from Jack

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have known about you for years but never had the opportunity to write to you having a wife who deals with petticoating at our house. Now you might wonder what I talking about so let me elaborate. When our son was 13 he was more than a handful at school and at home. We had teachers calling and neighbors about his behavior and mouth. We tried moving a couple of times thinking the kids at school were the cause of Joe's problems. It wasn't long before we found out it was Joe and action had to be taken. My wife Susan discovered petticoating which I wasn't going to permit to happen. When push came to shove Susan decided to try petticoating Joe. Well you can guess what happened I'll bet.

It worked wonders, after a few weeks changing Joe's attitude and behavior at home and school. It was hard for me to see my son dressed like a girl at home and at times he begged me to talk to Susan for him. I was told in no uncertain terms not to interfere with her progress so I kept my distance. Joe just turned 16 so now he is wearing women's clothes at home after school and on weekends. My wife has complete control of Joe.

In fact they act like mother and daughter most of the time as he respects everything she says. Joe, at age 16, is learning negotiating which sometimes causes issues with Susan until she uses a tone that shuts Joe down. Susan, thanks to Joe, is now on my case to be her sissymaid wanting me to dress like her and Joe. I can see what she is doing by wanting a feminine household with her in charge of Joe and myself. My own son wants to see me in a sissy dress like what he wears.

Auntie Helga have you heard from other wives or mothers who have more than one sissymaid in the house? My fear is Susan with her ability to manage Joe will do the same to me and before long I would be her sissymaid. Joe has a couple more years before Susan will release him and I feel she wants me to replace Joe in a sissymaid capacity. I hate the thought of Susan controlling me like she has Joe although I am not a problem like Joe used to be. Do you have any suggestions how I can put this idea of Susan and Joe to bed? If so please write to me when you have a chance.

Thank you for the work you do and how petticoating helped our son.


Thank you for your letter Jack and for your kind words about me. We would love to hear more about Joe's successful petticoating at some point but now lets deal with your questions. It is quite common these days for there to be more than one sissymaid in service to a Mistress and sons and fathers both submit and are thrilled to to do so. You really have nothing to fear, relax, she loves you and may just want to share this with you.

Auntie Helga

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