from Liz

Dear Helga,

Please excuse me for writing perhaps a stupid question to you but no so for me. I married the love of my life Gordon 10 years ago, so up until recently I couldn't be happier. Now, a few months ago, I started to see a change in Gordon only one that a wife could detect if you know what I mean. Instinct taught me there is something going on and it is up to me to find out what, if I can. Looking through the house nothing stuck out in any room, closet or drawer until I looked at our computer. It took me a while however I did find a history of websites relating to women's clothes, sissy dresses, forced feminization and finally your website.

I searched every one of the websites for user accounts with no success leaving me to believe Gordon was researching at this stage. When I looked at your website, assuming it is yours, with letters written to you. Finding your website and an email address was the closest so far to possibly getting some kind of answer on why Gordon is researching these types of things behind my back. Sure no crime has been committed however a wife doesn't like to find this type of thing about her husband when no conversations about have occurred. Please forgive me Helga if I sound a bit pissed. I am but not at you where I should thank you for at least posting your email so others like myself can find out what this might be all about.

Can you give me an idea is my husband some kind of a crossdresser? I do know he hasn't touched anything of mine because I checked. Is my husband some kind of a sissy or want to be one? I can't imagine Gordon prancing around in some of the outfits on theses websites or even why he is interested. If he wants to clean the house or do the laundry I will gladly hand that over to him today however he won't be dressing like the pictures I saw tonight. With Gordon out of the house tonight it gives me time to blow off some steam while writing for help.

I'm hoping that you will read my e-mail Helga and hopefully offer some kind of answer why a man looks at this type of material. Perhaps there is more to it that I am not seeing right now. Maybe there is something in it for me as well right now I am confused more about my husband than what is written on your website. Let me ask this of you if I may Helga. Let's assume my husband wants to be some kind of a sissy while acting some fantasy of being a maid in our house. How about I go one step further by buying him a sissy dress, panties, bras and the highest heel I can buy then what?

Do you suggest like one woman wrote where she dressed her boyfriend as he sissy making him shave his legs and underarms like we do?

I'm sorry Helga this is very confusing to me so maybe I should just wait to see if you reply then go from there.


Thank you for your letter Liz. There are no stupid questions with this subject, I can sympathize with your concerns. As you can see, unlike many other websites of an adult nature, there is a real person to talk with. If I might pass along my opinion, there are basically two possible reasons a man would visit my site, that as you noted, is about petticoating, he is either wanting to do this for real, or it is just a fantasy, most of the time it is fantasy. Real petticoating is intense and long term, it does happen.

If I also might be so bold as to suggest that you sit down with your husband and discuss this with him honestly, tell him just what you told me and go from there. It might be good to keep an open mind, he may want to role play this a bit, for short periods, many couples do this to enhance their sex lives, it also works out pretty nice if he wants to be the maid, free housecleaning is always good. It could also be all in his head and he has no desire to actually follow through in any way. Nothing ventured...


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