Dear Helga,

It is a lovely, sunny Saturday morning and I am at home alone with my baby husband, Poppy. Earlier I changed his dirty diaper and put him in his green gingham dress that makes him look so grown up. I did his hair so that it was long and loose, down to his shoulder blades. We love time alone and today I have taken him back to the master bedroom for some cuddle time. I am wearing a lovely white New England style nightie and I have Poppy nuzzling my breasts beside me. "Me love my mummsie. Me a good boy for ooo". I let him suck on my breast as I text my friend, Katy. I need to make arrangements to meet up with my friends tonight for some clubbing fun. "Mmmmm mummy can I kith your piths, pweeese?" I lift my arm to let Poppy sniff and kiss my armpit, he loves doing that but I only rarely let him. I text Katy about her new boyfriend, I want all the details. We make arrangements to meet up with Beccy, Rose and Liza at "The Pink Room Club" at 9.00 pm. I look down at Poppy, "Good boy. Now take your dum-dum and cuddle mummy... good boy... such a sweet boy." I had already made arrangements for my mother to babysit Poppy when I go out tonight.

We spent the rest of the day shoe shopping in town. Poppy sat in the adapted baby seat in the back of my Lexus as we drove into town. I dressed him in pink dungarees with a blue hooded plastic mac. He looked so sweet and was very well behaved. "Now be a good boy in the Sissy Baby Shop, darling. They are used to big boys like you so be polite and remember to curtsy when someone speaks to you, okay?" "Yeth mummy. Me be good boy. Me a big boy for mummy." "Yes you are! You're a big boy!." I park outside the shop. The shop girl was about 19 years old and very pretty. "Can I help, Miss?" "I'm looking for some Mary Jane shoes for Poppy, she is a Size 6 in boy's size, have you any in pink?" "Yes Miss. Let me show you some. These are nice, they have a slight sparkle in silver on the heel. These are very smart, very grown up for your boy." Poppy tried on three pairs of shoes and really loved two of them. Both had a 2" heel which made Poppy walk with a lovely girlie gate, perfect. I bought them both and thanked the girl.

As we were walking out Poppy noticed a lovely baby dress in white and pink. He asked if he could try it on and as it looked so nice, and Poppy was being such a good boy I let him try it on. I went into the changing room with the girl who had served us earlier. Poppy sat up on a high changing table and put his arms up as I took his gingham dress off and passed it to the shop girl to hang up on a hanger. Poppy sat there in his liberty bodice and diaper, white nix and white pantyhose. I took the new dress and let it drop over him, the shop girl did the buttons up and said, "such a pretty boy. You look lovely, honey." I agreed he looked lovely in the dress, and I was so proud that he had chosen it and wanted it so much. The shop girl changed him back into his own dress and I bought the new one. With that we went home..."bye Miss, thanks for shopping. Bye Poppy, bye bye!"

That evening whilst my mother changed Poppy's diaper and got him ready for bed I changed into my favourite short, tight red dress, my nude pantyhose and my 4" heels. I added some silvery ear rings, silver bangle and necklace. I came into the kitchen and my mother said, "wow Daphne, you look stunning." "Why thanks mummy, hey Poppet you like mummy's outfit?" "Oooh yeth mummsie. Ooo look vewy pwetty... can I watch a barbie dvd tonight with granny?" "Ohh I don't know. What do you think granny?" "Well, Poppy can change into his night clothes..and snuggle up with granny and we can watch it... won't that be fun Poppet?" "Ooohh yeth gwanny...fanks." "Okay, but in bed by 9.30 at the very latest, don't want you tetchy in the morning." "Fanks mummy!"

I went clubbing and had such fun. I missed my poppet, but it was nice to have some real male attention for a change. I got home about 2.00 am and after looking in on my poppet went straight to bed... bliss !!

Two weeks later I got a telephone call from my sister Rachel, who is back from Australia and wanted to come and visit. She arrived on a sunny Monday looking very beautiful, the Australian sun obviously suits her. I let her unpack in our guest bedroom and after a shower and a change of clothes she came down eager to see me and my poppet. She brought a lovely silver bracelet for my baby... it had an inscription on it "Poppy from Rachel... your biggest fan". "It's lovely Rachel, thanks so much, so grown up for my poppet, what do you say darling?" Poppy looked very pleased and said, "oooh fank oo aunty Wachel... it is a lovely big boy pwesent... fank ooo soo much." "That's okay darling, it will be good for now and when you are a big boy." Poppy was put into his playpen, just beside the open bi-fold windows looking out over our large garden. He was happy in the sunshine playing with his Little Miss Sparkles Doll. "Such a good boy". "Now Rachel. Tell me all about Australia and I want all the sordid gossip too!" My sister told me about the beach, the parties, the clothes, the guys, the course in cosmetic dentistry and how she would love to live and work in Sydney.

Rachel stayed for 2 weeks and thoroughly spolt Poppy. She bought him 3 new dresses, some play accessories for Little Miss Sparkles, including a little changing table so that Poppy could change her diaper in the same way he was changed, he loved it. Poppy got to cuddle Rachel a lot too, he loved nuzzling into her breasts, she found it quite amusing how he loved to be cuddled by her. Rachel left us and Poppy cried as he waved her good-bye..."Bwi bwi Wachel....me wove oo sooo much!". It is great when Rachel visits, no doubt she'll be back some time, I always look forward to seeing her.

