I had been dating Donna for over two years and we had just begun to live together in the house she owned. Her Mother lived next door to us and she was always popping in unannounced. I told Donna to ask her to please call before coming over as I might be sitting around in my underwear or maybe naked. Well the next day Marie popped in as she had before and I was wearing my shorts and nothing else. She looked me up and down and said now she saw what Donna had meant about me being in my underpants. I told her to please leave and don't come over without calling first. She left only to return about an hour later.

She walked in and said that my underwear was ratty and I needed new ones. She told me to strip. I said I beg your pardon and she said that was okay she understood how macho men liked to play the tuff guy way. I pointed at the door and told her to leave and she said to shut up or she would make me sorry. I told her to go to hell. That was about twenty minutes before I woke up from being knocked out. She got in my face and asked if I had enough. Naturally I said yes quite enough. She then told me again to take off my clothes and being afraid she would hit me again I did as she said.

Standing there in my old underwear she pointed at them and down to the floor I started to beg her not to make me take them off in front of her she only pointed again. I lowered them slowly, then she began to laugh saying I had nothing to hide. She went on to say she wondered what Donna seen in me as I had such a small penis. Still giggling she handed me a pair of panties with little butterflies on them. She said put them on and be quick about it little lady. She then said she liked the little part it fit me so well. I slid them up my legs fast to hide my penis.

About two hours later Donna came home from work and I was dusting the house and just had finished the laundry. Of course her mother made me wash out Donna's under things by hand and hang them out on the clothes line in my little girl outfit. Donna laughed her head off seeing me in a party dress for a little girl of about six or seven years of age. It was so short I did not have to bend over for my pretty panties to show. Her mother told her of my day as little miss small thing. Donna thought for a second and then began laughing again as it came to her what was little about me.

My life changed from that day forth as I became their little maid and was used as their toy for all their female and male friends to play with and suffered many days of humiliation. Often my days were filled with prancing around in slut or little girl outfits and made to be used as a char girl for some of their female friends. Lori taught me to curtsy and bow when a female entered the room. Dana trained me to sit properly so men could not see my little thingy. It was useless as they always made my outfits way too short. If a male or female said they saw my panties I was made to lay over the lap of anyone who desired to punish me and spanked with my bare bottom in the air. My life is still in Marie and Donna's hands and I am trying to be a good slave girl for them.

Missy little thing.

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