Dear Helga,

I thought you and your readers might appreciate an update on Ian's Regression. As you know when we first met at a local rugby club Ian was a strapping individual who was only too aware of his good looks, however he is a very different individual now, days filled with arrogance and 'boys nights out' are a thing of the past!

Unfortunately due to numerous sporting accidents he has had to have all his top teeth removed and has now got a complete bridge. However you can imagine the fun I have when I confiscate his bridge for a few days!! Without it he cannot handle solid foods or talk coherently so it's back to sloppy mush and pureed vegetables!! He doesn't like it but he has no choice! Finally Ian has accepted the rules and regulations governing his new life as my Big Baby. His final submission being the permanent 'Babymark' which is now tattooed on his little botty permanently for everyone to see! There is now no disguising what he has become under my supervision.

My daughter April has been an enormous help in both regressing Ian and at the same time 'moderating' Baby's behaviour. The fact that she has a Baby going through potty-training' herself, simultaneously, has provided us both with some hilarious and memorable experiences although Ian obviously hasn't appreciated the many subtle and humiliating moments he has had to endure in front of us. The whole experience, for April and I, has been incredibly enjoyable and of course it has proved to be so worthwhile. My mother fully understands and appreciates the benefits of the methods I now use to keep him in line; so much so that Ian is occasionally required at her house in order to do some household chores. In addition he now has to address my mother as Nana. I actually think that my mother enjoys having two 'grandchildren' to adore however their treatment is remarkably different!

Ian does understand that his 'condition' will remain a 'secret' known only to the Family however while this does bring some 'temporary' relief to Ian the 'threat' of 'parading' him in front of other Grown Ups remains a very real one should his behaviour prove less than acceptable! Whenever April and I go out shopping or away for the weekend Ian is either taken to Nana's house for a 'sleep over' or else she comes over to the house and babysits for us. Warned about the consequences of Mummy receiving a 'bad report' from Nana Ian is reminded to be a 'good baby' for her while Mummy and Auntie April are away.

Recently though Ian has become noticeably even more terrified of his 'away days' with Nana but the reason for this became very clear only recently when my mother confessed to April and I that she had a very 'special' way of putting Baby down for the night!

It was on a Friday evening when she had come over to the house to 'collect' Baby as April and I were going away for the weekend at a Spa. This of course meant that Ian would be spending two nights with Nana. It was important that our laundry was done before our return so the various bags of laundry were put into mothers' car. We sat down and chatted while Baby stayed in the playpen colouring in some pictures in one of his colouring books. My mother then explained that she had developed a nightly programme for Ian at bedtime which involved forcing two or sometimes three suppositories up inside baby's botty to ensure his little hole was working properly. This she did before securing his night diaper and plastic panties on him. The two full bottles of warm milk at teatime ensured Ian wet his diaper during the night but the suppositories also meant that Ian had no choice but to make Booh Boohs in his diaper at night too and understandably Ian found his nights at Nana's were rather nasty! At first April and I were rather shocked at my mothers confession but after one or two more glasses of wine we found the practice, which mother described, as mostly beneficial and certainly a rather nasty reminder for Ian as to why he needed to wear diapers all the time!

It is always difficult for Ian to see me dressed up for an evening out. I often 'tease' my Little One by letting him come into my bedroom so that he can sit on the floor and watch Mummy putting on her make up while I'm still only in my underwear. Poor Baby can only sit there right next to me sucking his pacifier as my perfume fills the room and his head! The slightest hint of a 'swelling' in his Diaper is noted and entered into the Naughty Book which is religiously checked every Friday evening before bedtime.

April's Baby Girl Mia is now able to wear trainer pants most of the time whereas Ian is still in diapers all the time and will remain so of course. Displays of jealousy and frustration occasionally occur as Ian is aware of this situation and seeing Mia in her 'Grown Up' pants instead of diapers causes acute embarrassment and humiliation for him but the consequences of any childish tantrums meet with immediate and appropriate discipline! Ian is strictly forbidden to ask or plead in any way to have his diaper changed. Any such relief from his unpleasant condition has to be earned and is therefore subject to an appraisal of his behaviour and performance.

One of the easiest, and most appropriate, techniques of correction which all of us, at various times, apply is the slapping of Ian's legs. This immediate sanction has numerous advantages. Firstly it is a recognized method of chastising a child. Secondly the penalty can be applied swiftly without the need to lower or remove Baby's diaper and lastly the results can be seen by everyone as the marks are clearly on display. Applied effectively Baby's legs can sting for some time and the resultant marks can be 'enjoyed' long after the application. The STRAP and CANE are corrective implements reserved for 'planned punishments' such as those given on Friday evenings when the Naughty Book is examined to find out Baby's weekly failings. Obviously these are used when severe 'failings' in performance or behaviour have been recorded in the Book. Sometimes simply the threat of such a punishment curtails any lapse in manners or behaviour and instantly encourages improved performance!

Ian has, finally, had no choice but to accept the loss of two of the most cherished privileges of Adulthood, namely PRIVACY AND MODESTY. Having to submit to the acutely humiliating practice of having his Diaper checked whenever and wherever any one of the family deem necessary usually produces tears as does the rare occasion when Ian is permitted a supervised 'potty time.' Whenever Ian is given this 'treat' he has to remain on the potty, for long periods, until his 'performance' is considered sufficiently acceptable to the supervising Grown Up. To witness his efforts to make Boo-Boohs in the potty is incredibly amusing as are the 'botty sneezes' he is unable to avoid making as he tries desperately to manufacture a quick , satisfactory, deposit to end his shame.

