from Maria

Dear Helga,

Joanne told me you had printed a little more about my teasing and humiliation of her in your recent online issue; it reminded me that I ought to perhaps write and tell you a little more about how I am teasing and humiliating her. Since I last wrote to you - which is some time ago now - I have firmly enforced Joanne's position of being a cuckolded sissy little girl.

I have found myself a wonderful boyfriend; his name is Ian, handsome, manly and sexually very competent, as I always remind Joanne when she has to help me get dressed up for my dates with him. Joanne will be wearing one of her pretty pink little girl sissy frocks with lots of frills, lace and pretty little girl roses on it. I have made her sew extra pink girlie roses on some of them: she is becoming quite competent at this.

Most of her lovely girlie frocks are pink but she has some in white brocade which are really very 'little girl'. Some are really oh so short that her panties are on full view. All those frillies!! How she squirms! They all have pretty lacy puffed short sleeves with lace around the neck and layer upon layer of lace around the skirt. She will be wearing a full fluffy sissy petticoat which I love to see pushing her little girlie frock out. Add to that the frilliest of sissy panties full baby-style with lace round the tops of the legs, lace-topped stockings with a frilly suspender belt and also little girl frilly topped socks and pink ballet shoes which are also prettily adorned with rows of pink roses and lace which I made her sew on to make them more girlie.

Oh, and a pink flower in her hair; Joanne has a full head of hair which I have styled as a little girl. She does look so sweet really. And while she is on her knees before me handing me my tights, bra and panties... I smile at her so sweetly, but I should add I do not allow her to see any intimacies: I make her look at my pretty painted toes until I have my bra and panties well and truly on. Then she is ordered to look at what is only for my boyfriend. I put my tights on as she watches... hopelessly.

I enjoy allowing Joanne to dress me for these occasions as I find it most rewarding. I look down at her as she squirms, looking at what she can never have, looking longingly at my legs in my tights and at the hem of my miniskirt. Joanne loves to see ladies in their underwear; tights, pretty panties, lacy bras and such so I make sure she gets an eyeful of 'forbidden territory'. I admit I do add to her delicious torment in so many ways such as gently pushing my nylon-clad bottom into her face as if by accident.

Joanne is also fixated by my waist-length hair and gently telling her to brush it for me is just divine. Usually it is enough to bring her to tears and especially if I allow my fingers to gently touch her little 'dolly' through her pink frilly panties. I laugh at her frustration. Sometimes I will gently put my finger inside her panties to make her squeal. Just before I leave I stand over her so she can take in how gorgeous I am looking for my date. My final act of torment is to lock her little dolly in its little dolly-cage; I call it her little doll's house..

I will say: "We must lock little dolly away now Joanne, mustn't we? I don't want you making any nasty little messes while I'm on my date". She then has to say "I hope you have a wonderful evening, Princess" I then walk away, slowly, my high heels click-clacking on the wooden floor, the sight of my short skirt swaying as I walk away from her makes her whimper beautifully. I just love teasing her in this way. While I am out Joanne will have to tidy my underwear, kissing each item before she neatly folds it. Tights, panties, stockings, bras... how deliciously frustrating for her.

Sometimes I will cane her before I go out: when it comes to caning I don't mess about. I see no point doing it half-heartedly. I will bend her over the bed, pull her frilly panties down and thrash her who knows, sixty or more times. Who's counting? Not me. I position a mirror so Joanne can see me in all my dressed-up glory; long hair, short skirt, high heels, tights and perfect makeup. I am the epitome of what she cannot have, and she can see me caning her bare bottom over and over knowing what she sees is for my boyfriend.

If Ian is coming home with me I telephone Joanne and tell her to be in the spare room for when I get home. This is Joanne's special room with some of her fluffiest petticoats and prettiest frocks laid out. There is also an intercom system linked to my bedroom, this ensures that Joanne hears Ian and me making love. It does her nothing but good to be aware that she is a sissy and of no interest or use to me sexually and listening in to a real man satisfying me provides a telling lesson for her. Before I go to Ian in the bedroom I will visit Joanne in hers and gently stroke her as I believe it is right and proper for such a sissy to be brought to tears as yet another reminder of her little girl status.

I will ask her "Did you kiss my lovely tights, Joanne?"

"Yes Princess" she replies

"Good little dolly girlie" I gently say as I stroke her oh-so gently...

"And my knickers? And my bras... my lovely lacy bras... my tights Joanne... I hope you kissed every pair of my tights... front... and back...."

She can barely get the words out now with her frustration and her tears welling up "Ah ah ah ah..." I gently chide her for getting too excited. Just to close by saying that sometimes as a treat I will allow Joanne to kiss my bottom before I leave her to squirm all night; I know she is really grateful to be allowed to do this. Occasional reward is also part of a good training I think.


Thank you for your letter Maria. Faithful and long time readers will recognize that this letter contains references to adultery which in the past was frowned upon by yours truly, I have since come to accept this alternative and future letters may contain descriptions so long as they remain tasteful.

Okay, that being said, I must compliment Maria's sissy training capabilities, her understanding of the need for humiliation as well as punishment along with a delightful sense of play regarding her sissy's little girl wardrobe will no doubt serve as inspiration to many of our female readers.


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