Dear Auntie Helga,

When I was in junior school aged about ten, I would sneak out of school and go to Woolworth in the town centre during my lunch hour, I would buy three pairs of see through plastic baby pants, these cost about 5pence each in those days, there was a sales lady there and I had to take my baby pants to her to get them rung through the till/cash register, I made out they were for my baby sister (even though I didn't have a baby sister)

I would sneak back into school before the first afternoon lesson, when I got home I would wear one pair, the following day before going back to school I would hide them under my bed mattress, however, during my day at school, my Mum would change the bed sheets and she found them, when I got home from school, I would go up to my room to change out of my school uniform, and when I got in my room I found my plastic pants on top of my bed, my Mum had found them, she then came in my room and asked me why I had them, I could not answer. Mum took the plastic pants away, no more was said, after about two weeks, I went back to Woolworth and got some more baby pants, always served by the same lady, I was getting worried as my mum and my sister and myself went into Woolworth on a Saturday and I was worried in case the saleslady said anything about me and the baby pants I kept buying, luckily she didn't say anything.

Again I hid the baby pants when I got home, again, they were found by my Mum, this time my Mum said she would make me wear them all night at home in front of my sisters, I had two sisters, around the same age as me, I had no choice, I had to wear them all night with a nappy which was borrowed from our neighbour next door as she had a baby.

The neighbour next door had a washing line outside full of terry nappies and plastic pants, this made me feel like I wanted them. The plastic baby pants were then put on the washing line for everyone to see, they all knew they was no baby in our house, but my Mum told the neighbours she was treating me as a baby to punish me as I kept buying plastic baby pants.

I kept buying plastic baby pants and wearing them, over the years I went to Boots the chemists and got plastic baby pants all sorts of designs, as I was slim I could fit into real size baby pants, when I left home, I carried on buying real size baby pants and wearing them, one day I discovered what is now known as adult babies.

Now I keep myself in nappies and plastic baby pants 24/7, I have baby dresses, bibs, bottles, changing mat, even got a Baby on Board car sign in my rear car window, I would consider myself to be a baby girl, a sissy baby girl, and would like to meet someone to baby me.


Thank you for your letter Ian. I know the readers can relate to your childhood explorations and how it illustrates so intimately in a gentle way, a somewhat common thread. This concept seems to run through these various narratives and that is of youthful curiosity coupled with a strong female figure that even though trying to admonish in fact encourage and shape this wonderful personality of infantilism. Ian is a good friend to PDQ, and what would Christmas be without friends.

Auntie Helga

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