from Rebecca,

Dear Helga,

When we first planned our trip to the USA, I did ponder what opportunities there would be for Steve to be Melanie. Obviously with passports, we had to travel to America as Rebecca and Steve - with security being strict enough, we did not want unwanted questions as to why "Steve" looked female. His hair had already grown to near shoulder length by the time we traveled, and he rarely goes anywhere now without at least a little mascara on. However, no-one in the airports questioned him. I think Steve believed that he would be 'safe' for the whole two weeks, but I had other plans.

The first week was in a city on Cape Cod called Falmouth. This meant a flight to Boston and a drive of an hour and a half to Falmouth. It was cold on Cape Cod - and even snowed a couple of the days, but we had a great time. The people there were lovely and we had some great days out in Boston, on Martha's Vineyard and exploring the Cape itself - right up to Provincetown. A lot of our days were spent walking along the beach and around the city. Because it was so cold we had to wrap up warm, so I don't think Steve minded when I made him wear tights under his trousers, and also a warm furry hat. I also bought a pair of black patent fur lined boots at Walmart, which I made him wear on our walks.

For the second week of our holiday, we stayed in a city called Conroe, which is about an hour from Houston in Texas. This meant two internal flights - Boston to Charlotte in North Carolina and Charlotte to Houston - followed by a drive to Conroe. The flight was nearly cancelled because of the icy weather, but we got away eventually. We were also lucky to miss a typhoon that was sweeping across the country that week.

We had two hours at Charlotte between flights, so I had already planned what I was going to do. I took Steve into one of the disabled wash rooms, and proceeded to "re-dress" Steve into Melanie. He was already wearing a white blouse under his sweater, so the sweater was removed and placed into my bag. Melanie had to take off the blouse so that a bra containing false breasts could be added underneath. Jeans were placed in my bag to be replaced by a tight fitting black hobble skirt of mid calf length. Melanie was already wearing tights and knickers (obviously). A pair of bright red patent court shoes with 3" heels and a black bow on the instep completed her outfit.

Now the accessories - hair brushed back into a mini ponytail and secured with a clip decorated with a red velvet bow, a single string of pearls around her neck, a triple string of pearls on each wrist and three pearl studs in each ear. I made her up with bright red lipstick, green and brown eyeshadow, blue mascara with liberal squirts of 'Red Door' behind her ears and on her wrists. A patent red leather handbag for her hand luggage and she was ready. She looked and smelled lovely.

In addition, because of the heels, she clicked very noisily in the airport concourse, even though she had to take very short steps because of the hobble skirt, causing many to look her way. The men gave her admiring looks, the women on the whole looking down their noses at her. We still had an hour before our flight to Houston so we clicked along to one of the cafeterias to have a drink. It was much warmer in Charlotte than Boston, so we had a cold drink. There is something sexy about a woman sucking a cola through a straw whilst wearing lipstick - even I was turned on and I knew that Melanie was really a man, even though the image was VERY feminine.

Because it was an internal flight, there was no need for a passport check, although Melanie's boarding card did say Mr S Williams. When it was checked, the staff looked at Melanie and must have assumed it was Mrs Williams. The flight was crowded, and we were not able to sit together. Melanie was sat in the middle of a row of three between two gentlemen, who seemed to be enjoying the view from their seats. I was a couple of rows behind and on the aisle seat so I could keep an eye on things.

The flight itself was uneventful, and we were reunited on landing at Houston. The car hire lot is a bus ride away from the airport, so once we had retrieved our suitcases we headed to the stop and onto the bus. We had to hire the car in my name because, obviously, Melanie's license is in the name of Steve Williams, which may have been embarrassing. The drive to Conroe was easy along the interstate and we eventually found our accommodation. We checked in as Rebecca and Melanie Williams, which is what I had booked it under. Steve had had no idea that I had done this. I think the realisation dawned that he would spend the whole week as Melanie.

In our room, he asked me this, but I responded by saying that it depended on how I felt each day, and that if he continued whining, I would find ways of embarrassing him continually. I said that, as we had checked in as women, it would be extremely difficult to leave the accommodation any other way. He blanched, looking extremely worried. I think in particular that he was thinking of the return flight to England, and that his passport picture did not meet his current picture of femininity. He knows that when I choose, Melanie is very convincing, so there is little concern of discovery. However, to be carrying a passport in his own name, whilst looking so feminine, may be awkward.

As it happened, I did not intend on Melanie being my constant partner all week. On one of the days we visited a prison museum, which I thought may be a difficult environment for Melanie, so I went there with Steve. On another day we went to Galveston and spent some time sunbathing on the beach, so I went there with Steve too as I didn't think it would be fair for him to wear a female swimsuit in the warm sunshine.

Whilst we were in Texas we drove around 1500 miles in a week getting around to visit Dallas, Houston, Austin, Galveston, San Antonio (which was particularly lovely) etc etc. Most of these cities we visited as a female couple - I suppose people probably thought we were sisters. We stayed overnight in San Antonio and the Motel staff did not bat an eyelid at two women booking into one room. We also had quite a lot of "mall time" as I wanted to put our outfits together for what I had hoped would be the highlight of the week, the Houston rodeo.

We had managed to get two check shirts with a fine silvery thread running right through and short puffed sleeves, two denim skirts - mine long and slinky and Melanie's short and sexy, and a pair of cowboy boots each with a two inch heel. I had also sneaked out for something else without Melanie. On the Thursday afternoon we got ready for the rodeo. I wore my shirt knotted at the waist and showing my tummy, browned on the beach at Galveston. My skirt was tight and calf length, and I was very pleased with my boots. Melanie wore a white silk vest under her shirt, which was unbuttoned most of the way down. Her skirt was much shorter - above the knee, which showed off her brown legs and her lovely boots.

When we were just about to leave, I produced the item I had purchased secretly - pink cowboy hats. I loved the way we both looked, but Melanie looked nervous as we went to the car. We only went as far as the metro bus as we had been advised that driving into Houston at rodeo time was not for the faint hearted. We rode the rest of the way on the metro, which took us as far as the rodeo itself. We had a fantastic time - even Melanie seemed to forget how she looked to enjoy the show. In the evening there was music from the band ZZ Top, which was very enjoyable. After a fun afternoon and evening we got back to Conroe quite late - tired but happy.

My only regret during the week was that I'd hoped to be able to buy Melanie a "Southern Belle" outfit in Texas. Probably too far west for that type of thing maybe? I think I will have to get my sewing machine going!

On our return to England we were given the news that my best friend Angie had proposed to Tony(a) on 29th February, and (s)he had accepted. I will let her tell you more about it, but I wonder who her bridesmaids will be?

Much love and thanks for your continued advice and encouragement.


Our friend Rebecca has moved on with her life though still with Melanie as I understand. Though an update is unlikely I felt this letter described quite well the everyday life of this amazing couple. Her dominance is evident even in the most common of times, petticoating a regular way of life and our admiration will continue.


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