from Rosie

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was just an average husband working fulltime and so was my wife Mary. Our life was what you might call normal until I lost my job. It caused a few problems mostly for me not feeling the same while I sat at home and Mary went off to work each day. For months I looked for a new job and had several interviews but nothing seemed to click. Mary suggested I take a break from job hunting, relax and work on some home projects. A few hours a day I did a little of both and ended up surfing the internet. One day I stumbled onto a website that was linked to another and so on. This picture which I saved was of a woman much like Mary as she kissed her husband at the front door of the house while she headed off to work. Now the picture was of her husband dressed as the maid and not in a T-shirt and shorts like me. At first I thought the picture was a Photoshop image but after I continued to explore that website I learned maybe it wasn't. The next day I went back to read more about men as maids and the women in their lives. Eventually it took me to Auntie Helga's website where I found out far more than I got from the other sites. I reached out to Auntie Helga to find out if her website was a story site or was that type of lifestyle real. What I found out was yes it was real and more common than most people realized.

There was something about the picture I kept looking at and my conversation with Auntie Helga. One night I talked to Mary about the picture and she like me thought it was a Photoshop picture until I let her know it was actually a Mrs. Silk well known as a Mistress. I shared some of what I read with Mary to see what she thought of us trying out something similar. Now I had never wanted to dress or wear women's anything before that night. Mary wanted to know if I had ever cross- dressed but I hadn't. We talked about me staying at home as her maid while she kept the job she loved so much. This prompted question after question from Mary and many of them I didn't have the answer to so soon. Over the next few days we talked about the whole idea, how it would work and was I really serious. I had no idea if I could even live up to the desire I felt but had to try it. Mary created a list of questions that in her mind had to be answered before taking the next steps if at all. Mary didn't want to lose her husband and I didn't want to lose Mary. By the time all questions were answered and we had an idea of how it could work Mary agreed to give it a try.

Both of us read everything we could that pertained to what we wanted our relationship to be. We didn't want to go down the sissymaid road in its entirety. Mary wasn't and still isn't fond of sissy dresses. She did like the concept of me in a conventional maid uniform though. We spent time looking online at uniforms, shoes and lingerie before do any shopping. Mary took all my measurements one morning and later that day we went shopping for hours. Like most guys I never was good at shopping so Mary did all of it on her own until that day. I learned more about women's clothing in one day than I ever knew before since Mary was a good teacher that day.

By the time we got home I was bushed but Mary insisted I try on the purchases. I took a shower then proceeded to try on all of it from head to toe. Mary checked me over while laughing just to make sure what was purchased fit properly. To me it was a very strange feeling from bra to high heels but I asked for it didn't I? Mary was pleased what we bought fit fairly well since it was all made for a woman body. For the next few days I learned how to get dressed and live in my new uniform while Mary taught me the maid basics. I had never done much housework before mostly because Mary liked to do it her way. So that being said I learned to do it all Mary's way of no deal. She taught me how to clean her way, wash and dry clothes, her way and how to iron our clothes, her way. Mary taught me how to cook, her way which I struggled with more than cleaning, she sent me to take a cooking class to help me which was a good thing for me.

About a month after we started Mary sat with me to go over my progress like she would if I was a hired maid. Mary wanted me to know areas of strengths and weaknesses. She went on to let me know how proud she was of me for taking on something most men would never even try. Mary also wanted me to know she had decided to keep me on as her maid which was good news. Then Mary surprised me with next steps. She wanted me to have laser hair removal on my face, arms, chest and pubic area. I was shocked but Mary explained why and it made sense. She agreed some of my pubic hair could stay but most had to go as it wasn't ladylike to have that much hair down there. Weeks later I had fulfilled my promise to get laser treatments. Mary decided then I was to grow my hair and nails to look more feminine. When my hair got long enough she took me to her salon where they highlighted and cut my hair the way Mary wanted it. Lucky me took my baseball cap which I wore to get my ears pierced and then had my first pedicure all while Mary watched. When we left the mall I had my hands closed to hide my nails and my baseball cap on to hide my new hair style.

Over the next few days I got used to having a woman's hair style. Mary taught me how to apply my own makeup since she expected me to look like the maid I wanted to be. I talked to her about makeup and hair but she showed me the pictures of other maids looking feminine too. Mary was right I asked to be her maid and the last time I looked maids were feminine looking. I get it all now and it has become normal for me to get up each morning and get ready to work the day. After serving breakfast I help Mary get ready so she won't be late. I have also gotten used to only wearing women's clothing at home from bra to heels. Auntie Helga told me I would get used to the change of clothes in due time and she was right. Men can walk in heels with some practice just like women do, only women do it better.

The only problem with my new life as Mary's maid is when we had to go see family. The nail polish came off, I filed my nails back as much as Mary allowed and I wore my baseball cap. There were some questions but it wasn't too bad. We will see how it goes in the future as Mary wants to work on more feminizing techniques for me.

Auntie Helga, thank you for helping me see men can be maids more than I thought. Also thank you for talking with Mary to help her understand how to make it work for her as much as it did for me. We always had a great relationship but now Mary told me just the other day things are so much better with me as her maid.


Thank you for your letter Rosie. It was my pleasure assisting Mary and Rosie through this process, though Rosie instigated it, she did so in a loving honest way and, the lovely Mary, with her good heart and open mind agreed. Now perhaps to their mutual surprise they have discovered the joy in this new lifestyle. I know we all wish them the best and would love an update at some point.

Auntie Helga

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