Mummy Nera's Sissy Baby
An Obedient Sissy Baby's Reward
Chapter 1

Happy and contented I suckled on Mummy's breast, a lovely treat, always reserved for especially good baby like behaviour. It needed extreme baby like behaviour to earn a suckle, normally merited no more than once every two weeks so it truly was a treat. Mummy was very strict and firm, extremely so in fact, but she was also very fair, a good sissy baby always got rewards, a hug and cuddle, a story, a new rattle, an extra frilly dress to wear but a suckle on her magnificent breast was the ultimate delight, an indulgence left for a truly obedient, submissive, prissy pansy puff sissy baby, 10 minutes on either side, nothing sexual what so ever, simply and purely a loving Mummy nurturing her beautiful sissy baby.

My babyfication and sissyfication was really gathering pace, my adult life well and truly left behind. This morning, after bathtime Mummy swaddled me, as usual, in two thick terry nappies with two soakers, lovely light pink plastic panties with nappy pins as the main motif, beautiful frilly knickers with tons of ruffles and a most magnificent white short frilly dress with small pink polka dots completed by a stunning over large pink ribbon bow at the back of the dress. She was adjusting a large matching bonnet on top of my gorgeous blonde ringleted hair when, soother in my mouth, I lisped out in my best sissy voice the humiliating phrase, “Babassst ssstinkestessth Mamassst” before promptly filling the back of my nappy with a most enormous poo poo.

Any worry I had over Mummy being very cross about me soiling my nappy, quite literally less than five minutes after a nappy change and bath evaporated immediately as Mummy gave me a great big hug, praised and complimented me for being such a great baby in using my nappies and was clearly delighted at this true sign of totally submissive babyhood. She immediately laid me down on the changing table fetched two large fresh terry nappies before pulling down my frilly knickers and plastic pants. However, to my astonishment she placed the fresh nappies under the sodden and soiled nappies I was wearing and proceeded to pin the fresh nappies over the soiled ones, then pulling an enormous pair of super thick clear plastic pants over the gigantic mass of four huge terry nappies, followed by an equally enormous floral lighter plastic pants. She continuously praised my sissy baby hood as she did all of this telling me that I would now wear my true sign of baby hood for the rest of the day and maybe even until tomorrow morning. I was to wear my gargantuan soiled sodden nappies with pride and show the whole world what a magnificent obedient sissy baby I was, total reinforcement of my abject babyfication.

So here I was suckling at Mummy's breast, immensely proud of my show of total babyfication while enjoying every moment of my reward. Life as a sissy baby who is loved by her Mummy has its good moments! Mummy enjoys my humiliations, enjoys my disgrace, my shame and mortification but if I am goodly, provided I accept my embarrassment's she will always reward me.

As I suckled Mummy started to talk about going for a walk in the park after breakfast and suddenly a wave of anxiety swept over me. I was well used the being wrist linked to Mummy every time we went out in public. It was deeply humiliating and we got the occasional funny glance but overall people just went about their daily lives without giving it a second thought. Today however was due to be different. Mummy has just taken delivery of a pair of white leather baby reins with a large teddy bear motif printed on the breast plate. Today she intended to bring me to the park harnessed by the new baby reins. I calmed my inner turmoil by convincing myself that Mummy would not have the nerve to parade me in public like that. Surely not, surely even Mummy would not parade me around the park in baby reins.

Breakfast, as usual, was uneventful a very large bowl of powdered baby porridge mixed with Infant formula with a dollop of puree apple on top followed by a bottle of warm cow's milks plus another bottle of infant formula. Everything was routine with Mummy as baby's like routine, they feel comfortable in a safe unchanging environment so Mummy was determined that her sissy baby would settle into a life of mundane predictability especially when it came to feeding. Day in day out it was the same:

9.30 Wake up time with 2 bottles of formula in cot lying on Mummy's lap

10.30 Breakfast in the high chair with powdered baby porridge mixed with Infant formula topped with a dollop of apple puree followed by one bottle of warm milk and one bottle of infant formula.

