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Welcome to the 16th edition of an annual Christmas lift-out 'Special' from petticoated.com. 'Dummy Discipline Digest' will present a selection of the very best letters on the subject of baby discipline for spoilt and immature boys and husbands (and there are so many of them, as my female readers will agree!)

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Poem by Baby Phillip

December 2016 - Dummy Discipline Digest Letters

Letter 1 - A Family Affair
Letter 2 - A Wonderful Life With My Baby Husband
Letter 3 - Dummy Training For A Naughty Baby (cr)
Letter 4 - Baby Time For Melanie
Letter 5 - Milking My Baby
Letter 6 - My Formative Years
Letter 7 - Sissy Diaper Pledge (photos)
Letter 8 - My Real Life Story
Letter 9 - My New Underwear Leads To New Life
Letter 10 - My Baby Girl

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