Dear Auntie Helga,

Sissy Baby Missie aka missie loves being humiliated as a sissy baby girl by all sorority women and perhaps all the Mommies and Aunties might relegate their sissy babies as their very own sissy diaper pledges! And if a Mommy or Auntie was an actual member of a college sorority and keeps in touch with all the current sorority sisters of that house and they would love also having their very own special sissy diaper pledge and want to help you Mommies and Aunties in becoming an obedient, permanent sissy diaper pledges.

Mommies & Aunties, dress your sissies at both your public and private gatherings with your sorority sisters in the most adorable, but very humiliating sissy baby outfits that you can think of such as wearing pampers or cloth diapers pinned with cute pink diaper pins, rhumba panties or cute nursery print rubber baby pants, sucking on a large pink binky, a cute sissy top or short sissy dress, mary jane or saddle shoes, knee socks, or very lacy frilly anklets, a bonnet, a plastic baby bib (a plastic disney princess bib would be ideal for your sissy pledge). And always allow you and your sorority sisters to humiliate, change sissy's diapers as well as encourage your sorority sisters to spank your sissy with their hands, a pink hair brush, a crop or paddle (your college sorority paddle would be even better). Be sure to give your sissy diaper pledge a cute, but humiliating pledge name such as "missy" or "samantha".

Since your sissy baby girl is your "permanent sissy diaper pledge", here are some lovely places and ideas to incorporate into your sissy diaper sorority pledge to use as part of sissy's on-going pledge training (and always have her wear her sorority pledge pin):

Since Halloween is coming up shortly, Mommies and Aunties should take advantage of thinking of wonderful outfits for your sissy to wear. And be sure on Halloween night to parade them around in public and have them go to costume parties in your area (and encourage and all the ladies to spank, powder and humiliate your sissy sorority pledges at these parties (missies' Mommies and Aunties have used on many different Halloweens).

Mommies and Aunties, you might also want to take your sissy diaper pledges to both Mardi gras and New Year Eve Parties as well dressed as an adorable sissy baby girl and be sure that you refer to sissy using their "pledge names". You can also take your sissy diaper pledge to a Lesbian bar, a fetish store, a beauty parlor and especially your old college sorority house (if the current sorority sisters are okay with this and want to train your sissy diaper pledges. And be sure to bring as many of your sorority sisters to these outings". And missie hopes that all you Mommies and Auntie take lots of photos of your sissy diaper pledge and have lots of fun with your sissy pledges.

Missie (sissy diaper pledge)

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Thank you for your letter Missy. As I'm sure anyone that enjoys reading this special issue will have likely seen sissy missy exposed worldwide as the sissy baby she is. Christmas would not be the same without a visit from some of our more colorful contributors, lets hope that next year's issue might contain something from you, please do send in your letter so we can share the joy of friendship and understanding, lets make that pledge.

Auntie Helga

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