from Thomas

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife a beautiful women 10 years my younger is going through changes that I am having troubles following. For 10 years we have had a great relationship with more than enough love and sex with no complaints from either of us. A few months ago she bought a stainless steel chastity device that she wanted to try on me. I am not sure if know chastity devices but this one has a urethral tube and a locking mechanism that is basically tamper proof.

My wife continues to talk about her needs changing in the relationship where she wants to have sex outside the marriage. To make matters worse she wants to bring her lovers home once in a while. She offered me a deal rather than go through a separation or divorce because she wants me in her life but wants me to be her sissymaid. The house needs to be cleaned and there is laundry to be done which she no longer wants to do. She has tried a few times to sell me on the idea and how it would offer a good life for me with her still in it.

Her intention by a picture she showed me is to outfit me with new maid uniforms along with shoes and women's under garments for me to live as her maid through the day and sissymaid by night. She feels I could serve her and her lover then change the bedding before she went to bed and any other help they would want. My wife also feels that her offer is more than fair so that I will have her in my life. I am having troubles not making love to my beautiful wife anymore as I miss her amazing sexy figure.

The chastity hurts every time I think of making love to my wife. I have been given 7 days to agree to be her sissymaid or be prepared to move out. My bank account is low and credit card balances high with my wife using them. If I move out I don't have a place to go right away or the money to rent or buy a place then I am responsible for the credit cards. My wife will take care of it all if I agree to be her sissymaid within the 7 day window. While I am sitting here typing she is getting ready to go out for the night dancing.

Before today I never heard of a sissymaid but thanks to Google I was able to find information on your website. Auntie Helga I don't want to be a sissymaid or have my penis locked in steel. My wife isn't changing her mind thus the 7 day timeline. If I agree this weekend she will allow me to have sex with her but if I don't no more sex. Have never heard of this before or had my wife take such a strong stance on something of this nature. When men send you emails like mine what is your normal response? What is the best way to talk my wife out of this idea?


Thank you for your letter Thomas. Let me get right to it. Men send me emails like this all the time and though I really have no set answers since everybody is unique, but in your case there really are only two options, agree or leave. I don't know your wife's commitment to this change but from what you describe, she is serious and this could change your relationship permanently. I suggest you see this for the opportunity it is to devote yourself to the woman you love.

Auntie Helga

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