Robin awoke with a start, he was immediately aware of somebody standing at the bedside, turning his head he saw Nanny, smiling down at him. "Ah, she said, finally awake"? Robin tried to focus, what was happening? He suddenly remembered, he had been given a sleeping tablet, after Miss Stanley had strapped him up, he was wrapped in her mackintosh a warm slightly perfumed rubbery smell in his nostrils, and unable to move! The tablet had certainly worked and knocked him out. Nanny was pulling off the bed clothes and saying, now come along we have a lot to get through before we go shopping and Miss Stanley is waiting for you in the bathroom you have to be bathed and depilated round your naughty appendage. He tried to concentrate on what she was saying, what was this further humiliation they were preparing him for?

The bedclothes were pulled from him and she was now rolling him onto his belly, he felt her undoing the mackintosh buttons and belt and this was also pulled off him. He was aware of the cooler air striking his body, he shivered slightly, working swiftly she unbuckled the straps holding his arms and then his legs and he was able to move them, strangely he never felt particularly cramped or uncomfortable, he supposed it was the effect of the tablet knocking him out so as not to be aware of any discomfort. "Now straight into the Bathroom with you"!

He sat down on the bed. "No I will not, I am not going to submit to anymore of this childish humiliation". Nanny was looking very shocked, before she could speak, he said "I wish to see my Stepmother at Once". He was puzzled by the slight smile that came to her lips, ignoring him she called for Miss Stanley, she obviously had heard the conversation from the bathroom and was immediately standing in front of the now defiant Robin. What's this I hear? Again a slight smile appeared on her lips, "Well Nanny it appears we have a revolt on our hands, you are not making things any easier for yourself young man, but I will take the time to explain to you precisely your position. One you cannot speak to your Stepmother as she left early hours this morning for Johannesburg, she is to be away for approximately one year to look into some of your late father's holdings, she foresaw this situation arising and so I am now your legal guardian, this means, I can keep you at home and educate you in any way I see fit or I can send you to Denton House, should you decide you will abscond I can legally have you fetched back by the police. Incidentally, whatever you decide it will not make any difference to either Nanny's or my position in the house as we are both on contract, in fact thinking about it, it might be better if I made arrangements for you to go to Denton House tomorrow"?

Robin slumped to the floor on his knees his arms hanging limply by his side, tear's welled up in his eyes, PLEASEEEE Miss Stanley, "NO PLEASE I promise I will behave and obey. I beg you don't send me there". The was silence for a few moments. Miss Stanley said "Nanny may I speak with you in the bathroom". Turning to Robin she said "Get up, go to the corner of the room, kneel and put your hands behind you back and do not move, Nanny and I will decide if you should have a second chance". He hurriedly obeyed, not saying a word in case he made the situation worse.

They went to the bathroom and he could hear voices but was not able to make out what was being said, he was now trembling at the prospect of Denton House, but felt there was nothing he could do about it, if only he had not defied them, then he thought of Miss Stanley's mackintosh and despite his efforts of control he started to erect, just at that moment he heard the door of the bathroom open. They came an stood directly behind him. Miss Stanley spoke "you may stand, face us and hands behind your back". He groaned inwardly because as he turned he was now fully erect. Miss Stanley looked at Nanny "I seems Nanny that even with the prospect of Denton House looming, he cannot control himself, he lowered his head in shame and mumbled, "I'm so sorry Miss Stanley, I really did try to control it". "Quite obviously you cannot", she said, "However, we have decided to give you another chance and overlook this talk of defiance, now you will come into the bathroom and I will shave off your gentile hairs, the reason being you will later this morning have an appliance fitted and we don't want hair getting caught up". As he started to walk he forgot about his hands and let them fall by his side and immediately received a sharp smack on the buttocks from Nanny. "If you cannot keep your hands behind your back then it will be necessary to keep them strapped there, don't you agree Miss Stanley"? "Indeed I do Nanny". Robin quickly complied. It suddenly came to him, here he was, naked, his penis sticking out in a very hard erection, totally humiliated and under the complete control of these very strict women and there was nothing he could do about it.

