Too tight!

"It's too tight! Too tight!"

"A corset can never be too tight my dear. I'll tell you if it's too tight."

"But I can't breathe."

"If you can't breathe, then why are you still talking?"

Then all of a sudden a strange expression came over Ron's face. It was like someone flipped a switch, and Maid Ronda appeared for the first time.

Mary loves Ron, but she loves Ronda too, and Ronda does housework. It's as though they are two separate people and she enjoys both of them. Ron does too! But, things didn't start out smoothly and it was never about housework, or at least it was never presented to Ron as such.

Ron was enthusiastic when Mary first introduced him to the idea, a bit too enthusiastic. He thought it was a game and that it was all about the pretty uniforms as foreplay. It started out being a classic case of overindulgence with the obligatory crash as reality set in.

He has no idea where she got the notion that her husband could be her maid. It first came to his attention when she was looking at a website as he walked past her computer table. Glancing at her screen he said, "What's that?" She simply summed it up to roll playing for married couples and that perked his interests.

"Is that what you are interested in?" he asked and she answered, "Sort of. Would you indulge my fantasy?"

"Whatever is important to you is important to me. You know that." was his reply.

She showed him pictures of pretty girls in French maid outfits and sissy maids and asked if he didn't ever wonder what it feels like to be a girl. His answer was, "Of course I've wondered. When we make love, I wonder what it feels like for you, but that's something I can never experience. Everybody must at some point wonder what it's like to be someone or something else. Isn't that why movies make money, because they allow us to escape into different realities? When we were kids we would play at being all sorts of things. I was a king, a pirate, Daniel Boone, the Rifleman, a cop, a fireman and every kind of soldier from a Roman legionnaire to a fighter pilot. We had a blast exercising our imaginations."

"But those were all boys' characters. Were you ever a nurse, or a princess?"

"Gee, now that you mention it, I guess not. I guess it just never crossed our minds. Those were not options open to us in real life so we didn't investigate those as possibilities. Undoubtedly, if one of us boys had said that he wanted to be "the princesses" one day, they would have been mercilessly ridiculed by their playmates, even by our girl playmates. We were cowboys and they were cowgirls. We had cowboy hats and blue jeans and they had their fringed skirts, cowgirl hats and their own six shooters."

"You were no more a cowboy than they were. And being a king was never going to be an option in real life, because you have to be born into that job."

"Well Mary, that intricacy of monarchism is wasted on a five year old, and I was at least closer to being a cowboy than they were. I had potential to grow up to become one and they were closer to being a cow girl than I for the same reasons. And while we might not grow up to be kings, some of us did grow up to be at the top of hierarchies in business and government, and with the draft, many of us were soldiers too, so child's play is in fact preparation for the real world. It was the same with girls playing with dolls. The girl who pulled the heads off of all her dolls probably wasn't going to grow up to win a mother of the year award."

"But, didn't you ever wonder what it would feel like to be a girl?"

"As a child? Not really. Well, maybe. I know I tried on my mom's or my big sister's high heels at least once and probably many times so maybe I did, but it wasn't that big of a deal, nor were they practical as shoes for me, being much too large for my feet. Children don't understand the subtleties of sex and gender or the subliminal messages things like high heels or lipstick send or are intended to send. I think I wore a dress for Halloween one year when I was in first grade. It was the easiest costume mom could come up with – Raggedy Ann, so my brother could be Andy. I had a red mop on my head and red circles on my cheeks. Everyone said how cute we were and we got lots of candy. We lived in a great neighborhood for trick or treating and it was before the invention of mini candy bars, so full sized candy bars, and money were the treats and we would get bags full of loot."

"Were you a fan of Raggedy Ann and Andy?"

"Not at all. We just knew it was universally recognized. The objective was candy. Did you ever play that you were a boy?"

"Hell yes! I was all the things that you were plus a school teacher, nurse, secretary and a mommy. I was a Tomboy at times and a girly girl at other times."

"Well, girls could be Tomboys, and nobody minded, but a boy didn't have that kind of freedom. If a boy was a sissy when we were growing up the whole world collapsed on him. I guess that's because a Tomboy can still become a mother and meet obligations to her family and community, but a sissy boy is not going to grow up to meet traditional responsibilities like fighting the nation's wars or doing the dangerous or physically demanding jobs men are expected to fill.

A lot of the measures used to "toughen up" boys are cruel, but I guess they work and perhaps they lead to a better life, but who knows. There would certainly have been peer pressure against being "the princesses"."

"Well, there's no peer pressure now and if you are even the least bit curious, I'd be happy to help you explore that part of the human experience you have been oblivious to."

"I wasn't oblivious. I just never thought of it." was Ron's reply.

