from Rachel

Dear Auntie Helga,

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you. In brief I was petticoated from age 8 to 16+, by my Mother and her friend Dorthy (Madam). My feminization was done in private over a long period of time, and all the procedures and standards were done to a high standard. I became a possession and from 12 on-wards would spend a lot of time with Madam, who was training me as her sissy. Sissyfication is a whole level greater than petticoating and starts to make you an Object of Obedience - fuller feminization, sexually viable, disciplined, a doll.

I write today, explaining a weekly situation that I was in, as follows; The French Maid. Some days, often when we were expecting female visitors - friends of Madame for the afternoon. After bathing and powdering, Madame would come into my room. First she would fit a wide leather belt around my waist and pull it tight, then I would go on all fours on the bed. A leather ring would be fitted around the base of my balls - they would then be pulled between my thighs connected by a cord right up my buttocks and secured to the belt. Both my balls and penis are now firmly resting at the back of my thighs. My balls would then be encased in a silk pouch that was covered in small jingle bells - which meant from now on I would jingle all the time.

Next, we would put on my undergarments - a deep girdle with suspenders that went over the belt, a matching bra - both in satin black material.Then we fitted my long sheer black seemed stockings. Next, we did all my makeup, light beige foundation, false eyelashes, deep red lipstick, red nail varnish.I was then sprayed head to foot in a body mist - normally jasmine or rose.

Then we put on my maid uniform, which was a classic short French maids dress only about 22ins long - worn with a deep multi layered white petticoat , so the skirt of the dress stood out fully.The dress had long puff sleeves finished with six mushroom buttons at the wrist, and was finished with white silk or lace gloves - always to be worn, and was finished with a satin bowed apron.

Next - after dressing, I had knee restraints fitted. Then a short shaft was fitted around my penis located near the end and a cord went from here via a small ring in the shaft and was pulled tight down towards a three inch bar which joined each restraint, the bar had a single ring in the middle and the cord was pulled to join it.

My hair was done and my earrings and bracelets added. Then Madame fitted my 4in heeled black shoes, as I could no longer reach my feet.

My day would now be spent doing domestic and service around the house, and waiting on Madame and her friends. I was only able to walk at a very short pace, due to the knee restraints and the bonds made all movements very sensitive and created a feminine posture. Bending had to be done with the greatest of care due to the short length between my balls and the waist belt. In addition to this - and the main reason for the arrangement, was that my penis , now tight and stiff against my back thighs and the stocking tops, was now in a constant state of friction, which during the day, frequently caused an uncontrolled orgasm. Constantly jingling around the house and gardens, Madame insisted that nothing was cleaned until I was undressed late in the evening. This was my most public feminized control, where my status as Madame's sissy was obvious and without any doubt of my status. My position was of great delight to Madam and to any visiting females, and I hope you may think it was quite complete.

Kindest regards

Thank you for your letter Rachel. What a fantastic training regime they developed for you, perhaps a bit more strict than we usually see but very effective I'm sure. A strict upbringing along with petticoating helps the youth to develop the proper submissive attitude that will allow them to serve a superior in the most meaningful ways.

At PDQ we try not to make judgments about people's proclivities, this is a mostly free society and at least within this website and our very popular forum, we can feel free to express our real selves. Thank you all so much for your continued support, and please, send in your story to share. May you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year.

Auntie Helga

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