A small table had been placed in the centre of the bathroom, Miss Stanley said "Sit on the table Robin, Nanny would you stand behind him and hold him still, we cannot have him fidgeting while he is being shaved". Nanny went behind him and slipping her arm behind his back she grasped his arms and pulled him backwards to her, this effectively held his arms against her body and he immediately was aware of the feel of the cool rubber of her apron, with the other arm she brought round to the front and held his forehead. Miss Stanley now turned and picked up the razor and shaving brush, applying plenty of lather to his penis and testicles. "Please Miss Stanley be careful !" "You will remain silent Robin, Nanny if you please ". With that Nanny took her rubber gloved hand from his forehead and clapped it hard over his mouth effectively gagging him, he let out a muffled gasp as she started to run the razor down his stretched out penis, she pulled the foreskin right up over the now purple head and shaved down towards the testicles, he tried to move but Nanny held him tight. Miss Stanley looked up from the shaving "Next time, I can see you will have to be strapped down and gagged, I cannot tolerate this fidgiting about".

She continued to shave him but the manipulation of his penis was causing sensations and he feared he would disgrace himself again, then mercifully she had finished, "Now into the bath and rinsed off, must hurry and have breakfast so we can get you to the shop for your uniform" He thought he was to be allowed to bathe himself but Nanny was there and he had to stand submissively with his hands on his head while she bathed him, as soon as she finished he was ordered out of the bath and rubbed dry, her rubber apron occasionally brushing against him causing sensations, soon he was directed to once again step into the red rubber bloomers which she pulled up tightly "a shirt and kilt is all you will need she said". Once dressed he was taken to the breakfast room and ordered to stand behind his chair, she removed her apron and placed the neck halter over his neck pulling the apron tightly round him and tying it at the back "you may sit, but don't forget hands folded behind your back".

Just then Miss Stanley came into the room carrying a tray with their breakfast, speaking to Nanny she said "I have arranged for Cecily and cook to come in from 12:30 pm to 8:00pm, they were not particularly happy but I have doubled their salaries so all is well, that way they will not be a distraction from Robins education". "An excellent arrangement", Nanny said as she smiled at Robin, "you see how we are looking after you my dear you can have our full attention at all times, what a lucky boy you are having both a Governess and a Nanny". Robin didn't answer but noticed the slight smile that passed between her and Miss Stanley, he felt a sense of foreboding but at the same time excitement, as if he was about to enter into new experiences.

Breakfast consisted of toast marmalade and orange juice, this was soon finished, the table was left as it was, presumably for cook and Cecily to look after. Miss Stanley said "take off your rubber apron Robin we must prepare you for the journey, we have a two hour drive but I'm afraid you will have to be restrained as I cannot trust you to behave in the car". "Please Miss Stanley" he said, "I will behave! Please don't restrain me".

She ignored him and said "turn round please, hands behind your back", producing a strap she proceeded to strap his hands tightly behind his back, he foolishly let out a moan, she spun him round to face her and she grasped his face tightly in her hand, squeezing it, "said one more sound from you young man, and you will be gagged for the journey, Do I make myself very clear"? He nodded and murmured, "Yes Miss Stanley". She continued, "however to teach you not to question my actions you will now kneel in the back of the car for the whole journey", she turned to Nanny. "Nanny if you would be good enough to put your rubber apron back on, Robin will kneel in the back of the car with his head in your rubber covered lap; perhaps he will learn obedience from discomfort". Nanny replied she would be delighted to assist.

Miss Stanley took his arm and led him out to the waiting car, pushing him into the back. It was awkward to get in with his hands strapped behind him, but with her help he managed, his knees went either side of the raised middle section of the floor and his bloomered covered penis was pushed down hard against the floor section. Nanny climbed in sat on the seat with much rustling of the apron and pulled his head onto her lap, he groaned inwardly as his face was pushed into the smelly rubber surface of the apron but he dare not make a sound of protest.

Miss Stanley drove and they started off, the movement and undulations of the road soon made themselves felt to his sensitive rubber covered penis which was soon rock hard, he knew if disgraced himself again it would soon be obvious on the arrival of the outfitters. He tried to lift his penis from the movement of the car. Nanny sensed this and pushed his head harder into the rubber of the apron, he tried to say "Please Nanny" but as he opened his mouth the folds of the apron went into it, Nanny saw what was happening and used one hand to pushed the apron further into his mouth, "As you find the rubber so stimulating young man you can have a mouthful of it". He submitted and tried to lay still tasting the strong rubber that was gagging him.

