I started dating a woman that I wanted to marry but she says no every time I asked her. I have gotten on my knees and begged her to marry me. It was a long time coming but she has finally agreed to marry me. There are some things I must do to get to marry her. The list keeps getting longer.

The time was getting close to the day we get married. Last week she came home with a large package, she asked me what would I do to get her to marry me. I said anything just asked me to do anything. She then insisted that I meet her at her Mom's house the next week end. Since I did not know where her Mom lived she said I would get the direction if I would wear her dirty panties and a Kotex. I was taken with wondering how I could wear a Kotex. She said in the back of my shorts. She watched me as I got naked and put on the panties, and put the Kotex in the back of them. She said now go to the store and ask for Donna. I went to the store and the Kotex was being pushed up in my crack. When I got to the store and asked for Donna. The woman at the counter picked up a microphone she said on it and she said Donna there is another sissy here to be dressed in his party dress. I told her not to yell over that thing. She picked it up again and said I think he wants a spanking. I was so embarrassed by her doing that with so many women there with men following them around the store. One lady ask if I was new at being a sissy. I said yes and every one started laughing. Soon Donna showed up.

Donna was very tall, I would guess she was six foot plus. She took my hand, she was squeezed it so tight that I could not pull away from her. With her other hand she hit my butt hard again the people in the store laughed and the women yelled hit his butt again Donna, she did and it hurt so bad that I was crying tears. We entered the back room where there were other men being dressed in what looked like a party dress. Donna said because I was bad at the front counter I will dress you like Shirley Temple. She told me to undress and don't hesitate or you will be over my knee in the front of the store. I stripped very fast. Before I knew it I was standing there in and dress with lace around the bottom and lace at the top of the dress. Donna put on a record and told me to sing The Good Ship song. I saw that there was a screen that the words showed on. I began to sing it not wanting to be stand out in the store getting spanked by Donna. As I sung she told me to lift my dress up on each side like she did in the movie. She also told me to dance.

After I was done she told me to go out and get in your car and she handed me the directions to Donna's Mom's house. When I got there the drive way was full with cars. Had to drive around the block and park far from the house and I got out hoping no one would be out walking. I almost ran to her Mom's house but the shoes were hurting my feet with ever step. It seemed like forever as I walked. I arrived at her house and knocked on the door. It seemed like a long time for her to open the door. Donna smiled and said "OH how pretty you look", she then took my hand and she took be into her living room where there sat at least twenty women. All of them said how sweet she looks.

I spent the whole day being humiliated by them. One lady told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl around, and don't tear that cute little dress or you will be in a diaper. I am sure you would not like what we would do with you if you do tear it. I crawled around and one lady stepped on the dress it tore and the rip sounded loud. Every one started laughing knowing what was coming. I am guessing they were going to do as they said. I spent the rest of the day being made to do so many things that humiliated me.

Donna and I were married two months later. My life is a full time sissy slave doing every thing. I was swapped back and forth ever so often. I have a room in the basement where I am dressed in pajamas that are pink and lace on every thing I wear. I am not proud of what I am doing but I love Donna so much I will do anything for her.

Shirley the sissy.

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