Letter 5
(From Justice Weekly)
Contributed by p.j
Thank you so much for publishing my last letter, which I do so hope will afford some inspiration to lady readers who have charge of boys, and desire to put them into little girls' white frilled petticoats and drawers, kilts, blouses and pinnies, etc., for the sake of good, firm discipline and proper behavior.

I would now like to reply openly to the writer who advertised, "Man with boy aged fifteen would like to correspond with woman of dominant nature, etc., capable of running home". As the writer in question states that he has brown eyes, I prefer to address him as "Brown Eyes" and the boy as "Evelyn," for the purpose of this letter. So dear Brown Eyes, I do so hope you will find the woman you are seeking, and that she will meet your ideas of what a dominant woman should be.

If I can read between the lines of your advertisement, you require a partner who will have charge of "Evelyn" and exercise her authority over the child, bringing him up according to her own ideals. I know that a woman can always do this far better than any man. I do not think that you would have advertised for a dominant-natured woman except for the sake of having "Evelyn" disciplined along the right lines.

He is just the age - neither too young nor too old - to be taken in hand by a woman of determined character, one who believes in the old true maxim that to spare the rod is to spoil the child. A woman who will not hesitate to spank the child's bottom with, say, a slipper, or cane it when such punishment is deserved.

I personally, dear "Brown Eyes," can see no reason why "Evelyn" should not be put into little girl petties and pinnies as a good disciplinary measure. When the lady of your ideals comes along, you will be able to discuss this question with her, and then you may have the satisfaction of seeing her gradually transform "Evelyn" into a prettily dressed and well-behaved child.

When it is necessary, I hope "Evelyn's" future step-mother will employ white frilly knickers, petticoats, and corsets, apart from the pinafore to be worn indoors. I think it is well to adopt a form of dress which can be worn out of doors at home. For this purpose I suggest a pleated skirt of brown Scotch tweed, reaching to an inch above the knees, a long-sleeved jersey in a lighter shade of brown, long fawn stockings, and brown strap shoes. The boy will have to very careful when he walks out of doors so as not to show his little girl's white frilly petticoats.

When at home, the child can be made to change from his kilt and jersey into either a short navy gym tunic or, if it is considered more desirable, a short frock. The boy's hair should be kept short so as to preserve some outward sign that he is a boy who is under strict discipline, and compelled to wear little girls' petticoats, knickers, frocks and pinafores, etc., to keep him properly under control.

I would far rather have about the home a very quiet, shy and submissive boy dressed in little girl's white frilly undies (well-starched) and a sweet little frock or even a gym tunic, plus a pretty white pinafore, always mindful of the cane, for fear of having his little petticoats turned up and knickers dropped to his ankles for a good bottom warming, than an ill-bred and unkempt little rebel in ordinary boyish clothes who is rude to everybody and who just does as he pleases. There is quite a lot to be said in favor of short frocks, little girls' white dainty undies and a thin whippy cane, where a boy's behavior in the home is concerned.
Sincerely yours,


Ruth was a frequent contributor to 'Justice Weekly', a Canadian paper which was produced from the 1950s to the 1970s, and which was one of the greatest of all publications where domestic discipline and husband management were discussed. 'J.W.' nver was in any doubt that a woman should rule the household absolutely, with a velvet glove certainly, not in an unfeminine manner, but with very firm resolve.

I do think that Ruth's ideas regarding outdoors wear for 'Evelyn' are very sweet, especially with a pretty petticoat underneath. A nice floppy beret might have been an attractive addition though.
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