from Roberta

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am writing to you about my love of women in uniforms and just how I ended up wearing one for my wife Linda. It started quite a few years ago when I was traveling for business on a bi-weekly basis where I stayed in many hotels. Every morning while leaving the hotel I would see the maids in the halls in their pretty uniforms. The more I saw maids in uniforms the more I noticed other women in uniforms so much my wife Linda used to point out a nurse or a police woman when we were out together. The joke at home was if Linda didn't know what to buy me for Christmas or birthdays she could always buy me my own hotel type maid uniform. One time I actually suggested she go for it since inside I wanted to have my own uniform and wear it for her.

As time went on my business travel died down but not my wanting to wear a maid uniform until I found Reaching out to Auntie Helga which all men should do if there is any interest in becoming a maid or sissymaid, Auntie Helga advised an honest approach with my wife so as not to scare her away from my idea. With that I talked to Linda one tonight after dinner about my obsession with women in uniform and more importantly hotel maids. My wife rolled her eyes as she often did all in fun of course as I asked her what she thought of me buying my own maid uniform to wear at home. I went on to ask of she would permit me to wear one I was willing to assume all the house work for her in return. Linda being a smart business women thought about it logically wanting to understand what was in it for her. Before long Linda spelled out laundry, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, ironing and more with me wanting to wear a maid uniform I was willing to do anything for her approval. I showed Linda the website where many other men had become maids or sissymaids for their mothers and wives.

Linda sat quietly reading some of the letters to gain more knowledge of what exactly I wanted from her and again what was in it for her. It wasn't long after when Linda asked if I was sure I wanted to be her maid when I said yes. She went to get ready calling me to the front door when I asked what was going on. Linda told me to get in the car so we could go shopping. My heart was pounding with excitement without having a clear head to think about what was actually going to happen. In and out of stores we went with Linda on a mission and me tagging alone like a puppy dog. Linda bought me more than I realised from pink panties to a pale pink hotel maid uniform and then to matching shoes. We didn't talk much about the concept of me being Linda's maid but instead sizes and styles of the clothes she was buying with my credit card.

Our final shop was the stag shop where Linda looked at silicone breast forms, chastity devices and strapons. I was trying to hide as though I wasn't with Linda but she kept calling me back while talking with the girl who worked there. Linda used words like sissymaid a few times which made me turn red but it also helped with the purchases. Finally we were out of there and on our way home with Linda feeling pretty good about all she bought me. I on the other hand was overwhelmed. At home Linda asked me to take all the bags in the bedroom while she returned to the computer to read more. A short while later Linda asked me if I was ready when I replied I thought so. I was told to go take a bath and completely shave myself leaving only the hair on my head. Looking at Linda I asked all of it when she replied all of it. She looked at me asking did I not want to be a maid for her when I replied yes so I went to have the bath.

It took a while to shave but I did what Linda wanted before returning in a towel to show her which made her laugh out loud. Linda took out the stainless steel chastity device she bought fitting onto my penis with the urethral tube inside my penis then locking it in place. Standing there dumbfounded I mentioned wanting to be Linda's maid not sissymaid with Linda ignoring me. She handed me each item of clothing telling me to put it on with her helping. It wasn't long before I was standing before my wife dressed as her maid. I was hoping to wear maid shoes but instead Linda bought me heels more like what a sissymaid would wear she said.

That was the first day of my new life as a real maid like I dreamed about but really had no clue other than the maid uniforms I fell in love with seeing. Linda taught me how to do all the housework I promised to do for her allowing me to wear a maid uniform. The work was intense with me learning all of it from scratch. Linda was more than willing to teach me what she wanted me to do yet enforcing that I do it every day. At the end of every day I took off my uniform then put on one of my several pink nighties some short and some long. Linda took more of an interest in the sissymaid side of things rather than just the maid side ordering me a pink satin sissy dress to wear some days. The sissy dress hasn't arrived as of yet but I know I will be wearing it.

I always thought me being a maid for Linda would be between the two of us however I failed to discuss it with her. It was a few weeks after I began my maid work for Linda when her sister arrived to see me in my uniform. Linda told me it was me who wanted to be a maid and change life at home not her idea so she wasn't going to hide the fact I was her sissymaid to be and currently her maid. Although it scared the hell out of me I respected Linda for her decision as she was right. It was basically on the same day when Linda introduced Mistress Linda to me as she decided to be my Mistress and not just my wife. Of course as my Mistress Linda introduced punishment for failed tasks or ones not up to her standards. Mistress Linda continues to read and educate herself and talking with Auntie Helga.

What once was a dream to wear a maid uniform for my wife has taken me down the sissymaid road of no return. I am thankful Mistress Linda enjoys her life more now I attend to the housework. For me I love to serve Mistress Linda even though it took some time for me to see things her way. In closing I think more husbands would like to learn about a Mistress and sissymaid relationship if given the opportunity. There is nothing like seeing a happy Mistress every day.


Thank you for your letter Roberta. As you noted, I advised an honest approach to your wonderful and as it turned out, receptive and open minded wife Linda. When most wives come to understand the benefits of having an obedient sissymaid to serve them they decide to take advantage of the opportunity, as well they should. I know the readers share my delight that you were successful in realizing your dreams.

Auntie Helga

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