Two weeks later I have full house, with my three best friends (Katy, India & Maria) and their boyfriends (Tom, Richard & William) who had come round for a BBQ. Poppy is in his outdoors playpen in the shade on the patio just outside the bi-fold windows. It is really hot and we are all in summer clothes, strappy dresses for the girls and shorts for the men. Poppy is in his new pink and white summer dress which shows off his lily white shoulders and with a pretty bonnet on his head. He is playing happily with his doll's house making up stories about them, he spoke in baby gibberish so I don't know what the stories are but I guess he is having lots of fun.

Most of my friends ignored Poppy, some of the girls made a fuss and cuddled him. Katy got into the playpen and had poppet in her arms and let him kiss her breasts and cuddled him..."aww your such a pretty boy. Do you like Katy's boobies.eh?" "Mmmm wes wiss katy...ooo are wery nice to me!" "Awww good boy. Hey Tom come and see pretty Poppy, he is such a good boy!" "No thanks. He's a sissy boy. Not even man enough to say no to his wife!" "Oh well, no treats for you tonight! You are so rude." Everyone laughed but mainly Poppy was just ignored. The guys were generally disgusted by this so called husband, especially when he filled his nappy and I had to change him upstairs in his bedroom on the large changing table. "There you are poppet. All fresh and clean... good boy for mummy! Give mummy a cuddle wuddle... good boy!"

Maria and I sat and drank white wine and got to chat about how I came to have a sissy baby like Poppy. I grew up in a female led family. Me, Rachel and mummy ruled the roost and my daddy - known as "Boy!!" - did as he was told. I didn't think too deeply about this arrangement but it seemed the natural way things should be. When I started dating I was always quite dominant. I expected boys to do as I wanted and I would treat them with contempt, even the ones I fell in love with. Gradually I learned that some boys liked to be told what to do, the ones who didn't left fairly quickly.

Poppy was my standby guy for a while. If I needed a date for a company do or to go to lunch with my maiden aunt, I would call on Poppy. One day we were talking about our secret fantasies and he directed me to "Adult Baby" websites, including Petticoat Monthly. At first I was a little shocked, but soon my maternal instinct took over. I spoke to him about it, and to his mother, who wasn't surprised as he always loved being treated like an infant, even at grade school. I told him to wait until I was ready to talk to him about it, and not to contact me or any of my friends until I call. I told his mother about this and she agreed to keep a strict control on him.

I spent three months researching, visiting mothers of adult babies, reading literature on the subject and thinking about how life could be as a mummy to dear Poppy. Eventually I called to see Poppy and talk about how things would be, I stipulated four absolute rules... (i) Poppy would be a permanent baby and treat me as his mummy, (ii) He would sign over all rights to money, property, shares, cash, cars, inheritance and anything else he owned or would own in the future (especially the $3 million wedding dowry he is due), (iii) I have the right to a relationship outside the marriage, he can only be a baby until I let him grow up a bit, he has no right to any sexual experience (his male clit is in a permanently locked chastity device, which is coral pink in colour and allows an erection of 2") and (iv) I can add to or subtract from any arrangement and I can change any rule without discussion.

Poppy eagerly agreed, the legal papers were drawn up by my lawyer friend, Miss Katharine Bentley, and all parties signed, including Poppy's mother. From that day on we have lived happily ever after. I continued to answer all the questions that Maria had, especially about the wedding, the honeymoon and how I organised our life in this big beautiful house, with a Lexus in the garage and two maids to do the housework and cooking when required (they belong to a maid agency and are very efficient).

At this point my friend India joined us and we three talked about the wedding. It was at a local hotel and was attended by many guests. I wore a white dress in silk, with a veil in lace, Poppy wore a white suit with a bulging diaper and white high heels... he looked so cute. After the vows (yes, he promised to obey!) we had a reception, with speeches from Poppy's mother, my mother and finally me. After the first dance with Poppy (the song was slow and romantic) we both mingled. At 9.00 pm Poppy went to bed, his mother took him out and he slept in a cot in the bridal suite (after his mother changed his stinky diaper and put him in a pretty nightie with pink roses all over). I stayed on and partied until after midnight, then went to bed. I changed into my New England Nightdress and leant over to kiss Poppy on the forehead..."Hush now baby...thanks for a lovely day...you've been such a good boy for mummy."

The next morning we flew first class to Florida and had a wonderful honeymoon. Poppy was let out of his chastity device and we made sweet love in the big bed. I spent time swimming and going shopping in the market, sometimes I took Poppy and we had fun together. If I wanted time to myself I used the services of an adult babysitting service and left Poppy in good and safe hands. I found I needed to relax with grown-ups now and again... and to flirt with real men with fit bodies and white smiles.

The BBQ continued and we all had a lovely time. Poppy was put to bed at his usual time of 7.00 pm and all my girlfriends came to watch. Poppy was thoroughly pampered and spolt, but after I changed his diaper in front of everyone he settled in his cot and said a bleary eyed..."night night mummy...I wove ooo mummy." "nighty night babe... sleep tight my precious one." The girls giggled as we walked downstairs leaving my poppet to sleep and dream of white dresses and princesses and lambs in green fields... and maybe pretty but unobtainable girls... awww bliss !!

The party continued late into the night, the guys relaxed more when Poppy was gone, but my girlfriends were full of questions. As you can tell Aunt Helga, life is so much fun with my dear poppet.


Thank you for your letter Daphne. I know how much the readers enjoyed reading all about your amazing relationship with your baby husband, no doubt some will question the validity of this lifestyle, but we know it exists and can be very rewarding for a modern couple.


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