from Becky

Dear Helga,

I just found your website the other day after one of my daughters told me about it. I am a single mum with 3 daughters (13, 11 & 10) and a son (8).. My little boy (sort of!) is called Jamie and he has always been in touch with his feminine side, being the only boy in the house. But I have to agree with your site he is certainly much more docile and obedient when he is wearing one of his feminine outfits.

Last year for his birthday I bought him ten pairs of panties (2 five packs), all of them were nylon hi cut bikinis and five of them were pink. I think pink is an excellent colour for this sort of thing because it is usually only ever seen on girls, so one peek and everyone knows what he is wearing! And he knows that! I have thrown out his old underwear and he has to wear the panties seven days a week now. I have also started being less choosy when picking clothes that he can wear from his sister's hand me downs! This year he got more panties as he had outgrown the others. He always goes so red in the face when he opens the present, even though I think he sort of expected it this year.

But the purpose of this letter is not to detail Jamie's wardrobe but to detail his sporting prowess. Jamie took up an Australian sport called physical culture this year.. His sisters have been doing it at a local club for the last few years and I just got sick and tired of having to drive halfway across town for Jamie to go to football practice! So I told him he was taking the sport and that was final. He sulked for a week leading up to his first class and I had to spank him that time because the normal feminisation process didn't seem to be doing its job.

Have a look at to see the typical uniform for the sport. It consists of a skimpy tight leotard, tan tights and a lot of makeup (nails, eyes, lips, fake tan). Normally only girls can do the sport. His teacher accepted him in the class on the condition that he tried to fit in and part of that was wearing the same outfit. Fortunately for him he didn't have to wear make up to class, but if he was being particularly naughty before the class I would sometimes make him put on some nail polish and lipstick anyway (he really hated that. Lucky I didn't use mascara because he cried all the way to class). It was so funny watching the girls reaction to him, some of them were really mean and called him a sissy or a fairy, but others were quite funny. One girl asked if he was wearing a training bra yet, and when he asked why she said "because it looks like you'll be wearing bras in a few years"... which I thought was fairly witty.. I think I will get him a training bra soon, just for fun. Its also been hilarious watching him trying to keep his white leotard from riding up and showing his pink panties.

Last weekend he competed in the club's end of year competition and he wore his white leotard, tan tights, pink panties (over the tights) and full make up into an auditorium with about 100 (mainly women) people in there. He looked like such a little pansy prancing around in his girly outfit and I taped the whole thing so that I can replay it to him and my friends. He managed to pick up a highly commended in the Champion Girl category. He received a small statue which is now in pride of place in the lounge room. One of my girls also got a first place which is right up there next to it.

Anyway the purpose of my letter is really to ask your advice on the bra issue. When do you think is a good time to start him in training bras. I think probably soon, perhaps on his next birthday I can take him to get fitted. It seems from your site that my methods of controlling Jamie are not as unique as I once thought so I wonder if you have heard of mothers using bras for feminising their sons?

Thank you and thank you for your wonderful website.


Thank you for your letter BeckyBeckymom. What a delightful sport and with teachers like her, little boys can have the opportunity to be a part of it. I feel a bra could be introduced to a boy at the same age you would for a girl, which these days seems to be getting younger and younger. Please do write again at some time, we'd love to hear from you.


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