The journey seemed like hours, but was really quite short. The car seemed to be manoeuvring round and stopped, he heard Miss Stanley's get out of the car and came round to the rear, he could not move as Nanny was still holding he head firmly into the apron, "Here we are Nanny you can release him now". She reached into the car and helped him out, looking up he say a rather old foreboding Victorian building, a large black painted door heralding the entrance, with the words "Amelia Stafford specialists suppliers of institutional equipment and Clothing". Robin shuddered slightly thinking what was in store for him, but again he felt that strange sense of excitement, what would these people think of him being brought into this establishment in rubber bloomers and his hands strapped behind him, his thoughts were soon interrupted as Miss Stanley ushered him towards the door .

At that moment the door swung open and a rather striking lady of about forty years old, stood, immediately she held out her arms and said "Stanley Darling how lovely to see you after all this while, I was so pleased to receive you communication and order". Miss Stanley responded "Amelia Darling", they hugged and kissed, pulling apart Miss Stanley said "may I introduce Nanny, my very able assistant and friend, and this is Robin my new pupil, he is to undergo rubber discipline and re-education into the ways of complete submission". Amelia Stafford stepped forward and shook hands with Nanny, then turned her attention to Robin, she looked at Robin for a few seconds and then said "A very pretty boy but I see he is restrained." "He can be rather wilful at times", Miss Stanley said. But with your equipment and clothing we shall eventually overcome this naughtiness.

They were ushered in to a large well appointed office, Miss Stafford offered the two ladies chairs, but placing her hands on Robins shoulders guided him to a corner of the room and pushed him firmly well into it saying "feet and ankles together", the authority in this ladies voice told him she would tolerate no dissension and he immediately complied, glancing to his right he saw a school cane hanging from a peg, he felt like a spider about to go into the web. Just then the telephone went and he heard Miss Amelia say, "yes they have arrived but he will need to be taken to the clinic first for the impression, if you will come over and collect him and do the initial preparation then call when he's ready we will come". A pause, then she said, "yes the wheel chair he is partly restrained and with inclement weather you had better bring a cape". He was shaking slightly but it was not the weather, but the thought of what lie before him,

The ladies were chatting for some minutes, when there was a knock at the door and two ladies in rather old style nursing uniforms arrived pushing a wheelchair over the back of which was a white rubberised cape. Robin of course couldn't see this with his face in the corner but was ordered to turn and Miss Amelia said "Robin these are the two ladies that will take you over to our little clinic". On seeing the chair and the cape he turned a bright red with embarrassment and stuttered, "Please Miss I can walk and I am really not cold", she cut him short, "this is not your decision my dear".

One of the nurses picked up the cape shaking out and with a loud rustling and placed it over his shoulders and helpless arms; he shuddered in fear and a feeling of submission. The chair was pushed at the back of his legs and he was eased into it, as soon as he sat one on the nurses bent down and strapped his ankles to the leg rest, while the other pulled another strap tightly over his chest and buckled it at the side of the chair, the cape was also now confining him yet another strap was the passed round his lower waist. Miss Amelia, spoke "Ladies if you will get him into total restraint position, we will be along shortly", she added. "Perhaps a little gas and air will calm him prior to the impression taking".

He was wheeled down a short corridor and through a door to the outside, a small building of red brick was situated a short distance away. Entering the building they passed through a foyer then into what can only be described as a surgery, the main furniture was a dental chair the kind Robin had never seen before, mainly for the strange looking headrest and also the fact it was festooned with straps from the foot of the chair to the top. One of the nurse's spoke, "we will leave him caped as we have to go back to the main building after this part in completed". She looked at Robin, "let's get you settled into the chair and a bit more relaxed before the ladies arrive", they both attended to the straps holding him into the wheelchair and he was gently seated into the dental chair they immediately began to strap him down . He said "please nurse!, I won't struggle!, please don't strap me so tightly".

