy was heated at times and so we decided to include the mention of this surgical correction in our bylaws of acceptable content, it is becoming much more commonplace and a turn in the right direction.

The quid pro quo of your relationship is very positive and a great example of a functioning marriage. We at PDQ are always pleased to see honest dialog between partners. Love an update at some point.

Auntie Helga

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