from Robert

Dear Auntie Helga,

As far as girls panties goes they have been a fascination for me from when I was a little boy, my mother spanked and caned me many times either for trying to see them when the girls were at play or more seriously for lifting their skirts but though I did, and do, try I am still drawn to them. When my mother used to put me into my sister's panties as part of my grounding I used to get erections for which I was spanked, oddly once I had my dress and socks on they dissipated, I think a combination of a sore bottom and the humiliation of being dressed as a girl.

When mummy bought me panties and dresses of my own it didn't have the same effect, I think in some way they were part of my punishment and so to be avoided if at all possible, I really did hate being grounded when I was little and did try to be a good boy though I often failed and has to be punished.

I used to sneak into my sister's room when she wasn't there and feel her panties, I know this is a terrible thing to admit but hers were different to my own and had different connotations. She caught me more than once and reported me to my mother who grounded me for a week as a punishment. Once she caught me with my little willy out and a pair of her panties on it, I was caned in my girly clothes and grounded for a month, I never did it again. I still have the fascination and I still try to see them on girls, a subject I am ashamed of and for which I think Anne has grounded me more than any other of my misdoings.

Robert (with a bruised bottom)

Thank you for your letter Robert. Of course when young boys are provided the opportunity to explore their sister's or mother's silky panties most find them both fascinating and exciting to the point that when they become grown men they still seek them out for some vicarious thrills. This obsession of course can be capitalized upon by an astute and observant woman to assume further control in their relationships.

Auntie Helga

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