Without pausing in their work one of them said, "you will remain silent, it is not for you to tell us our job". He realized it was hopeless and resigned himself to whatever they intended to do to him, looking down he saw he was strapped at the ankles, below the knee, above the knee and thighs, another around his waist. The nurse said, "lean slightly forward", this he did, a strap was then pulled over from the back of the chair, under his armpit and buckled at the back of the chair, the same with the other arm thus this forced him tightly back against the chair.

Reaching over to a shelf he saw she was then holding a white rubber cap of some sort in her hand, he realized it was the type worn in surgeries; she pulled it on his head and right down over his ears. One of them then placed a hand on his forehead pushing it back into the headrest, while the other adjusted a wheel and the headrest closed onto his head from both sides until it was holding his head rigidly in position and he was unable to move his head up or down or twist sideways, but yet another strap was placed over his rubber covered forehead and tightened. A small rubber nasal mask was then adjusted over his nose, this had a small thin corrugated pipe leading to a black rubber bladder, he was forced to breath through his mouth, he cried out in alarm, "please nurse what are you going to do to me"???? The nurse looked furious, "really! I have just warned you about speaking; perhaps a bit of gas and air will do the trick but first you will have to wear a mouth mask so that you only breathe through your nose". As she was speaking the other nurse reached over from the back of the chair and inserted some kind of rubber covered wedge shape into each side of his mouth and pulled backwards, this forced his mouth wide open and dragged the sides of his mouth backwards, He tried to call out but just a choking gagging sound emitted from his mouth. Seeing that his mouth was forced open as they wanted, she placed a red rubber cocoon type mask over his mouth and fastened it to the headrest by two straps the black rubber breathing bladder started to inflate and he realized his breathing was now controlled by the gas and air machine. His breathing started to increase rapidly and he felt as though his penis would burst if not relieved.

The both walked into his view, obviously pleased to see they had him completely under their control, reaching over one nurse grasped his now rigid searing erection through the rubber bloomers and cape. This was the straw that broke the camels back, he could not hold back another second, he moaned in complete submission and his penis spurted over and over, his body tried to arch but he was held rigidly by the very efficient straps. One of the nurses said "he's in for more punishment when his Governess finds out what's happened. Just the finishing touches with the Mackintosh hospital apron and he will be completely ready". One of them went to a shelf and taking the apron sheet, shook it out with a loud rustling noise that only rubber sheeting makes then they proceeded to cover him from chin to toe tying the neck tapes behind the headrest. They must have adjusted the amount of gas he was receiving as he felt very relaxed and then blackness overcame him.

He was suddenly awake and aware of all the ladies standing round him Miss Amelia stepped forward, saying "come along sleepy head we have to get on". She turned to one of the nurses and said "are the bags prepared"? Indeed they are came the reply. Robin in his confused gas state wondered what she meant about bags, he was soon to find out Miss Amelia took from the nurse what looked like two small red rubber bags but they looked as though they contained some kind of fluid. Turning to Robin she said "these my dear are the impression bags, I will insert one at the top of your mouth and one at the bottom with a small steel plate to separate them, my nurse will pull out the wedges in your mouth and you will bite down as hard as you can, the fluid mixture in the bags is dental gum they will form an impression of your mouth, but the plate will keep them separate, that way we will have the perfect shape of the inside of your mouth to make the gag and gum shield your Governess has ordered for you, but by the dental gum being enclosed you will not have that nasty sticky mess round your teeth and gums".

At that the nurse pulled out the wedges each side of his mouth, as soon as he was able to speak, he said "please Miss Stanley why must I have a gag made? I promised I would be obedient, please don't gag me again"! Miss Amelia hesitated and turned to the Governess, who looked a bit cross, sighing she said "Remember Robin, I told you very early in our association, it give's me pleasure to have you gagged as all naughty boys should be and you will be well gagged a lot of the time under my tuition, so now no more nonsense and accept the bags in your mouth, because with or without your cooperation the impression will be taken". He moaned, tears came into his eyes, he knew there was nothing he could do about his situation and resigned himself to his fate.

One of the nurses stood behind the chair and as Miss Amelia inserted the first bag in the bottom of his mouth the nurse held it there and placed a thin steel plate over the top of it squashing it down, the second bag was then pushed in and he was ordered to bite down, this he did, trying to squirm out of the way, as the strong rubbery taste of the filled bags invaded every part of his mouth he gagged and tried to move his head out of the way but the rubber gloved hands of the nurse held his mouth tight shut. This process must have only lasted for a minute or so and he felt the bags being drawn from his mouth, apparently they were satisfied the dental gum had set sufficiently to get the correct impression.