The longer he is forced to remain sitting on the potty the more painful it becomes as the plastic rim cruelly 'bites' into his soft little botty. Of course it is vitally important that Ian is never permitted to forget those Grown Up Pleasures and Privileges he once took for granted and abused so often. All though he is now constantly diapered and using them properly there are duties and chores around the house for which he is responsible and these take up much of the weekends. This of course means that the Grown Ups are completely free from many of those mundane chores. Consequently our weekends have become much more pleasurable. One of Baby's Saturday chores is laundry and apart from the usual towels and bed linen there is also the washing and ironing of all our underwear. April, my daughter, now brings over a bag of her underwear on Friday evenings together with some of Mia's trainer panties and all items require washing by hand and ironing. In addition Baby also has to collect my own underwear from my laundry hamper in my bathroom.

This regular weekend chore, we know, causes Ian considerable frustration as he is required to hand wash each and every delicate item carefully. The sight and feel of all our Grown Up underwear acts as a cruel weekly reminder of his lost Adulthood and the addition of Mia's trainer panties merely acts as a cruel reminder to Baby of his own vulnerability. The fact that he is still having to wear diapers and will probably never be considered mature enough to wear the kind of panties Mia is now capable of wearing is a cruel but necessary fact he must accept.

Mia is beginning to make sense in her baby-speak and much to Ian's horror she now enjoys pointing at his thick diaper and pretty plastic panties, which are always on view at home, while exclaiming 'BA-BA' and 'PEE PEE DIAPEE!!' and 'POO-POO DIAPEE!' I'm sure your readers can appreciate our amusement whenever this happens... and yes we do encourage Mia in doing it sometimes!

Now that my mother is in complete agreement with my training methods she too has started to pop in on Saturday mornings, along with April, to deliver laundry for Ian to hand wash and iron. It is always very amusing to hear Baby thanking 'Nana' politely for his weekly present! I can truly say it has, after two years, become a Family Affair where everyone is involved in the training and tuition if My Little One.

Having highlighted the successes which have been achieved there are, unfortunately, some compromises which have had to be made. Ian no longer enjoys a professional career as his gradual incontinence caused a number of humiliating problems at his workplace. He has now found work as a Park Attendant collecting trash, sweeping paths, collecting leaves and generally carrying out menial tasks in the park. Obviously this has had financial implications however it does mean that I can take him to the park in the morning, collect him at lunchtime and change his diaper if I consider it necessary, feed him and return him to the park for the afternoon. Being out in the fresh air all day wearing a thick diaper and plastic panties under his uniform means that Baby is very susceptible to diaper rashes which can cause him to waddle around the park in an effort to avoid painful chaffing! Of course April, Mia and I together with Nana do take the opportunity to go to the park so that Mia can play on the swings while we watch 'our' Baby carrying out his menial duties. I know that when we are around he is terrified that one of us will check his diapers! Maybe one day!

Ian now has a strict and unforgiving bedtime routine at home as he is no longer permitted to be downstairs in the evening as this is considered Grown Up time. Following his bath time he is put into a very thick night diaper and babygrow 'onesie' and brought down to the kitchen for his evening feed. This usually consists of one jar of pureed 'something' followed by a single rusk and two full bottles of warm milk. Once eaten he is then marched upstairs to the Nursery where his hands are securely fastened into two little boxing gloves to prevent any misbehavior during the night and a pacifier securely placed in his mouth and then he is put straight to bed before 7.00pm. Secured to the ceiling above his little bed is a camera which relays a continual picture of Baby in his bed to the two monitors downstairs which are in the kitchen and the living room. The Nursery door is locked and Ian is forbidden to get out of the bed until given permission in the morning.

What about SEX? I hear your readers shout. Well naturally I am in charge of any such activity however my Little One only has a Little One and this appears to be getting even smaller the longer he is in diapers! There are, readers, many other ways to receive satisfaction and once Baby's pacifier is removed he is more than ready to make Mummy very happy! As for my Little One he is sometimes rewarded by being allowed a supervised 'playtime' with Mr Teddy! Watching him playing 'humpy' with Mr Teddy as he desperately tries to make some 'Baby Juice' is delightfully amusing. The fact that such 'treats' are relatively infrequent and also rigorously supervised by a Grown Up does make the experience a particularly humiliating one for my Little One.

I realise some of your readers might consider the training of Ian to be an arduous occupation and time consuming but nothing could be further from the truth. Once a routine is established the benefits of such a programme are considerable. For the past six months I have not had to vacuum, polish, scrub, wash, iron or clear up a single thing! Baby has a daily 'chore list' which has to be completed and inspected before being locked away in the Nursery for the night. My evenings and weekends are uninterrupted by Baby unless I desire it!

I often have friends around in the evening knowing that Baby is tucked up in his little bed up in the Nursery sucking on his pacifier listening to all the laughter downstairs. The remnants of these evenings such as glasses or dishes are simply left in the kitchen for Baby to wash and clean the next morning. At weekends I am able to enjoy going out with family and friends knowing that Baby is either locked up in the Nursery having been secured in his bed or continuously occupied with numerous chores which must be completed before my return.

My house is always spotless and I now have the most adorable, obedient, useful and well behaved 'Baby Boy' who is totally devoted to me in every way and whose 'raison d'etre' is simply to make his Mummy happy and proud! I would wholeheartedly recommend this lifestyle to all and every female.

Yours truly,
Courteney (Ian's Mummy)

Thank you for your letter Courteney. I know how much our readers will enjoy as I did reading your authoritative views on the subject of diaper discipline and the advantages of a strict routine of baby treatment. Your success with this rather unconventional training regime will certainly serve as a master class in how it should be applied.


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