from Beccy

Dear Helga,

We went on the August Bank Holiday weekend to Brighton, as I had heard that it is a great place for Hen and Stag Weekends. I had booked us into a small hotel on the seafront in twin rooms. We had decided to go by train so that no one had the responsibility of having to drive. This meant a journey to London, then on the underground and another train to Brighton. As it was a Bank Holiday, no one had to return to work until the Tuesday.

First thing on Saturday I took Melanie to see Paula in the Salon. We both had our hair done, but Melanie had a few more treatments such as having her hair coloured, eyebrows shaped and long false nails applied. We weren't all to be dressed in a "uniform" as such - just something short and sexy with heels, so once we were finished at the salon, Paula took a picture of Melanie and we went by taxi to the station. I think the taxi driver enjoyed the view as we were getting in and out.


We were meeting the others at Plymouth railway station at eleven for the train to London. There were ten excited girls with their weekend cases on the platform when Melanie and I arrived, including Angie (obviously) and Jenny. Jenny handed out pink sashes with "Angie's Hen Party" on, which we all put on.

The journey to London was pretty uneventful, but a little raucous I suppose. We drank wine on the train rather than coffee to loosen everyone up - not that I think anyone needed it, apart from Melanie, who seemed a little tense. We made Melanie look after the kitty, so she had to go to the buffet car to buy the wine each time, although we did allow someone else to go each time to help her.

We must have been quite a sight crossing London by underground - twelve identically dressed girls in short skirts and heels, clicking our way along platforms etc. Once we reached Victoria station we did not have long to wait for a Brighton train. Sadly no buffet, but the journey was only an hour. Once we arrived, we all piled into the nearest pub for another drink, much to the pleasure of the mainly male clientele already in there. Most of them seemed to be suddenly uninterested in the sport on the television!

After a glass of wine, we decided to go by cab to the hotel as we were unsure how far it was. As it turned out, it was less than a mile and we could have walked. As we were in twin rooms, I decided to share with Angie, as I am her chief bridesmaid. That left Melanie to share with one of the others - and Jenny stepped forward. Melanie looked worried, but Jenny reassured him that she didn't bite, unless she was asked nicely!!

The outfits for the evening were to be whatever people chose to wear. I had packed a lovely silky black dress and heels with an ankle strap for Melanie. I wore a similar. Jenny reapplied Melanie's make up ready for the evening and then met us downstairs. Jenny took a picture of Melanie in the hotel restaurant where we ate before going out on the town.


After our meal we went around a few of the pubs in The Lanes area. There are some lovely little pubs there, which suddenly became fuller when twelve gorgeous girls arrived. The funniest part of the evening was when Melanie wanted to use the toilet, as she was unsure which one to use. I took her to the ladies the first time and told her she'd have to sit down to go. Angie, Jenny and I took it in turns after that to take her.

Once it was nearly midnight we headed to a club on the seafront where we danced until after three. Some of the girls headed back to the hotel earlier, but we wanted to keep Angie out, and Jenny wouldn't let Melanie have their room key. We received plenty of attention from some of the men in the club, who joined us when we were dancing. I don't think any of us looked quite as glamorous at the end of the night as we had done at the beginning, as it was rather warm in the club. The six of us that were left sat on the beach for a while before we staggered back to the hotel.

We spent the Sunday on the open top bus tour as we thought it was probably the best way to see the city. We were mostly dressed in flowery summer frocks and sandals, whilst also wearing our pink sashes again. We also did a bit of shopping, as we'd noticed some lovely shops in The Lanes, and had several cups of coffee to try to work through our hangovers! Melanie bought a gorgeous pair of navy shoes with white polka dots and a red bow.

Sunday was to be the main evening of the weekend. We had special outfits to wear - as it was a hen night, we were all to be dressed as chicks. We had ordered them en bloc, although I had not let Melanie in on it. On our legs we wore yellow or orange tights - whatever people could get hold of - and yellow shoes. Unfortunately for Melanie, the only yellow shoes I could find for her had 4" heels. Mine were the same size, but had a much lower heel - she did ask to wear those, but they were mine.

We toured around pubs in the North Lanes area, which were much nicer than those the previous night. We caused a bit of a stir as you can imagine, especially as we walked between pubs. In one establishment, we bumped into quite a large group of men. It wasn't a stag do as such, but a rugby club out for the evening. One of them, Jack, was dressed up as Princess Leia from Star Wars, which we found quite amusing. Apparently had had been voted the player of the year last season and his "punishment" for being player of the season was to be taken out dressed like that. I didn't really understand the logic, but he seemed to be having a good time and everyone was having a good time.

Every time we moved on, they came with us, which caused quite a large crowd in every pub. Eventually they were going on somewhere else so we decided to "kidnap" Jack and take him with us. This was Jenny's idea, who I think took a bit of a shine to him. He didn't seem to object to being kidnapped, so we took him along with us tied to Melanie using a pair of tights.

We, once again, went clubbing once the pubs closed. We went back to the same place, which we had enjoyed the night before, and took Jack with us. He wasn't sure he wanted to go into a club dressed the way he was but Jenny can be very persuasive.

Whether it was the alcohol working but Jack started to get a bit amorous, if you know what I mean. With our encouragement, he was trying to persuade Melanie to give him a kiss. Melanie kept refusing, of course, but we kept egging Jack on. He eventually said that because she was a chick, the least Melanie could do was give him a peck!

Melanie, eventually worn down with Jack's persistence and the rest of us joining in, agreed to let Jack give her a peck on the cheek. She raised the mask from her face and as he went to peck her on the cheek, he moved fast and gave Melanie a full blown kiss on the lips, and seemed to push his tongue into her mouth.

Melanie was clearly shocked but could not do anything about it. We all cheered and clapped and asked when they would be seeing each other again. Melanie blushed - just like a girl. We went onto the beach again, and Jack walked with his arm around Melanie, and sat with her on the beach. Eventually it was time to go back to the hotel and Jack gave Melanie a big hug and asked if he could have another kiss as Melanie was "the best kisser he'd ever known". Melanie refused of course.

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The following morning we were all a bit worse for wear and lack of sleep. We drifted around drinking coffee until we headed back to Plymouth after lunch. A lovely weekend. Angie enjoyed herself, although I am not sure Melanie did.

Much Love and keep up the excellent work you do. I hope the pictures work ok - they are not necessarily the best quality, especially the chick ones. I do like the one of Melanie and Jack


Thank you for your letter Beccy. What an amusing account and thank you for including such delightful photos. Melanie is really coming along nicely. I know our readers are looking forward to reading about her experiences at the wedding, I plan to publish that next month.


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