"Isn't that what oblivious means? Let's look at some of these pictures and you can tell me what you think it would feel like to wear these outfits and look like that. I don't mean what it would feel like to be out in public, because that would be embarrassing. I mean what it would feel like physically and physiologically, inside of your body and your mind. Think about what it would feel like to be the girl behind that pretty face with your body covered in those soft fabrics."

"Do you know what it feels like to wear an outfit like that Mary?"

"Of course I do! Little girls take ballet classes wearing tights and leotards and do recitals so we get used to body hugging clothing and people looking at us. Girls in our culture are encouraged to be exhibitionists and if we don't do it exactly right we are body shamed or if we go a bit too far we're called sluts. That's no less cruel than the things done to "toughing up" boys.

I was a cheerleader in high school and the outfits we wore were similar to some of those French maid outfits with the short skirts and pantyhose but we didn't have petticoats. The colors and fabrics were different and, we wore sneakers, not pumps. But we did command attention when we were doing our cheers or even just standing on the sidelines. That's what the French maid outfit does for some of those girls. It's empowering in a feminine way you might not understand. Then again, it can also send a message of submissiveness or vulnerability. As a cheerleader, I would catch guys looking at me in a certain way, and they would be embarrassed that I caught them looking even thought it was the purpose for the outfit in the first place. Occasionally if I liked them, I'd flash them and they'd smile. It felt good to know that I was desirable.

They were having "impure thoughts" about me and they were ashamed to have been caught.

But those impure thoughts in the boys' heads are a source of power for girls. We have something they want, but there are consequences if we behaved inappropriately. It's the great game and it should be fun, but like any power it can be misused and abused. Boys too, have their own brand of power which also can be misused and abused. That's where basic ethics like the Golden Rule come in because they transcend sex, gender, race and all other differences.

Look at all these cute little uniforms Ron. There are hundreds of them and we can discuss what they have in common and what makes the ones we like special. You're analytical and I think you would enjoy that mental exercise as well as the eye candy. Then pick out one that you would like and I'll make it. I would enjoy teaching you something new and different."

"Mary, are these for you to wear or for me to wear? Because from the way you are talking there's some ambiguity."

"Oh no Ron, there should be no ambiguity. This is about expanding your horizons, not mine. The costume is specifically for you to wear. It would be wasted on me because I have already experienced all these things and I know what it's like. But, I would enjoy sharing my knowledge with you. For me, it would be like reliving when my friends and I had sleepovers, experimented with and shared knowledge of makeup and fashion. Also, there's the role playing; if you are the cute little French maid, I will be your boss."

"Well, I'm embarrassed to say it, but it does sound like it could be fun, and they are pretty to look at. Not being the one who takes the initiative would be a welcome break. Yes, I'll indulge your fantasy. I'll be your cute little maid occasionally, if that's what you want."

"There's no reason to be embarrassed. We know and love each other too much for that. I know you love it when I wear hose and you always want to rub my legs and when I wear silky lingerie you love to touch it. So I just thought you might see what it feels like to have that sensation not just from your hands. You might try some of my lingerie to start with, but I warn you, I might not be able to keep my hands off of you either. Right now, let's just look at pictures. Some of these are obviously guys and some are obviously girls but some are questionable."

"Well Mary, I can tell you one thing right off the bat; although they are all variations of the same French maid theme, they are intended for different purposes, perhaps even opposite purposes. That one makes a pretty girl look cute and shows off her femininity, and yes she commands attention and admiration for being put together so well. But that other one is ultra short and makes that girl look slutty. It would be humiliating for anyone to be seen in. So if she voluntarily put that on, it's because either she or her partner wants to humiliate her.

"You're right Ron, the outfits do send many messages and couples can simply find a comfort zone and stay there if they choose. I agree that one has certainly crossed the line into bondage. And, if you enlarge the picture, the skirt is so short that you can see it's not a girl, but a boy - with no panties and a lock on his boy parts."

"Oh crap! I didn't see that. That's really humiliating. Doesn't that imply a lack of trust? Who would want a spouse whose fidelity you can't trust?" Ron said incredulously.

"It could imply that, but not necessarily. It could be making a point about disproportionate power – asserting ownership. Whoever put it on him has extraordinary power over him. Or, perhaps he is demonstrating extraordinary trust in the person to whom he granted such power. It could be all about trust and not about a lack of trust. Only the people in the relationship know for certain.

Buy the way; I wasn't going to pick a uniform for you. I wanted you to pick one that you like and would feel comfortable with" Mary said.