His Governess spoke, "there, that wasn't so bad, was it"? Miss Amelia now spoke, addressing his Governess "the gag and gum shield will be ready in a few days and will be sent to you. Now we must proceed to the fitting rooms", she looked at the nurses; "if you would release our patient and bring him over we will be waiting. Your first job over there will be to get him undressed completely so that we may get on fitting the rubber urinal". "Is he to be free of restraint"? One of them said, looking at both Miss Stanley and Miss Amelia, "and by the way, he has soiled himself with an ejaculation". Miss Stanley looked furious, turning to Nanny, she said "this evening I will cane him on both hands, and we will forcibly masturbate him until he is completely dry so that when he is put to bed, he will have sore hands and a sore penis". Nanny looked pleased, "I think serious punishment is all he understands, it's for his own good she added".

Miss Amelia, now addressed her nurses, "yes release him from his restraints and shower him, Oh and by the way use plenty of our cream, but keep his head dry", she smiled, "it will keep him hairless for a while". "What an excellent idea", his Governess said. Robin listened in horror at the thought of the forthcoming punishment, but could not comprehend why his now penis had a fierce erection within the tight confines of his now very slippery rubber bloomers and what was this talk of plenty of cream ?

The nurses quickly removed the rubber apron and unstrapped him from the chair as the three ladies moved off presumably to the outfitting area. Robin was pleased to be able to move again and was soon also released from the mackintosh cape and then to his great relief his hands were unstrapped, he now stood clad only in the rubber bloomers but to his embarrassment his erection was still very prominent beneath them. One of the nurses smiled at her companion, "we certainly have a very naughty boy here, he seems to have a permanent erection", with that she said, "hands behind your back boy, lets get you out of these soiled bloomers and into the shower", the bloomers were taken off very quickly, and he was now very red in the face with his erection standing very stiff, as the nurse discarded the bloomers in a waste bin the other nurse guided him over to a small cubical set in the side of the surgery, telling him to remain as he was. She reached to a shelf and took from it a large pot of cream and a white rubber bathing hat, putting the pot down she proceeded to stretch the rubber cap over his head doing up the chin strap tightly beneath his chin. "Oh please nurse, the strap is very tight"! He said. "Really", she said, "well lets see what we can do about that", she reached over again and produced another rubber hat, Robin thought she was going to change it for the one on his head but to his dismay she pulled this on over the other hat but this time pulled it right down to the bridge of his nose and completely blinding him and increasing the pressure on his head he moaned, but was soon silenced because instead of putting the strap beneath his chin she adjusted the strap and pulled it across his mouth, he opened his mouth to complain and the rubber strap went in dragging his mouth down at the sides, she quickly did up the slack. He tried to say "OH please nurse", but gagged as he was it came out as a half mumble.

Now she said, "I am going to put a rubber sheath on your penis, you will not move, you will not complain, your hands will remain firmly behind your back, do you understand"? He nodded. Standing gagged and unable to see what was happening, he had little choice but felt a shudder of submission as the sheath was rolled over his very hard erection. "This will stop the cream burning your glands", she said. He felt the other nurse was rubbing the cream over his face and chest area and under his arms then round his penis and testicles and down his legs, they seemed satisfied as he was now guided into the shower cubicle, felt the cold plastic of the shower bottom on the soles of his feet, and suddenly he was engulfed in hot water, he gasped into the rubber strip in his mouth by the suddenness of the water, but it took away the slight stinging the cream had caused.

It seemed he was in the shower for several minutes then felt the water turned off, and he was guided out of the cubicle and vigorously rubbed down and dried, taking off the punishing hats the nurse said "we must hurry now we have taken enough time in these preparations they will be getting impatient in the fitting area." By this time the other nurse had wheeled the chair into view and he was curtly ordered to sit, a red mackintosh sheet was brought and wrapped round his naked body, he gasped at the sudden cold as opposed to the recent hot water and told to be silent for his trouble, as he was covered a black rubber strap was passed round his body and buckled at the rear of the chair. "We can't have you falling out" the nurse said a rather sarcastic smile.

