from Andy

Dear Auntie Helga,

I'm hoping the email address on your site is real which is why I am testing it tonight. My wife and I like the kinky side of things so we have played with BDSM and some crossdressing over the years. Recently my wife has been trying to talk me into having breast implants to experience what it is like to have them and wear a bra fulltime. Her sister has a clinic where she does breast implants every day and has done a few men too which makes it easier. So why am I asking you Auntie Helga and why am I looking at your website? Well my wife showed me a few sissymaids the other day hoping I would agree to be one for her when I get breasts. We talked about the idea as with everything else we tried over the years with me being somewhat hesitant.

Her idea is for me to have breast implants and start dressing as her sissymaid wearing a pink sissy dress for example. As I mentioned we have played with crossdressing over the years but this time my wife wants me to go all the way. If I understand her correct she wants me to live as a sissymaid fulltime growing my hair and nails and wearing makeup.

My wife talked me into wearing a nightgown to bed and panties and bra by day so I agreed to do it for her. She keeps telling me bras will fit so much better when I agree to get breasts for her. My wife's sister said if I don't like them she can take them out but she felt I would like them like other men.

My questions tonight are how popular is it for wives to have a sissymaid husband? Do wives who take a sissymaid keep them for short or long periods of time? What about how many wives actually want their husbands to have breasts? Also do most wives have their sissymaids wear chastity devices? My wife wants me to wear one for her which I have before but this time she wants me to wear it all the time. My wife wants to fuck me with her strapon more when I am her sissymaid. Is it common for women to want to fuck their husbands? I mean my wife has done it before for play but now she wants to include it as part of me being her sissymaid.

I hope you get my email and you can help me with my questions.


Thank you for your letter Andy. I'm for real and so is the site, how nice to hear from you. I will try to answer your questions and to help you adjust to your new life as your wife's sissymaid.

Being a fulltime sissymaid is quite different than playing with it at the edges, a commitment, one that should be taken seriously. I am delighted to see that you are going forward and having the surgery.

It is becoming more and more popular for wives to prefer their husbands be submissive sissymaids. Its a marriage, its for life. I couldn't really speculate how many prefer them to have breasts, many I'm sure but not everyone can afford it or has the access. All sissymaids should be in chastity fulltime and many either are or have been neutered. Yes, the strapon is a regular feature of this lifestyle and so you could expect a vigorous session often.

Auntie Helga

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