I met a woman at work. She was about 6 foot tall and she seemed very dominate. Her name is Lana. After a few days of working on the same shift, I kept wanting her more. I would think of her often. Then one day I was sick and about time she would be coming as she past my house I peeked for her to drive by. Lana did not go past my house, she stopped and came up to my door. I did not know why she would stop by my house while I was ill.

I answered the door and she said, well are you going to invite me into your home. I invited her in and seemed as if I were a simpleton. She looked about the house and she asked why my house was such a mess. I stuttered as I could not think of what I would say. I was so embarrassed. The next word that came after her mouth was, I will be coming tomorrow and if this house is not cleaned and I mean very clean. Do you understand and if it is not cleaned I will spank you. I said yes Ma'am. She turned to walk out and turned and said one other thing, I said yes Ma'am.

She looked at me as if she would pull down my pants and spank me hard. But she said come here, I walked slowly to her and she reached up under her skirt and pulled her silky panties off and said tomorrow you will wear these and you will at all times address me Mistress. I said yes Mistress. She laughed as to humiliate me.

Lana's Sissy

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