Wheeling him outside and across the yard to the outfitting area, the nurse was right Nanny, Miss Stanley and Miss Amelia did not look too pleased. Robin looked round I was a large carpeted area with several metal racks of clothing hanging from them, there was another dental type chair with ominous straps attached to it. He wondered if he was to be put in the chair again; a tingle of excitement and fear ran through him. What more could they do to him he wondered.

Miss Amelia spoke "Now we must first fit his foreskin retainer, release him nurse, and we will get started". Addressing Robin, she said "come over here boy and stand in front of me, hands clasped on your head and do not move or resist in any way", she looked at the Governess. "Presumably it is in order to strap his bottom if he moves"? "Indeed it is", Miss Stanley said. One of the nurses came forward holding a short strap, looking at Miss Amelia, she said, "ready at your command".

Robin complied with his instructions very quickly not wanting to be punished again. Miss Amelia now stepped forward holding a flesh coloured harness, with buckles attached grasping his penis she proceeded to roll down a tight rubber ring joined to the harness, Robin smothered a cry as she relentlessly pushed the ring down to the base of his penis dragging the foreskin completely back, then another tight ring was pushed over his testicles holding the ring firmly in place, he stole a glance at his penis and the head was now almost purple with the tight pressure, another thin strap was hanging between his legs, this was pulled up tightly between his buttocks, a belt was then buckled round his waist and the strap between his legs was buckled to it, he felt as though he was being cut in two, but dare not cry out or move standing rigidly and submissively still.

Miss Stanley now came and took hold of his now very erect penis inspected the contraption they had subjected him to she looked satisfied, turning to Nanny she said "this should stop and irritation and the need to touch himself, looking at Robin she said "I hope you appreciate the trouble we are going to re-educate you? But you have to be dressed in the correct way to undergo the serious subjugation and punishment you are to be subjected to".

He new it was futile to protest, and nodded slightly in agreement, tears welling up in his eyes. "You can stop that nonsense at once I won't have you blubbering, you are not being hurt, Stop it at once", then suddenly her face clouded over. "Really this is the limit"! Turning to Miss Amelia she said, "I have had enough of this silly girlish whimpering do you have a hood or something we could cover his face with I'm sure we could proceed much quicker" ?. Miss Amelia said "well actually there is the new punishment hat that Denton house has adopted it's really a version of the sowester but with added refinements, it's for pupils that are taken out but have received the punishment head and eyebrow shave, with this new hat on they are not so noticeable in a crocodile of pupils as they are all taken for walks in their long S B Rs ". "That sounds an excellent idea", Miss Stanley, said.

One of the nurses went over to some clothing shelves and came back holding what looked like a sowester but with some kind of flesh coloured rubber facial attachment, Miss Amelia said, "it takes a bit of fitting but very effective, Nanny if you would be so kind as to hold Robin's arms behind his back we will get him adorned", she smiled at him, "you will look quite different and we won't be able to see your snivelling face". Holding the hat up she said to Miss Stanley, "as you can see it has a bathing hat base that come's down the back of the head and extends round and cups the chin and on the inside a hidden rubber wedge with goes into the mouth, thus silence and control this comes up to the nostrils, the earflaps on the hat have small ear plugs but the beauty of it is the face veil that comes down from the brim of the hat and secures under the chin and hide the fact that the pupil has no eyebrows. The restraint tapes are obscured by the collar of the mackintosh strap which of course obligatory at Denton House", so saying she came to Robin and pulled the bathing hat extension down over his head, the mouth piece was pulled down the front and snugly cupped his chin a large rubber wedge invading his mouth. He spluttered as it was pushed in it filled his mouth, he now knew he could only make a moan, if he dared, he knew that, that, in itself could bring retribution, she then proceeded to push in the ear plugs, causing a noise like sea shells in his head. Nanny held him tightly forcing his arms together. The flaps of the hat were then pulled over his plugged ears and the cotton taped tied tightly beneath his chin, last but not least a thin flesh coloured veil was pulled down over his face, to his relief it was perforated with tiny holes so that he could just see, again this was tape tied beneath his chin.

