from Brenda

Dear Auntie Helga,

Just thought we'd update you and your readers as to our latest goings ons. It was a rather slow summer as far as having something to tell about and share with readers. Claire has made the comment many times that if you were to watch us on a weekend morning, you'd see two females in panties and sleepshirts/long t-shirts, just carrying on like women. For the most part that is.

I am still the subordinate one, doing most all of the chores, tending Claire's most every need for her comfort, and the comfort of her friends that visit. Many weekends are spent cleaning and doing laundry of her work mates. And lately there hasn't been of any new or noteworthy experiences either. Claire and the others like that they don't have to use their valuable time on the weekends for the mundane. Now, when I perform the chores for them, it's no French maid outfit. More like the hotel maid uniforms. I guess the "new" is I'm allowed to wear panties since there has been reduction in my package down there. Mostly due to surgery and some from the hormones. That said, I will add that I have an incredible selection of them now. Almost one complete drawer of my dresser is dedicated to panties alone. Some time back, I was given a charm bracelet and each of the women that have been satisfied with my services have adorned the bracelet with a charm that represents them. Now, not only is the charm their statement, but each has given me panties to be wearing while at their places. Here's how that happened:

To celebrate a clean bill of health since surgery, Claire threw a party for me. I didn't have to tend the drinks, food or clean. And I'll admit, after years of that required of me, the natural leaning for doing such was hard to override. Not just any party, a panty party. Everyone that came had given me two sets of panties. None of them were stock white either. Some high-cut, some not. Most are a floral print, but the ones that aren't, are pinks and pastels but two. As I opened them, they had me pass them around so each could see. They also put their initials in what little waist-band there was so I could be sure and have them on when tending their residence in the future. Wearing them under the pantyhose seems like such a waste but in the form-follows-function rule, they are just fine. My legs need the compression function of the hose. But knowing the panties are on is a little thrill of it's own.

When I look at the collection, I'd have to say there's a few that are my favorites. The white with pale blue and pink flowers as they are cotton and remind me of a time long since when I did wear underwear that had a fly in it. The other favorites are scarlet red satin. Penny gave me those but also a bottle of nail polish that matched them perfectly. Every time I am at her place, both are to be on when I arrive. Nice touch!

Usually, around the first of the month, there is some sort of reviewing of PDQ and something they try to incorporate into a weekend. Sometimes a celebration of one of our letters being on there, or sometimes something new to explore. When they saw Penelope and the pink outfit on her, that was coming for me. As if the hotel maid uniform isn't utilitarian enough. But as for the last party, we all went out for new nails. A "mani-pedi" is what we called the day. I was given the privilege of wearing pants. Rather tight ones but since a little tape and proper tucking can help me pass without detection on even the tightest of clothing, that was the order of the day.

After we were all done with that, which was a marvelous treat, we met up at a mall and I was handed a shopping bag before we went in. I was to find a bra to match every set of panties. Each set had been purchased at that particular mall and I was to find them and buy accordingly. Every clerk was great to me and one even offered to help me fit it right. (I passed on that invitation) But the girls had a great time watching from a little distance and giggling most of the time. After over 2 hours, I'd managed to find each set of panties a bra to go with. It is a welcome addition to my wardrobe now as I do spend a few minutes each day just marveling into the open drawer trying to decide which to wear on the days I don't be a maid for someone.

One other thing that happened recently was Claire humiliating me in front of friends and a handyman. I used to do all the projects here. Plumbing repair and others. When Deb came over a couple weeks ago, of course upon entering the house, she pulled my shirt open and said "let's see the boobies". As if she doesn't know how they are already. And being the end of summer, I had tan lines around them that didn't disappoint. After breakfast, a knock on the door and when I opened it, was a guy in work clothes. Some handyman service that Claire had called for. I asked why not me doing this? Her answer was more effective that the 100 swats she gave me some time ago. It was "He's a handyman. Nobody has ever heard of a 'handy-sissy' "

I haven't worn male clothes for years but did do some of the traditional male tasks. Now not even that will be on my list. There's a price to everything and for my getting to become the sissy, Claire gets to keep me embarrassed constantly. A fair trade if you ask me.


Thank you for your letter Brenda. Always a pleasure to hear from you with such a delightful update. Of course a sissy can never have too many panties, their obvious fascination with our most intimate of garments giving us another tool to use for further training and feminization. I am also pleased to learn that others have become more involved in your life of service and obedience which provides them an opportunity to see the advantages of having a submissive partner for themselves.

Auntie Helga

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