Dear Auntie Helga,

It all started when I came home about 4 years ago drunk and woke up my step mummy and step sister. I went to go to the toilet but peed all over the floor, my step mummy went ballistic, she grabbed me and put me over her knee and pulled down my trousers and boxers and give me a real hard spanking. I was crying my eyes out begging her to stop but she wouldn't, after she was done I got up, I could barley see because of the tears in my eyes.

She said to Becky, that's my stepsister, to go and get me the bag in my room under the bed. Becky went off and mummy started shouting at me. Becky came back with a evil grin and mummy said to me if you can't use the potty like a big boy then you will wear a nappy to bed and any arguing I'll put you over my knee, okay little girl? I was wondering 'little girl', what is she talking about? I didn't struggle at all, I thought get into bed and I'll take it off, she won't know, was I wrong? I realised when she stood me up she had plastic panties and told me to step into them. I said no and she grabbed me and forced me into them. Next thing I hear a click, I asked what's that? That's just so little girls don't try and take of their nappies and plastic panties.

She stood me in front of the mirror and next thing Becky came in with one of her old nighties. My nappy was clearly visible under the clear plastic panties when I realised the nappy was pink. Mummy said arms up sweetie so we can get your nighty on you. I just started crying mummy said stop crying like a baby, oh wait you are and Becky and mummy had a giggle at that. I was put into bed and when mummy was leaving she said aw you look so cute in your pink nappy and pink nighty you had better get used to it.

I was lying in bed and needed to pee badly I tried to open my door but it was locked, there was nothing I could do except wet my nappy, the most humiliating thing ever and it would not be the last. I climbed into bed with a sagging nappy and cried, I woke up in the morning to mummy standing over me. Are you wet sweetie? I said no mummy, a big smile came across her face as she could obviously see the discomfort I was in. Are you sure now, little girls shouldn't lie to their mummy's? Okay mummy I am wet, I had no choice my door was locked and mummy said it's okay hunny that's what your nappy is for, See only big girls like mummy and Becky can use the toilet, little girls have to use their nappies that's why I put plastic panties on you in case you leaked sweetie.

I was humiliated then mummy said because you lied I'm not going to change you until we are going out. My heart sank oh no please mummy don't make me go out like this, I'll be a good little girl. When mummy heard me say this another big smile came across her face but we have to go and get you some nappies, nice big pink ones would you like that sweetie? No mummy. Tough, you brought this on yourself, I'll let you wear your shorts, it's a warm day. Okay mummy, thanks. But what I didn't know was I was going out wearing a bulky nappy and crinkly pink plastic panties. When mummy came up to change me I thought she might just put me in a pair of Becky's old panties, but no, straight on with the nappy and plastic panties. She pulled my shorts over the nappy, it was sticking out and the plastic panties were really loud.

We got into car and went down into the shopping centre where we walked into mother-care and my mummy asked the lady in the isle were she could get pink dummy's and pink bibs with mummy's girl on them. The lady said isn't your daughter a bit big for that? No it's for my son and the lady went awww isn't that nice. I said to mummy I need to go to toilet, mummy just replied I told you little girls don't go to the big girls toilet, you go in your nappies, so right in front of the lady she turned round and looked down at my crotch area and smiled. The lady told mummy where the dummy's and bibs were. Mummy told me to go and get them, I was completely beaten, I just wanted to get home as quickly as possible when she said down that isle. Finally we left and mummy stopped at another shop and bought 4 packs of pink huggies drynites nappies.

We were on our way home when we arrived, one of mummy's friends was at the door with big black bags. When I walked past Jenny she grabbed my bum and said are you wet little girl and give the nappy a squeeze. I said no shut up, mummy heard this and pulled my shorts down exposing my plastic panties and wet pink nappy. They were off in seconds and I was over mummy's knee, after the first one I was crying but mummy kept going. Finally it was over but when I stood up Jenny was holding a pink baby doll dress that looked like it would fit me.

Mummy grabbed me and pinned me to floor while Jenny put the dress on me. After she was done she asked Becky to get her a nappy, I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Was this my new life.

Next thing Jenny picked me up and Becky came in with a baby bottle of milk. Jenny took the bottle and mummy tied the mummy's girl bib round me and says drink all up for auntie Jenny like a good girl and you'll have a surprise. I drank every bit what I didn't know there was laxative in it. Next came two jars of baby food which Becky fed me making sure she got it all over my face like a real baby. I tried to hold out, but no luck, I was completely and utterly being dominated by these women.

Thank you for your letter. This author will remain anonymous, he swears it really happened. Another example how effective diaper discipline can be. As you will note, here it is years later and this delightful chap remembers word for word his bout with these dynamic and inspiring women hell bent on teaching him a valuable lesson.

Auntie Helga

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