"Mary, demonstrating disproportionate power over a spouse is inappropriate. It's like rubbing someone's nose in it. A normal person wouldn't do that to someone they love. Also, if the disproportionate power is wealth, a spouse benefits greatly from their partner's greater wealth, unless the rich one is a real ogre. So, I'm not sure I buy your explanation." "Ron, it's a game! I would wear a chastity belt for you if you wanted me to. After all, with all your experience at being a king you must be well prepared for such an eventuality if as you said play was preparation for the real world. Some kings did put their queens in belts before going off to the Crusades. Perhaps that's one more bit of the femininity you should experience."

"Well, the next time I go off to a crusade, I'll get you one, but wearing a chastity belt is certainly not a typical female experience and never was."

"No Ron, it isn't, but being the one who doesn't initiate sexual activity is. And not being in control is a typical female experience in most personal relationships with men, be it fathers, husbands or boyfriends. Going on dates in his car, to the place of his choice means he is in charge so that lock means he is no longer the one in control. In that way it's not comparable to a chastity belt, but addresses a broader issue. Are you saying you wouldn't do that for me?"

"Well, let's just say I'd be very disappointed if you asked, because I have never been overbearing with you or anyone else and I have no intention of being held accountable for other people's sins or grievances. But going back to the original subject, that's a very pretty French maid uniform. Yeah, if I were going to be a French maid, that's the outfit, I would wear."

"Ron, you were supposed to take your time and make a deliberate choice. One problem with being so analytical is that you are also very decisive. You find decision making easy. I think what you mean with that picture is; if you were a girl, you'd want to look like that. Well, who wouldn't? She's obviously a professional fashion model made up to the nines. You have no idea how much work it took to get her to look that good. And that doesn't even count photoshoping after the shoot. By the way, you wouldn't last an hour in those shoes or that outfit, and it would take hours to get you made up like that. You're aiming much too high."

"So, you think I should pick one of the ugly ones to emulate instead? Thanks a lot! That one is obviously a guy in a French maid dress, but he looks pathetic. He looks like a whipped dog. I sure wouldn't want to look like that. If I were going to do this, I'd want to do it well."

"You already said you were going to do this. Didn't you? You aren't craw fishing, are you?"

"Yes Mary, I said I'd do it, and I will. And no, I'm not backing out."

"Say no more Ron! If that's your choice, so be it. I thought you would take more time for such an important decision, but it's your choice. I'm disappointed you aren't taking it more seriously though, because I thought we would spend several days looking and talking about the different outfits. I wanted your thoughts on the various topics that would arise from looking at them.

But I'll make the outfit of your choice. You picked a hard one and if I go through the trouble to make it, you are obligated to wear it at least long enough to justify my effort and give this a chance. I'm counting on your good faith effort here. Could you clean the house in that getup and wear it for an eight hour shift? To look like that, you would have to wear a corset, which I'd also have to make, and that's a lot of work, but if that's your choice; I'll respect your wishes."

"Mary, I'm not blowing you off on this. It's just that I thought that was the nicest one so far by a wide margin. I'll keep looking but let's save that picture. I already said I'd do it, but this is sounding like a lot of work for you too if you are going to make rather than buy them."

"You can't buy one like that. The one you picked is obviously a highly tailored theatrical costume and would be very expensive to buy in the unlikely event that you could even find it. I grant that it is pretty. In fact it's one of the nicest. Happily, you and I have similar tastes.

This is something I've wanted for a long time Ron and I won't be the only one doing extra work. If you are going to dress as a maid, I want you to take over a few of the household chores that would be appropriate to the uniform. And I want it to become a routine, like one or two Saturdays a month. The uniform will be a gift for you so I don't mind making it."

"Mary, you know I don't mind cleaning the house, so that's fine with me, although I'm not sure the uniform is necessary."

"The uniform is necessary because it formalizes the arrangement and it blocks out specific times and insures that your attention will be on specific tasks so you won't wander off on other things."

That's how it all started with Ron and Mary, and over the next few weeks Mary was busy with her project and Ron did indeed discover that he enjoyed sleeping in her nightie and wearing soft underwear. By the time the big day arrived and Mary was ready to present Ron with her creation, he had already shaved most of his body hair and he was the owner of two pairs of properly fitting patent leather pumps, one with two and one with four inch heels. They had settled on an eight hour work day for the maid with a lunch break and two coffee breaks to be done one or two Saturdays per month to be determined by mutual consent assuming no other more pressing events arose.

Rather than making them from scratch, buying a corset and petticoat to modify turned out to be Mary's best option, but she did make the dress and most of the accessories. Mary had faithfully reproduced the costume Ron liked right down to the white gloves and the feather duster.

