from Rita

Dear Helga,

I see you met my son Gary a few days ago or at least he tells me you have corresponded. Sowhat do you think of a 19 year old that wants to be his mothers sissymaid? Maybe I should ask what do you think of a 19 yeras old that wants to wear woman's clothes? That is how it all started with Gary enjoying modelling for me. Some mothers may have issues with a son that wants to explore his feminine side but not me. If Gary wants to wear women's clothes at home he is welcome to it. Like with everyone else clothes don't make the person.

The last few days she is enjoying the experimentation process which led me to buy Gary his own panties and bras. He has some of his own ideas about the clothes he wears however I am in the mindset that if he wants to be a sissymaid then he should wear a pink satin sissy dress. By looking at your website with Gary it looks like pink satin is popular iwth sissymaids so I can't be far off with my choice.

Helga I am not sure how far to take this which maybe you can help me with if you don't mind. My thoughts are Gary desses like a sissymaid and I mean everything along with helping me or taking over the housework. To me that is a good start so I can see how this is going to play out for both of us. I did make a deal with Gary not knowing what others do which is he has to work off the clothes I buy for him. The harder he works the more I buy for him. To me that lets me know before spending a lot of money whether Gary is serious enough for my liking.

If this is just some teenage fantasy he has then not a lot of money was spent fro him to try it out. On the other hand I warned Gary that I might enjoy this therefore it will be my decision on its outcome.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Rita. I am delighted to help you however I can. I am so happy to hear you say this about him becoming your sissymaid, otherwise it is just pretend. Bathing and much more, please feel free to ask me anything. Once you become his Mistress the whole relationship changes to one where you are fully in charge, his sole duty is to obey, though to what degree and how far you take his feminization and personal service is up to you, there are no set rules or guidelines, just options.

At some point it becomes what you want, not him, you will be in charge of him totally. Good start, he should have his own panties, which I assume are all nylon, wearing yours occasionally could be a treat for him sometimes. For boys, there is something very special about mommy's panties. Of course he also needs to get used to a bra, a slip might be good too.

That is so fast, wow, I would love to see a photo of the finished dress if you could. I am very excited for the possibilities for you both, at a minimum it is going to be a fun experiment, my opinion is that once you have experienced having a sissymaid, you both will want to continue.


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