from Becca

Dear Helga,

Firstly let me introduce myself my name is Becca and I am 19 years old and I have just inherited a sissy from my grandmother! To begin at the beginning so to speak, when my mother was young, maybe 6 or 7 years old, she had an elder brother called Steve who used to bully her and generally make her life a misery. This situation only got worse when their father, my grandfather, died suddenly when mum was 9 and Steve 11, so much so that grandma decided on drastic action and started to put Steve into girls clothes and spank and cane him almost daily. This had the desired effect and after a month or so of Steve improved behaviour grandma decided that Steve would become Stephanie when at home and that is what happened.

My uncle "Stephanie" has been under petticoat discipline ever since, she is now 52 years old, I have been aware of her sissy status all my life and cannot recall when I first saw her spanked but I was probably under 5, I certainly remember the first time as a teenager that I spanked Stephanie with her over my grandmas knee, with my mother and father encouraging me to "make her feel it" and spank harder Becca"!

Anyway last October my beloved grandma passed away after a short illness and left her house and all her property to me, I was thrilled to find after discussion with my parents that this also included Stephanie!

In the past few months I have asserted my control over Stephanie in many ways, firstly I had her take voluntary redundancy from her job of over 30 years as an engineer and deposit her payout into my bank account. Next I made her take all her male clothes to a charity shop and she now wears only women's or at best unisex clothing. I have had her change her name to Stephanie cisse-haas, pronounced sissy arse!

I spank Stephanie at least twice a day simply because I want to and because I believe a sissy should have a red and sore bottom at all times! Finally I have put her into a chastity device as I have decided she will NEVER ejaculate again as cumming is for men and she is definitely NOT one of them!

Very best regards

Thank you for your letter Becca. Many consider sissies to be property so it is no surprise she was inherited and in this case, by a wonderful young lady that is more than capable of her further training. For those of you that doubt the truth of this letter, trust me, I have seen the photographic evidence, though I don't have permission to publish, and really, is it that surprising that the sissy is passed along to another family member? What a wonderful tradition.


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