Letter 4
(From Slant)
Contributed by Saffron

Dear Sirs,

How well Miss J.M. of Dorset has got her boy friend under control. The use of a child's dummy to prevent 'Baby' from getting up to mischief and playing with himself is a truly delightful idea - so appropriate and so fitting for him. However excited he may get in his middle parts, there all the time is that shameful reminder to him not to indulge in any baby naughtiness. I think it is very clever of her, too, to train 'Baby' to the use of the dummy and feeding bottle; these will be necessary to him later when he is married and fully under control, and early training at this stage should be beneficial later.

I see that he has already been told that he will be put into nappies once they are married. I can well believe that he dreads the prospect but, like Miss J.M., I have no doubt that he will submit when the time comes. Babies learn quickly, and the training which he is getting now is bound to make him accept more readily the humiliations of full baby treatment.

All the boys are aware, whether they are prepared to admit it or not, that it is babyish to play with themselves, and it is this feeling of guilt which makes it so easy to impose nappies and other nursery treatment on them. They may hate being humiliated like this, especially when others are made aware of what is being done to them, but they know in their heart of hearts that they deserve it, and so come to accept their punishment without question.

Any woman is entitled to expect that her husband or boy friend will behave as a mature and responsible adult, and a man who is weak enough to give way to nursery habits and misbehaviour deserves to suffer the humiliations of babyhood - and deserves, moreover, that those humiliations should be known to outsiders. So I gladly applaud Miss J.M.'s threat to tell her girl friends about his dummy and feeding bottle, and I hope that, once they are married, and he is truly a baby again in his nappies and little petticoat and frocks, he will not be allowed to hide his shame but that all her friends will know about it, AND of her reasons for so treating him!
Good luck to your splendid magazine,

Miss E.T.
Broadsands, Devon

In the original letter, the resourceful Miss J.M., realising her boyfriend's silly baby habits, made him keep a baby's dummy over the offending part by the dummy ring, through which the ribbon usually threaded. Plenty of girlfriends establish their authority before the marriage, and one cannot help but agree: it makes feminine domination within the marriage quite natural, and I even have a letter somewhere (which I must look up) where the husband was kept in nappies and baby frocks on the honeymoon, and humiliated in front of a party of giggling French schoolgirls at the beach.

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Letter 4