Dear Helga,

My apologies for not replying sooner, I just thought I would write and give you an update; The 'Feeldoe' does look amazing and has some excellent reviews it must be said, in the meantime I did order two penis dildo plugs and a larger dildo, they arrived in time for the weekend! I found a small, three legged milking stool, to use for prolonged dildo sitting using the 6 inch dildo with a vibrating bullet then progressing to a harder jelly 8 inch dildo with a suction cup base. The stool is height adjustable and set to its lowest position ensuring the dildos penetrate to the maximum depth; as I have her lower herself onto the dildo, larger one being the most difficult.

Though I did have an idea to prepare her for milking using the quite curved 5 inch dildo plug if inserted with the curve of the dildo facing forwards, the head is teasing against her prostrate. It definitely encourages a more feminine walk, next time perhaps to enhance the effect I may have her wear a restrictive pencil or hobble skirt. The dribble training works perfectly with the latex glove finger rolled over her chastity, it retains her excitable messy drips. After spending the day carrying out her duties by that evening she had dribbled rather a lot, a filled latex finger tip bubble at the end of her chastity which Abby and I did find quite funny while inspecting her with panty round her ankles touching her toes.

The following morning after my breakfast in bed I did keep her in her very wet nappies until she had completely satisfied me, it is such a pleasure having a sissy between my thighs directing her exactly to build up to several orgasms, I also had her lap my anus inside and out with her tongue. As she had pleased me I allowed her to lick me thoroughly clean after I urinated, later once I had bathed and dressed in my lingerie, I removed her chastity, instructed her to shower, insert her dildo plug again, and dress in her pink maid uniform, hold up stockings, pink patent heels and a pair of her plastic baby panties. The skirt of her uniform had to be tucked up under the waist band of her apron at the front and rear.

While she was doing this I decided to start her day with me being somewhat powerful and dominant in appearance, I selected a jade satin blouse, unbuttoned to display a suitable amount of cleavage, high waist patent leather pencil skirt with a matching broad belt and a pair of knee length patent boots. The door bell rang announcing Abby's arrival, unbeknown to paula so of course I sent a very flustered sissy to answer the door displaying her plastic panties. I was standing waiting on her return with Abby, who had also dressed the part, scarlet PVC, A line mini skirt, matching shoes and a tight silk blouse, on seeing Abby and I dressed like this, we could see paula's small penis ineffectively twitching though her pink plastic panty, I had to stifle my amusement and sat crossing my legs. I instructed her that if she dribbled without restraint in her panty the worse it would be for her, much to Abby's silent mirth behind her, I had her begin kneeling licking my boots individually, toes, heels and soles scolding her for not taking her time when I had her shine them with a polishing cloth.

When I was satisfied we inspected her panty and of course as I had planned there were signs of some dribbles, though to her credit not too much and gave her a small amount of praise however adding she would have to try considerably better in future. Abby lay on the bed then instructed paula to kneel between her thighs and proceed with pleasuring her; I brought out four pairs of my panties from the laundry basket, which Abby cleaned herself with and soon filled paula's mouth with cheeks bulging before taping her mouth closed. I had her bend over my lap tying her wrists behind with legs apart, to receive a spanking, I did take my time making sure the base of her dildo was struck hard enough to begin teasing her prostrate which was apparent from her muffled squeaks.

I held paula's wrists tightly behind her then Abby finished off her spanking with a table tennis bat, paula's cheeks had a scarlet appearance by then and I knew her little penis was almost ready to spurt inside her panty so naturally we stopped. I had planned to bring her as close an orgasm as possible without allowing her too; I then had her lie over the milking stool, I began giving her a proper milking using a slim jelly dildo, while Abby held one of her baby bottles over her now dripping penis. I kept the amount I had expelled from her in a baby bottle, mixing it with baby formula, two large dessert spoonfuls of syrup of figs, just to add to the Diuretic effect before her bedtime that evening.

It was a particularly good weekend and most enjoyable more so having paula practice her oral skills for both Abby and my benefit.

My regards

Thank you for your letter Sheena. I know the readers will as I do appreciate the use of nappies and plastic panties without the full baby treatment, as in all productive relationships the participants define the application of a given discipline treatment. Of course one thing is constant and that is the proper submissive attitude of the 'baby' and her sole responsibility to be obedient to her superiors, which is pretty much everybody else.


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