From Mistress Carol And Sarah

Dear Auntie Helga,

So sorry to hear that you have had problems in your personal life. I suppose we all do from time to time.

Well Mistress thought that perhaps an uplifting tale might cheer you up. Last Friday saw the 39th anniversary of our marriage. Mistress consented to take me as her devoted wife and servant, following 4 years of being her ever more submissive and increasingly feminized lover. I am over 6 feet tall and in no way could I ever pass as a woman, indeed, that is the very last thing that Mistress wanted. She enjoys having her strapping man in girly clothes and various items of bondage. To reinforce that I am male, I am required to sport a moustache.

However, I digress, the point of our letter is to reinforce the great work that you do on your site.

A loving Female led marriage is a joy for both dominant and submissive. There are never any arguments, the house is always clean and tidy, the Mistress is always satisfied and the sissy’s needs are catered for and then some.

From that very first time Mistress and her girlfriend put me in panties and a bra, stockings and lipstick and then bound my hands, I was lost. My destiny became clear and my path to fulfillment a seeming wonderful immersion in all things soft and feminine. For our nuptials she wore an ivory Jacquard suit with ultra high ivory heels. I wore a cashmere suit, only slightly feminine in cut but underneath, a white silk blouse, white corset and stockings, frilly white panties and low heeled navy loafers.

The ceremony over, with me pledging my obedience to her, in front of friends and family, it was on to the reception. Although spared maid duties, I was nonetheless required to wait on Mistress and her girlfriend, Miss Hazel. After the family members had departed and Mistress’s friends had arrived, it was into my black maid’s dress, ultra high stilettos and full make up.

At the end of the evening, to cement my submission, I knelt at her feet and begged her to punish me.

Well surprise, surprise, I was granted my request.

In short order, my hands were secured behind my back and I was bent over the back of a chair in the center of the room. My knickers were lowered, my restrainer checked and tightened, back then there were no off the shelf chastity devices like the CB300, so my inventive Mistress designed and made an effective restraint device that was pretty much like the modern ones, a leather sheath, laced along it’s length, secured behind my testicles with a locked retaining strap.

The 8 remaining guests, all ladies, were asked to count the strokes. Mistress then whipped me with her riding crop. 12 hard slashes.

I was released, I fell to my knees at her feet, hands still bound, and smothered her shoes with grateful kisses.

In the ensuing 39 years, I have never worn male undies, always panties or bodies, I have never disobeyed and have gladly endured any punishment, humiliation or bondage that she has deigned to bestow on me.

I have carved out a successful corporate career and for the last 25 years have run my own business, all whilst wearing feminine undies and being locked away. Over the years, her girlfriends have sometimes been involved in our lifestyle and our closest friends are aware that we have an FLR. Mistress has always been careful to protect our reputations and seemingly vanilla life from the less tolerant. Although she frequently reinforces my submission by humiliating me in public, when appropriate. One of my true delights is to be ordered to kneel and kiss her feet in a club or the supermarket. To kneel at her side while she sits on a chair or bench in the park.

Ours is by far the longest lasting and happiest marriage of all the people we have known over these long years, so our message to those that are curious about this lifestyle or worried that it causes problems with the relationship itself, we are living proof that petticoat discipline is both a joy for all involved but also the path to a long term marriage.

So if you are curious, frightened to tell your wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt or other interested lady. Go for it. You will be very glad you did if she agrees to try it.

Mistress Carol and Sarah.

Thank you for your letter Carol allowing Sarah to share her experiences. I deeply appreciate your well wishes, so thoughtful. I'm sure readers will agree that congratulations are in order to you both for your long successful marriage, an inspiration to all and once again expressing the importance of honesty in relationships.

Auntie Helga

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