11.30 One bottle infant formula

12.30 One bottle formula and one bottle of warm milk

1.30 Lunch; Powdered baby rice made with infant formula and a dollop of pureed banana with one bottle formula and one warm cow's milk followed by one hour nap time

3.00 Post nap: One bottle formula and one bottle of warm milk

4.00 Two bottles formula

5.00 One bottle formula and one bottle of warm milk

6.30 Dinner: two large jars of dinner time baby mush, one formula; one warm milk

8.00 Bedtime: two bottles of formula plus two bottles of warm milk

11.00 Two bottles infant formula

The only variable was the dinner time mush and if Penelope pansy was very good she might get a baby rusk sometimes during the day or an exceptionally good baby would get a bottle of orange baby juice or apple juice. In total, fifteen bottles of infant formula and eight bottles of warm milk every solitary day, no wonder sissy baby was constantly wetting her nappies, in fact she was now oblivious to the fact that she was wetting almost every 30 minutes and in absolute need of her nappies, just as her lovely Mummy Nera intended. Everything was geared towards extreme babyfication and sissyfication.

After breakfast for the very first time a true feeling of sissy babyness enveloped Penelope pansy as she sat on her play mat with five sissy style soft baby rattles, two soft cuddly pink teddy bears, and four soft dollies to play with as Mummy busied herself around the house. The enormous heavily soiled layers of four terry nappies plus soakers, the stunning ultra short polka dot dress, the magnificent matching bonnet, her mittened hands, her ever present soother. She truly was and felt like a sissy baby. It was undeniable, a sissy baby but not only that, she was no more than a 12 month old sissy baby, a few lisped words, crawling, crying, babbling, gurgling, soothered. She was truly pathetic. Despite the shame, notwithstanding the disgrace of her situation, embarrassment suddenly came from the stirring feeling deep within her nappy, why did it stir at the sheer scale and magnitude of her total and utter intense lifelong humiliation, sissyfication and babyfication?

Pansy was mighty glad Mummy Nera was unware of the stirring in her sissy clit. A sticky was absolutely forbidden. Prim Prissy Pansy Puff Sissy babies simply do not get to make stickies and never ever will. Mummy was adamant NEVER meant NEVER, simple as! In fact these days poor Penelope Pansy had to make sure her little sissy clit was floppy, flaccid and no more than one inch long at nappy change time. Mummy had originally allowed four inches, then reduced it to three, then two, now one and ultimately she made no secret a half inch was the target and that would be starting next month. Penelope's Strap well and truly ensured compliance. Absolutely nothing in this world made Mummy Nera more angry than seeing Penelope pansy gyrate in her nappy. Mummy had truly beaten the urge to gyrate out of poor Penelope pansy. It was just under a year ago now, but over a period of two months even the slightest bulge in her nappy, the smallest attempt to gyrate or any sort of stiffness at nappy change time resulted in a very severe strapping. One fateful day the poor pathetic pansy got three separate well deserved sets of 24 fierce angry strokes. That week alone Penelope Pansy found herself bent over her cot 15 times each for a severe extremely hard 24 stroke strapping. Her bottom was sore, bruised and marked for months afterwards, even now she occasionally feels a tingle in her bottom from that wretched week. Pansy learnt her lessons well so she put all thoughts of the stirring to one side and in her best sissy baby voice cried for a bottle. Mummy wanted a prim prissy pansy puff, nothing more there would be nothing sexual in her prim prissy pansy puff sissy baby.

Mummy loved when Pansy cried. In fact Mummy Nera had spent months teaching sissy baby to cry properly like the sissy baby she was. Penelope's cry was now quite realistic and babylike. Mummy loved trying to work out what the cry meant constantly teasing sissy baby over what she wanted by crying. These days baby's actual vocabulary was very strictly limited to six heavily lisped words in a very high pitch sissy voice: Mama, Baba, TaTa, Spankies, Stinkies and Sissy which come out as Mamasssst, Babassst, ssTasst ssTasst, sssSpanksssts, ssstinkestessth, sssississsth all spoken while still suckling on her ever present soother. No other word was ever to be spoken unless she was ordered to recite and dance to nursery rhymes of which she could now recite over 100 in a pathetic barely understandable lisp that brought great amusement to Mummy and all her friends and woe betide Penelope's bottom if that soother was ever out of her mouth. She could use these words in any order she wanted but the most common phrase was “ssTasst ssTasst sssSpanksssts sssississsth Babassst Mamasssst”

Every nappy change brought a spanking of some sort and every morning brought a least two hard strokes of Penelope's Strap to remind her not to be naughty. Asides from the two strokes of the strap maintenance spankings were not that hard, very firm but bearable. However each spanking session was preceeded and followed by 20 picture perfect perfectly formed curtsies each accompanied with the words “ssTasst ssTasst sssSpanksssts sssississsth Babassst Mamasssst”. Forty times Penelope would utter the humiliating phrase asking for and thanking Mummy for her spanking as she politely curtsied.

