Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife has instructed to write to you as she found your wonderful site and told me to write my story to you. It started approximately a year ago I had become depressed and was always throwing tantrums towards my wife, it was then that she said if "I carried on acting like a baby then she would treat me as one". I said that that was never going to happen and carried on as usual.

One Friday when I came home from work my wife said to me "well I have decided that since your behaving as a baby you will now become my baby girl". You can't do that, I'm a man to which my wife replied "Oh yes you are and I'm going to call you Annabelle, now go into the bathroom and strip". She then put me over her lap and spanked me very hard, I stood there naked with my bottom red and stinging and my eyes full of tears, I had never been spanked that hard before. Then my wife said "If you disobey me again you will be spanked a lot harder and for longer do you understand"? I replied yes, with that my wife slapped my sore bottom and said "Annabelle you will call me mummy from now on understand"? "Yes mummy ".

Mummy then used hair removal cream all over my body accept my head and then washed me in baby bath body wash, made me lay down while she powdered my private parts and she said "now Annabelle your going to be mummy's good baby girl aren't you"? I replied, yes mummy. She placed a dummy in my mouth to suck on while she put a nappy and plastic panties on me with a pink baby dress and bonnet, also mittens as mummy said "you will wear these mittens Annabelle as mummy doesn't want you touching yourself".

I am now mummy's baby girl 24/7 and mummy does everything for me, she feeds me, changes me, dresses me and plays with me. I am now my mummy's baby Annabelle which I love being and feel so very safe with my mummy. Mummy now says that she is going to introduce me to her friend who I will have to call auntie. I do hope you like my true story.

Lots of love
Baby Annabelle

Thank you for your letter Annabelle. I finish another Diaper Special Issue with a positive and uplifting letter, one that describes a loving relationship between these two very special people. Here at PDQ we try not to make judgments about people's proclivities, this is a mostly free society and at least within this website and our very popular forum, we can feel free to express our real selves. Thank you all so much for your continued support, and please, send in your story to share.

Auntie Helga

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