"There", she said, "now perhaps we may proceed without any more distractions". One of the nurses now stepped forward holding a large red rubber article. Robin could not make out what she held, surely this was not those dreaded rubber bloomers they intended to dress him in. He was mistaken, they were, but unlike the previous one he had been made to wear, they seemed much larger. Miss Amelia intervened. "No not yet nurse, you are too eager to see our young customer fully dressed in his rubber uniform, he is to wear a rubber urinal beneath his bloomers", so saying she turned and came back holding a flesh coloured object.

Robin could only see through his limited vision it looked like a penis shaped object with strap attachments, now she said "this is the latest Denton House design, there is an inner sheath, which first has to be fitted just behind the glands head then as the penis is pushed into the outer sheath the inner sheath follows and it is held tightly and cannot slide back, that way the wearer is always kept semi erect and made to be aware of his subjugation", she looked at Robin "now young man stand quite still and it will be fitted without too much fuss". She addressed Nanny. "Hold him quite firmly please Nanny". Nanny applied more pressure on his arms pulling them backwards elbow to elbow, he gasped at this but stood submissively still, Miss Amelia, then put her fingers into the urinal sheath and pulled out the inner sheath coming close to Robin she slipped the small round open end over his penis, the tight ring lodging behind the glands head. He gasped at the tightness of the ring, but Miss Stanley immediately said "silence, you will not make noises when being looked after". Miss Amelia then eased the inner sheath with his penis into the outer sheath. He felt as if a tight hand was gripping his very erect penis, if he was to be kept in this contraption then he knew he would be virtually erect at all times. She now attached a tight ring round his testicles and scrotum by a buckle and pulling the outer sheath up, used a serious of press studs to hold it to the scrotum strap fixing, a tube was attached to the end of the outer sheath and this in turn to a rubber catchment bag with two buckled strap fastenings, which one of the nurses buckled round his thigh. Miss Stanley examined the urinal and turning to Miss Amelia said,"that's wonderful, no possible chance of leakage or naughty activities during the night, as if anything happens it will show in the bag and we will punish accordingly". Miss Stanley said "isn't there a possibility of the sheath slipping forward"?. "There is that slight possibility", said Miss Amelia "but at times, at a governess request we add another ring just behind the glands head on the outside". "Yes I would prefer that", said his Governess. One of the nurses now came forward and stretched a tight rubber ring over the head of his penis, it settled nicely behind the glands head. "Wonderful, now we are sure", said his Governess. Robin felt as though his penis would explode, it being so tightly encapsulated in the sheath.

Miss Amelia now spoke, "now Nurse we can continue with the bloomers", the over eager nurse now came forward holding out the red rubber object Robin had seen before, he was commanded to step into the proffered legs she held out, He shivered as the cold rubber was pulled up over his body, whereas he expected the bloomers to stop at his waist he was surprised to feel them being pulled completely up over his chest and finishing beneath his armpits they had a tight band stretching over his chest but also shoulder straps were pulled over from the back and attached to the front of the top of the bloomers. These straps were then adjusted so they were stretched very tightly over his shoulders which resulted in the bloomers being held tightly up his body and showing his very erect rubber sheathed penis standing out. Miss Amelia said,"this naughty appendage sticking out will be flattened when he is put in the corset. One of the nurses was now bending down and buckling up the leg bands of the bloomers just beneath his knees, this will ensure the bloomers can't ride up during wear, she commented! Robin now stood in complete submission. A foolish looking hat, gagged, dimmed of hearing and vision, not daring to move or protest at this further humiliation.

Miss Stanley now said. "Now the corset". The nurse had anticipated her and held from what Robin could see a large black rubber ring. Kneeling at his feet she said "Step into the ring please, he did as ordered and she proceeded to pull up the rubber article, both nurses worked each side of his body and proceed to pull the very tight stretchy corset up, he was still held firmly by Nanny and besides stopping him from moving his arms it helped his keep his balance. Finally they stopped rolling the corset at chest level and he was very much aware of the squeezing nature of the garment but could also see it had built in breast forms. He was now encased from just above the knees to chest in the restrictive black perforated rubber corset, again straps came from the front over his shoulders and he felt them being fastened at the back.

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