Mummy actually kept a log of how many times sissy baby cried during the day, at least five was Mummy's expectation. It is perfectly normal for baby's to cry and Mummy demanded Penelope pansy to be no different. Less than five cries a day and Penelope would be going to bed with a very tender bottom following a visit from Penelope's Strap. Sometimes Mummy lets her cry, sometimes she responded immediately but once crying stars it had to continue, non-stop, until sissy baby is tended to by Mummy. At the moment Mummy is working on getting sissy baby Penelope pansy to shed tears when she cries, a very important part of being a baby insists Mummy. Tears are part and parcel of baby crying, a very necessary part of sissy baby life. Yesterday Mummy left poor pansy crying for a full half hour before she got her up from her nap and sure enough when she went to get her, there lying in the cot she was met by a totally abject pathetic snotty nosed tear laden sissy baby. Mummy was overjoyed at the sight, true genuine sissy baby tears. Penelope pansy was becoming more and more dependent on her Mummy. Soon tears and crying would be part and parcel of Penelope pansy's everyday sissy baby life just as Mummy Nera wanted.

Penelope went down for her two o'clock nap happy that a walk in the park had been forgotten about. Once again she briefly felt a stirring inside her heavily soiled, sopping wet nappy but as a goodly obedient sissy baby she put all thoughts of being naughty in her nappy to one side and dozed peacefully for the hour, dreaming about her lovely dresses. It therefore came as a huge surprise when at 3.00 Mummy woke her not to put her into a lovely dress but to dress her in yellow leggings and pink cardigan saying it was time for the walk. Female leggings were now her standard dress code for public appearances and while they had started off with blacks and navy's these day any colour went with Mummy generally now preferring pinks, purples, reds and yellows. It was yellow for today simply because Mummy had accidently once bought a XXXL size which was the only pair to fit over the enormous four layers of nappies, and two plastic pants. To say Penelope's nappied state was emphasised in the leggings was an understatement. No one could be under any illusion as to why she had such an enormous bottom.

Still refusing to believe Mummy would take her out like this Penelope cooperated as Mummy put the baby reins on and obediently crawled to the front door. Standing and walking was stringently prohibited in the house. A great rush of nervousness swept through her body as Mummy opened the hall door, hugely accentuated when she stood up to see herself in the hall mirror and felt the enormous mass between her legs meaning that even walking would be laboured and peculiar. Surely not, surely this was a humiliation too far, surely even Mummy Nera would not do this. Was England ready for this?

Penelope Pansy took her first tentative steps outside, Mummy holding the reins behind. Her mind raced, it is probably only to the car no more or maybe to the gate and back. Convinced it was so, she slowly and hesitantly waddled forward, Mummy praising her and encouraging all the time. Mummy was so supportive, reassuring Penelope everything was ok, she was a baby, baby's had to be reined when out, it was perfectly natural, baby's wore nappies and used nappies so everyone one would expect to see a person in baby reins in nappies. It would be silly to be in baby reins and not in nappies. Mummy was so happy with her sissy baby she wanted to show her off to the world and this was the first step. Pansy froze as Mummy opened the gate and the realisation hit her that Mummy was actually going to bring her to the park as she was. She whimpered and cried softly pouting her lip but Mummy was insistent. Patiently Mummy reassured her, calmed her, comforted her. Pansy toyed with using the word “NO” but that was one of the rigorously enforced rules, a strictly forbidden word with 36 stokes of the strap the consequence for use. Pansy felt Mummy losing her patience. Pansy's whole body screamed at her to stand up and resist, to be a man, to hold out and challenge this ultimate humiliation but the sissy baby within won as meekly Penelope Pansy stepped in to the street and slowly waddled to the park eyes firmly fixed to the footpath, afraid to lookup. Mummy Nera felt a surge of elation at this humiliation and Pansy's acceptance of it. She was unsure whether she herself would have the nerve to continue on with it and in truth had been feeling acutely self-conscious but buoyed up by this victory, on the brave duo walked and waddled to the park to some strange stares but with no incident at all. The public humiliation and outing of sissy baby Penelope pansy had begun.

Entirely unexpectedly Penelope pansy's reward came at bedtime when Mummy undid her bra and for the second time that day put sissy baby to her breast. Baby could not believe it, absolutely unprecedented, twice in the one day. A highly contented sissy suckled under Mummy‘s careful and kindly gaze both knowing that sissy baby's life would no longer be confined to the closed quarters of the home. Shortly Mummy Nera would ensure that Penelope pansy's babyhood and then her sissy hood would be obvious and known to all. Pansy briefly worried about the future but quickly relaxed into a total baby state suckling way at her loving Mummy's breast.

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