from Joanne

Dear Helga,

I have been a long term reader on your website and I must let you know how amazed I am with the quality of the material. It is so nice there is a place for both men and women to go to in search of guidance. Petticoating isn't that new to me having had a sissy husband for 22 years although sadly he is no longer with us. While I don't have a sissy right now I still enjoy reading the letters from those that do.

Let me share something with you that may be of interest or you may have an idea for me. When I sissified my husband he was the one that initiated it so it was easy for me to get on board, why not. Now that he is gone I miss having a sissy so this is my predicament. Up until a couple of months ago I lived alone then one day my nephew Paul called as he had lost his job. I thought it best to invite him to live with me then he could help around the house making it easier for me. Well it was a good idea however he isn't the motivated type.

Then I thought why not sissify him like I did with my husband. So looking at your website gallery and letters I stared to get the idea in my head of buying everything I would requite for Paul. Now the dilemma is how do I get him to panties then everything else I bought. With not having much money he not in a position to just move out. I am hoping he will accept my offer to sissify him in exchange for a place to live which will be his when I die. We only have each other left in the family so I think it is a good deal for him.

What do you think Helga should I lay it on the table giving him no choice or be nice while I get him into panties for the first time?

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Joanne and for your kind words about my site, it is a wonderful way to live, sadly, I can relate, my sissy passed away some years ago as well, I miss him terribly.

I feel you have the makings of a great sissymaid, you have the experience and the determination, he has no real choice, makes sense to me. He wrote me yesterday asking about the site and why you were looking at it, rather than let him know what I suspected I suggested he ask you. Now that things are progressing I feel if you have or can get the items you will need to sissify him then why wait. I say, lay it out for him and since he has little choice, he should be in those silky nylon panties pretty soon. Of course I suppose you could tell him 'lets try it' though we both now what you really want, or as you said, start strong and leave him without any real choice but to obey, starting now.


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