Standing here in a very short skirt and stockings with pink garters I feel like a fool. I was just last week out on my bike with the guys riding in the wind. Now I am dressed like a sissy. My wife of four years found out about the bike ride and that I was in a motel room with a woman. The woman was set up by my wife to get me to the point my wife Sara wanted me to be.

The woman in the room wanted to play a game that I fell into she wanted to be the Mistress and me her sissy slave. Being under the influence of alcohol I was soon in her pink panties and other female attire. I did not know that a camera had been running as I was jumping through her hoops. On my knees kissing her backside and begging her to spank me. I also kissed her feet and danced around like a little girl for her hoping to have sex as repayment for this stupid game. We had sex and I fell asleep afterwards in the outfit.

I awoke to find all of my male clothes gone along with my billfold and all my other things. The only thing I could think of was to call the desk and ask for someone to go purchase some clothes for me. When the guy came he slipped the clothes through the small opening in the door. I got dressed and went to my car only to remember I had no keys. I walked to the office and said I had locked the door and need a pass card to return to the room. I noticed the lady at the desk looking at me funny. Looking behind her in a mirror I saw I had on lipstick and eye shadow along with earrings. My long hair was dyed blond. I tried to explain that some of my friends had done this to me as a joke but only began to cry I don't know why I was crying I can only guess the stress was to much. She said that I had to pay for the room and the clothes or she would call the police. I begged her not to and she said she could work out something. Before long I was cleaning rooms to pay for the bill, the woman that was telling me what to do kept laughing at me and calling me Judy.

As you are thinking I got home and hoped my wife did not know. But as I said she had set the whole thing up. Now I am not only her husband but her sissy maid. She has not only pictures but video of my nightmare. I now have lost my job and she has everything in her name that I used to own. I have just learned that her mother will be moving into our mother/daughter home and I am to serve her also, including giving her rub downs and washing her panties and other things by hand everyday.

One last thing, we are going to Jamaica for a two week vacation. Sara has bought me a bikini and lots of sissy outfits for the trip. She even said I might be able to pick up a guy and be his lover while we are there so she and her mother can tour the island without worrying if I am having a good time. Mistress told me that she loves reading your site to get new ideas for my punishment.

Spanky Sissy

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