Fearing that panty hose might abrade the most sensitive skin on his body, she had Ron wear nylon panties under them. Then the fishnet tights went over the pantyhose, and to keep them from sagging a brief style girdle held everything in place, meaning he was wearing up to four layers of clothing so far. Moving her attention above his waist, a camisole would protect his skin from the boning in the under bust corset and from the braided nylon cord that would cinch it. And it covered the bra and breast forms she had him wearing to match the picture.

She had him step into the petticoat before putting on the four inch heels. Tightening the corset enough to give him some shape and stretch it out a bit; she had him sit down and began the arduous work of applying makeup. He could follow her progress in a small makeup mirror. With that done, she added clip on earrings and had him stand up so she could tighten the corset once more. As she tightened it she saw in the mirror a sudden change in his expression and eyes. He was mesmerized. Later she noticed a difference in his personality and demeanor. Even his voice and speech pattern had changed. She found this sudden mysterious change fascinating.

She had him wrap the strings around his waist (so he could do it himself in the future) and with the two ends in front of him, she slid one end of the cordage through the end loop of the other giving it a firm tug to tighten it before tying it off with an easy to tie and easy to untie half hitch. He let out a gasp with the final tug and she was ready to drop her creation over his head.

The dress fell gently in place as the soft bridal satin slid over his arms and over the satin corset. She zipped it up the back, adjusted the skirt over the petticoat and then had him put on the white satin pinafore that she tied in the back with a giant classic bow. He could not see it all in the little mirror so he was in for a real surprise. She helped him put on the wig with the same hair style that was in the picture, something he didn't expect, and she topped it off with an exact duplicate of the maid's cap from the picture. She had taken careful measurements and had him to try on an occasional sleeve or collar to test the fit as she made it, but he had not been allowed to see the finished dress. That would be a surprise.

Mary stood back with a printout of the picture in hand to admire her handiwork. She could barely believe that she had pulled it off. Handing Ron the picture, she invited him to step over to the full length mirror to see the results. "That's so strange" he said. "I'm looking in the mirror but there's another person looking back at me. I don't know this person. She's so pretty and feminine that it's actually sort of frightening. It's amazing that you could do this in such detail."

"Then let's get to know her together" Mary replied. "We might like her and have a new friend. Let's just walk around the house together and talk about the experience. I can't believe how cute you turned out."

As they walked around the house, she could see that the shoes were already bothering him, but he didn't complain. The four layers of clothing below his waist were now under multiple layers of petticoat, a thick satin skirt and a satin pinafore and in addition to the camisole and bra the corset must be five layers thick with the thick satin dress fastened tightly around it and once again the pinafore. Plus it had long sleeves. Add the high collar and the silicon breast forms, makeup and wig and Maid Ronda was hot even in the air-conditioning. Mary knew something would have to be done, but Ronda was determined not to ruin the event.

"Mary, I will cherish this dress because you made it for me. Thank you so much. I love it. And thank you for this experience which is so different than anything I ever even imagined doing. I don't know where this is leading, but I know we'll go there together and that's what counts."

When he asked if there was any house work she wanted her new maid to do, she told him not to be in such a hurry. Ron is very objective oriented and she was trying to instill at least the concept that "getting there can be half the fun". But when they reached the garage she had a change of heart. She told her new maid that she did have a chore for her. "Ron's workbench has been piled high for many months and he's always complaining that he can't find anything on it. Maid Ronda, please clean it up so Ron doesn't have to do it! I'll move the cars out of the garage and close the garage doors so you can walk around putting your, I mean Ron's tools away."

So, it turned out Ronda's first task was not housework after all, but something Ron had put off. Thus, Maid Ronda wasn't Mary's maid, she was their maid. After several hours, Maid Ronda, I'll say Ron, returned to Mary in the family room, her task completed. Mary could see that Ron was soaking wet and unsteady on his feet. She quickly got him to sit down, removed the shoes and began massaging his feet which were swollen. "I can feel that your hose are wet and even see that your dress is wet from perspiration. Let's get that off of you."

Ron thanked her, and admitted he should have given more thought to comfort rather than looks. He said "Don't worry, I gave my word and I'll stick with it. But, this uniform is hot as hell."

Mary smiled "I thought it might be too hot for you, so I made a short sleeve cotton dress with a low collar that looks similar. If you don't insist on the fishnets you can ditch the pantyhose and all that other stuff that was needed to hold them in place and you can just wear panties instead. I don't want you to be uncomfortable. That's why I had you get the two inch pumps.

We'll launder that fancy satin uniform and save it for special occasions in winter. I got you a mesh corset which will be fine in the air conditioning because I saw that look in your eyes when I tightened that corset and I know you loved it. Welcome to the family Maid Ronda."

And with that, Ron smiled and kissed his wife. She does look out for him.

The End
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