Moving In With Mother

My Father passed away some time ago, my mother works in a store that sells women's apparel. We could not afford the house where we were living. Mother tried so hard to get enough money to keep us going. One day the lady that mother works for told her that she was moving out of the house she owns. The move would leave her old house would be empty and that we could move into it rent free since it was paid off. Carl could mow and keep things up after all he is very handy. By the way I am Carl. Mother and I went to look at the house, it was nice and some furniture was left behind. Mother said that she would like room close to the bathroom so she could get dressed the fasts. I looked in the other room and it had to have been a young girls room. Mother said I could paint the drawer fronts and the top of the dresser and no one would know it was girly and then I could redo the head and footboards and everything will work.

We got moved in over the weekend and when mother left for work, I went in the my room and began to get it made into a boys room. I had just got started and someone knocked on the front door. I went and answered it thee stood a very pretty girl about three or four years my elder. She told me that her name was Connie and she lived here and that she left some things in the closet. I told her to get them and I said they won't do me any good, we both laughed. She got some book out of the closet. Connie told me that she had not lived in this house for three years, she also said she liked this house. I said well drop by anytime. Connie left and I was back to the room and to work.

  I began to pull the drawers out of the dresser and I went to the kitchen to get the paint. I knelt down to sand off the drawers and as I looked up I saw some stuff in the back of the drawer space. I reached in and pulled out some panties, bras and nightgowns. I held them in my hand and then tossed them on the floor. I had never held any females things. I reached down and picked up a pair of pink nylon panties and was looking at them I was shocked when I heard Connie's voice saying "Oh my God I wondered where all my things were going". I looked back at the dresser and some of her clothes were hanging out. I threw the panties down and said I was not doing anything wrong. Connie said well it did not look like that to me and she began to laugh. Connie said I looked like all my blood had went to my head. She said they won't fit me any more so you can keep them. I stuttered I don't need them. She picked up a the pair I had thrown on the floor. She came toward me and I was frozen she put them up to the front of my pants and she said yes they will fit you. I was like a Zombie. Before I could say anything she told me to go put them on. I said no way and she said OK I will not tell on you if you do as I say. I said I did not do anything and she responded by saying how do they know it is a lie. I was shaking like a leaf I begged her not to make me do that but she said go sissy boy. I felt I had to do it. I went in the bathroom and I undressed and began to put on the pink panties. My penis began to grow. I walked out of the bath and she said oh you look so pretty in those. My tears began to flow and she pulled me to her and hugged me and told me to not be hurt and she said that she won't tell anyone. After a little bit of comfort I was ok and Connie told me to go take them off if you want to. For some reason I did not want to take them off and she picked up a bra and a nightgown.

This was the beginning of something I would have never thought of. Before long I was dressed in her little girl outfit. My skirt was very short, Connie put ribbons in my hair. We sat around for  long while and she told me that she would take care of me.

Carrie gurl.

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