Pretty Peter Panty Boy

Peter had just turned 13 years old and was really becoming a handful for his single Mom. Ruth spoke often to her two sisters about her problems with Peter. June and Martha both had daughters and had none of the mischief to put up with. As unlikely as it may seem, all three sisters had ended up, for various reasons to become single Moms. Then June, the oldest suggested that both Martha and Ruth should both, along with their children should move into her house. June lived in a big two story house with 5 bedrooms. They all agreed.

Martha was the first to move and get settled in. Meanwhile, all three sisters had been making some big plans for Peter. Ruth has two daughters, Sally who is 9 and Betty who is 14. Martha has three daughters, Kimberly who is 10, Mary who is 11, and Janet who is 13. All five girls were let in on the big plans and were really excited to help out.

After getting unpacked, once Ruth and Petter arrived, the boy was sent into the downstairs bathroom to bathe. Once he was naked and in the tub of soapy water, all of his clothes were taken. He was clueless to the fact that none of his boy things had made the trip, other than the clothes he had just removed. Once bathed, in the sweet scented bubbles, Peter got out of the tub and dried off with the only towel there, a little pink towel which is actually a kitchen towel. Now, for the first time, peter felt a tinge of suspicion. He opened the door just a little and called out, "Mom!" answer.

Then, feeling very rebellious, Peter held the towel at his waist as it was too small to tie and boldly stepped out of the bathroom. "Mom!", he yelled. "Up her Peter. Come on up and see your room", answered his Mom. Peter walked upstairs and found everyone within the bedroom which had been decorated for the youngest girls. "Where are my clothes?", asked the boy, feeling very embarrassed being covered with only a thin, wet, pink, too small towel.

"Right in front of you Peter", informed Ruth. The boy looked on the twin bed which was all pink. There he found the clothes Mom was referring to. White panties with little pink hearts, very girly ankle socks, and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. "This joke is not funny!", screamed the boy. At that point all three women lit in on the boy at once; like having three drill sergeants. So, while all five girls watched and giggled, the boy removed the towel and as quickly as he could, slipped into the soft cotton panties. The girls then laughed out loud as the little panties did nothing to hide his excitement.

June said, "Pretty Peter appears to love his new panties. Is that right Pretty Peter Panty Boy?" The girls were now nearly rolling on the floor laughing. Then June became very serious. "Pretty Peter", she began. "For the entire Summer vacation, which has just begun, you will be wearing nothing on this property other than panties, socks, and shoes. The closet and dresser are filled with ultra girly attire for you. But for now, you will only be dressed for going off property. Understood?"

"Understood" answered the boy meekly with his head lowered.

"Furthermore", spoke Martha, "you will not only obey you mother and June and myself, but you will be totally obedient to your cousins. Every girl here has the right to pull down your pretty panties and spank your sissy bare bottom".

Peter could tell by the smirks on the faces of all five girls that he would be spanked often. Then his mother spoke. "This is your bed. You will share this room with Sally and Kimberly who will sleep in their bunk beds. You will obey them and be no trouble to them. And, from now on you will call me Mommy. You will always say yes ma'am, even to all of the girls".

Peter looked at his girly bed and at the girly bedroom. Then the three adults left the boy at the mercy of the five girls. "Just to show you that this is real", began Betty the oldest, just one year his senior, "we are all going to spank you right now. This is for all of your arrogant mischievous treatment of us in years past. Remove you panties right now, Pretty Peter Panty Boy".

The girls were jumping and giggling with excitement. Their excitement brought on the boys excitement again. Starting with Betty and on down to Sally, the youngest, every girl spanked the boy's pitifully red sore bottom as he lay across his sissy bed and cried. Then the girls led Peter, still panty less downstairs where they had him stand in the corner in the big spacious living room.

Then Janet, at 13 the same age as Peter said, "your Mommy has agreed that should you suddenly acquire the habit of bedwetting or soiling your panties, you can then spend the Summer in diapers". Grinning wickedly Betty added, "and you will acquire that problem. You must do as we tell you and you will eat and drink what we tell you to".

Peter was still standing in the corner in only his socks and Mary Janes, his bare bottom still red and sore, with his hands straight down by his sides as ordered. Betty peeked around and said, "he is still swollen down there". Peter was made to stand there for one hour. Meanwhile, some neighborhood girls came to visit.

They all gathered in the living room. Peter was commanded to walk over, hands at his sides, and greet each girl before being allowed to slip back into his panties. "Drink this" said Batty as she handed the boy a huge glass full of chocolate milk. By the look on the girl's face, the boy knows that this drink is "fixed". Betty smirked as Peter began gulping it down.

After finishing the tall glass of chocolate milk, Janet brought him a glass of tea. "I can't Janet", pleaded the boy. Would you like another spanking from every girl in this room?", she asked. Peter drank the big glass of tea. Then Betty instructed, "let's all go outside in the back yard. Peter was led outside with now nine girls to the swing set. The boy in his little panties was put onto a swing. All of the girls kept him swinging as he pleaded to go to the bathroom. More neighborhood children began show up; mostly girls but also a few young boys. Then it happened. The laxative did it's job. The boy's bladder and bowels made a terrific mess not only on Peter and ruining his panties, but also all over the swing and on the ground.

Betty brought all three ladies out to see. "Janet and I expected Peter might acquire this problem", explain the oldest girl. "It's the stress. Peter always was a nervous boy".

"Well, I want you girls to get this nasty mess cleaned up. Use the water hose and sand. Get the sissy cleaned up and into a diaper. From now on, a cloth diaper, No panties of any kind. Not even rubber pants. Use the garden hose on the boy too. He cannot come inside like that".

And that was just a portion of day #1. As strange as it may sound, I have come to accept this new life.
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